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  1. Hi All I've recently bought a 54 plate Fiesta 1.25 and its running fine etc. When I start up and pull off its fine. However when it's warmed up there is a high pitched sound when idling which is difficult to describe. It isn't a squealing sound like you would get with a slipping alternator drive belt nor is it a grinding sound like when a gear isn't properly engaged. I am inclined to believe it is the alternator (or some other) bearing. Is there a garage that could take a look tomorrow that won't charge me the earth?! Thanks
  2. Can no one see the funny side of this? Not the eye gouge but Mourinho's face afterwards was funny.
  3. This was the dilema i was faced with as it was meant to be a general remark but it seems i've made a boo boo. I have never done anything in the past to make her not trust me, nor have i ever had the desire to do so. Like i said i am getting married next year and it is going to be the best day of my life so far! 5 yrs i've been with my fiancee and i'm looking forward to a whole lot more.
  4. Went for lunch with a woman who works on reception in the block i work in. Was just a friendly lunch and while i do get on with the woman I am getting married next year and had no intention of doing anything but eat food. Have told my fiancee and asked if she was ok with it because if she wasn't then i wouldn't do it again. But now she's told me that she is worried because i have mentioned it and doesn't know what to say What do I do?
  5. Yes of course, and it is often overlooked due to the gangsta rap that has taken hold amongst the youth.
  6. What about human rights...we can't force them into anything...Europe says so.
  7. I think a distinction needs to be made between black culture and "gangsta" culture. There are hundreds of black people who have nothing to do with the gangsta culture just as there are hundreds of "gangstas" who are not black. Skin colour has absolutely nothing to do with this! Its a sterotype yet again. I do however, completely agree with anyone who says the gangsta culture has had a devastating effect on young people and the overall culture of the UK. It has left people living in fear to even step outside their front door. Rap music in general has had an effect because the young hear constant lyrics about drugs, violence and money so they are quick to perceive that this is a good way to go. However it is not the only thing which has caused the problem.
  8. Not sure about in stores but i have seen it on cdwow if its just any hard copy you're after http://www.cdwow.com/games/counter-strike-source-dvd-rom-pc/dp/393455
  9. Tony Adams for me, the man was a bit of a monster towards both his own players but more importantly towards the opposition. He could play football as well as be a no nonsense defender and his final goal was immense! However there have been some top quality Centre backs in the Premier League The old boys: Pallister Bruce Hyypia Henchoz Keown Stam Philipe Albert Paul Mcgrath Lucas Radebe to name but a few The New/current boys Cahill Jagielka Dawson Ledley King (when he is fit) Ferdinand Vidic Vermaelen
  10. Personally I have login notifications enabled and a few recognised devices like my home PC, laptop. Basically this means if an unrecognised device logs in or trys to log in i'll get an email about it. Then if it was me, I have nothing to worry about, if however it wasn't me i'll change my password
  11. http is an unsecure connection meaning people could potentially listen in to what you're doing. bit more in depth info here if you wish to see http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-http-and-https.htm
  12. Heads up regarding security of your facebook sessions. I've noticed that recently my sessions where using http:// instead of https:// meaning my sessions are potentially unsafe. If you haven't noticed then your not alone, because Facebook haven't really highlighted this one! Check yours for the https:// and if it isn't there head to Account settings-->security settings and enable the https://. Peace!
  13. Know what Saz...Good for you because a lot of single mums simply don't want to work these days and are more than happy to skive off everyone else! Don't let the fact you don't have a computer stop you because the libraries around Sheffield have them for you to access. What qualifications do you have? and does the voluntary work fit with it? If so you have the makings of a good CV. The key is to make your CV relevant to the job you're applying for don't just print one cv for different jobs as it won't work. Tailor your experiences to the job you're applying for, give examples but keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages (preferably 2 though) As far as the hours go, why not try looking for part time work (although I'm sure you have done already). Don't mention the fact that you're a single parent, firms have no right to question you on it. Check out reed or job site for CV advice or look what CV workshops the council or jobcentre have on the go. They'll only be basic but if you can get the basics right you'll be on the right track. Drop me a pm if I can help anymore
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