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  1. I am a medium, I know betty allen, have seen her work, she is a really.good medium
  2. In no way do I promise what I cant deliver, I dont window dress it, and there nothing in small print that you dont know, like the gent said, a lot of companies deliberately mislead, but just because there product is accepted then it isnt qiestioned, but I know what I.do is widely criticised, but I'm honest with people, I dont play on grief, as I said I give relevant proof and in no way see it as entertainment at the cosst of someones grief
  3. Firstly I dont claim to predict the future, I speak to the dead, I dont give ifs buts or maybe, but relevant proof the message is for the people I'm reading, so therefore everyone is entitled to there opinion but don't pull down something you clearly don't understand, I don't know why I was given this gift, but I've used it to help people, I don't need cards to talk to the spirits, but it is a tool I use to help the person I'm reading understand, whether they do or not is down to the individual, I am good at what I do, I've fine it a thousand tims , so I don't let the opinions of anyone bother me, I do agree there a lot of con artist but there also a lot of genuine mediums
  4. i'm a tarot reader, medium, i vary in what i do, i live in sheffield and happy to home visit, i did start a chat on here, but criticsm, playground name calling from people leaving messages, i ad privately now, feel free to p.m me.........oh and the person wanting to get in touch with brenda diskin she's on facebook, she has a few groups on there
  5. unsure, was nothing on when i came on even from sf, but prob the debate thing
  6. i posted a thread due to people arguing over anything, plz keep this one civil, any arrogant, ignorant and unsociable people i wont answer, mediumship, readings, unwanted spirits in your home, pm, then i'll know your genuine, everyone else, play nice!!
  7. Thx GF, are you close to her, someone gave me an address for her, she was a good friend of my grandmothers a long time ago until she passed, I think writing to her would be better, then I can explain more, I know she's getting on that's why she may or may not remember, and it's upto her then if she wants to get in touch, thankyou
  8. came across all the questions on pat Crowther, as i have been looking for her for the past 2yrs, my grandmother was called dorothy and they were very good friends in the late 60's and remained in touch, i believe they did till my grandmother died in 1993, my grandmother was a really good medium, until i knew thats what i could do, i also learnt about wiccan etc, my dad told me she taught my grandmother a lot, the pat crowther i am looking for, was known to have been a really good witch, even know as the high priestess of what she did, the best, she wrote books, did talks on the subject, i believe her last public appearance was in the 90's and knowone has seen her in public since, i was told she may be well in her 80's plus now, and possibly chairbound and losing her sight, the only reason i am looking for her? she is the only person who can understand i have lots of questions that only she can answer as she knew my grandmother, and what she could do, if anyone reads this that knows her personally, ask her if she remembers a dorothy o'shaughnessy, known as dot, i would appreciate it, i wish her well wherever she is, thankyou
  9. betty allen regularly goes to darnall spiritualist church, i can get her number for you if you would like and then i will inbox you if thats ok
  10. ok, for the gent that asked, he is waiting to hear from two of three relatives, and only gives a yes or no answer, thats all i ask for, i dont ask questions, the only thing you may have a problem with is demanding what spirit comes through, im guessing you have a lot of people in spirit, so its impossible for someone like me to request a certain one, if there there they will contact you, and if there around you all the time, you shouldnt need a medium, just ask, but be prepared to get an answer, as for needing any info from you, or even being in the same room, thats not necessary. Also mediums have been compared to illusionists, i can understand where there are a lot of fakes, therefore a lot of disbelievers, its sad because i have the ability to contact spirit, thats what a 'medium' does, if you have been told otherwise or believe you have seen it without spirit, then it is you that is dillusioned, thats the only way a medium can work, is with spirit, ask anyone that is well known and theyll tell you the same, sally morgan and tj higgs and the best people to ask, and they are both on fbk, i am happy to answer any questions or queries on what people like me do, but i am not going to say its all a joke because its not, i take what i do seriously and i help people contact people who otherwise wouldnt be able to, whether you doubt or not thats upto you, but if your genuinely looking for one, look carefully because as many of you have said, they are a lot of fakes unfortunately, thats why its harder to prove im not
  11. a picture, enables the reader to connect with the energies of the person that wants a reading, but i can do that without a pic, name or anything, have done it recent by text to someone i knew nothing about, no questions and they were happy with what i told them, i have no doubts with what i do, its a shame a lot of people are narrow minded
  12. darnall spiritualist church, shirland lane, a lot of good mediums and only a £1 to get in 7:30pm
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