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  1. Why is that? Would it be your fault if the guy across the road reversed into it? ---------- Post added 02-03-2015 at 16:53 ---------- Yes it is isn't it. Lucky guess I suppose.
  2. Yes the country appointed a tory/lib/dem coalition to clear up the carnage caused by the Blair & Brown administrations.
  3. I remember a case where someone parked a car and blocked access to allotments. During the day folk struggled to get in and out and it appears someone might have caught the car with a wheelbarrow load of paving slabs. Unfortunately no one saw it happen so the poor guy had to pay for the repairs to his car out of his own pocket.
  4. The Government don't actually pay for anything. The general public pay for things out of taxation. The choice therefore would be. 1 It comes from local taxation from the people who voted for the idiots on the council. 2 It comes from the taxes of the millions who didn't keep voting for that set of lame ducks. Perhaps if the local population have to pay to clean up the mess they might put more thought into the voting process.
  5. So you have proper oversized lined glasses then?
  6. Actually I don't suppost UKIP, but I am capable of rational thought. I like most of the electorate don't think politics should be dictated by a rent a mob. Clearly Farage is savvy to that. Which is why when Rotherham comes out of special measures there will be rather more UKIP councillors than when it went in.
  7. That's interesting because Farage seems to think making a big deal about the leftist thugs is playing into his hands. I notice he got massive publicity yesterday out of requesting police protection from just such thugs as he tours the country. It does seem that he is getting that particular message home. It also seems Sarah Champion is getting worried too. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/labour-mp-rotherham-sarah-champion-cant-compete-ukips-financial-firepower-1489754
  8. It was good to see Richard Hawley cutting a rug in there earlier in the week.
  9. I think it is pretty clear that the council were frightened of upsetting the sensitivities of the asian community in Rotherham, and as a result turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of 1400 underaged girls over more than a decade. That is certainly not something that UKIP would have done. Indeed I cannot imagine any other party except Respect that would have followed a policy like the council did in Rotherham.
  10. Actually the scandal involes a council who allowed 1400 girls to be raped, then after the Jay Report failed to act. It isn't a scandal that someone is attempting to clean up the council. As far as I'm aware the commissioners have sacked the council in insisting that every seat on the council is re-elected. It is up to the electorate if they vote for the same chimps who let them down.
  11. Perhaps you would prefer them to bring back 5 of the ones made redundant and pay them minimum wage to run the council. I got the impression that the reason the council has been put into special measures is to do with its failure as a council under the folk who were being paid to run it.
  12. I imagine the council cost a fortune to run during the years that it was failing and if this measure protects the young girls of Rotherham I would imagine that it is pretty good value. I note Julie Kenny was an administrator when Doncaster Council was put under special measures. It was transformed from the worst council in the country to become one of the best. In the circumstances £700 day is not a fortune. http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/489080/Worst-council-in-Britain-set-to-leave-special-measures-after-glowing-inspection-report "A LOCAL authority regarded four years ago as the worst council in Britain was today heralded as an “inspiration” by an inspection team of independent experts. "
  13. 5 Commissioners have arrived to take over the running of Rotherham Council. They take control of the elected council. It seems that following the Jay report into child exploitation the council went into denial and failed to take any action that would prevent the same crimes continuing. The report found the local authority "not fit for purpose" over its handling of child sexual exploitation in the town. So now there are 5 administrators each being paid £700 per day who will oversee the complete running of the council and local services for the next 4 years.
  14. It is said that around 25% of Hamas rockets land on homes in Gaza. Others expode under construction or in storage. Hamas certainly kill far more folk in Gaza with the rockets than they do in Israel. But of course the simply video the damage their rockets cause in Gaza and claim it as an Israeli shell. It fools the gullible.
  15. Perhaps the council missed a chance here by not consulting local people and asking what they wanted. Perhaps building a city centre market was a mistake. Perhaps what folk actually want is a few suburban markets close to their home turf, perhaps only opening once or twice a week but offering free parking and easy access. ---------- Post added 19-06-2014 at 09:48 ---------- Some would rather tell the customers they are wrong. It works in North Korea.
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