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  1. I don't see Bayern and Tottenham sniffing around Manchester Uniteds keeper, so your point is?
  2. Ey up Grapps, I think you will find that our top scorer (game for game) has a better scoring record than Sharpe this season, and a lot better than the other strikers! You aren't comparing Henderson with Westwood are you? You are comparing a seasons performances, compare Westwood with Henderson directly and come back to me!
  3. 4 Posts on Wednesday but no addressing your own teams self destruction last night. In regards to replacing any players, on last nights/todays performances I would go for Westwood for Henderson and Hector for O'Conell.
  4. Come on Poundy, you know how gambling works!
  5. A bit like United against the hapless Ipswich..... And if you play like you did for the last 8 minutes you can lose to anyone, swings and roundabouts Grapps!
  6. Was Jack O'Conell not wearing his magic hat tonight?
  7. A win at Villa isn't a bench-mark, we won there while at our worse 😂 Still, I expect United to win but it depends which Villa team turn up!
  8. 35% then 25% it just goes to prove that nobody knows (apart from McCabe and the bog roll Prince)
  9. Ask our little brother to the other side of the city if a win against Ipswich is a 'poor' win if they fall 2 points short of automatics or the play offs.
  10. Ah, that would be the night when United's midfield found the front men with gay abandon!
  11. Mcabe loves to deals with West ham, they have kept the Scarborough group financed for years!
  12. Did your dad never tell you not to believe what is printed in the Sun ? If Wednesday got an offer of £14m for FF I would carry him there!
  13. Who has slammed a £14m price tag on FF?
  14. United have to keep up the reputation of being a selling club 😂 But seriously, £4m is a bit of a steal in todays whacky transfer fees, I would hope that they play hard-ball and see how much that £4m will stretch.
  15. Why didn't you entitle the thread 'How much is Norwood worth again'?
  16. Your getting confused, we have the money but cant spend it, totally different!
  17. I have had a bet with a Unitedite mate that United will finish above Leeds, whether that will be good enough only time will tell!
  18. Where has that come from?
  19. You have a tough 4 or 5 games coming up (baring Bolton) if you are still there (or there abouts) I think you will get autos!
  20. This post brings me no happiness but I have to applaud United for having the will to win. By all account they weren't at there best today but had the craft and guile to sneak the odd goal and see the game out (as they have for a few games this season) I now believe that they will be promoted this season (automatics) as there are no better teams in or around the top 6 (I include Leeds who I believe will drop off) As for my own side, as much as we have improved since the hapless Jos departed, I still think that we don't believe enough, we are now in the position of being 'too good to go down, not good enough to go up' this is probably the worse place to be at this time of the season but I cant see it changing in any way. Good luck Steve Bruce-you will need it!
  21. Tough game for Wednesday taking on the divisions form team, I'll take a 1-1 now.
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