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  1. So the cameras must surely have missed the foul by Basham on Hector a split second before the 'penalty' shout? According to those who watched on Sky, it was discussed first hand and then they failed to mention it afterwards!
  2. Thread fail pal, If your going to dig it's always good to get your maths spot on 😂
  3. Well this is a first, I've been criticised for saying good things about a rival-you cant make it up 😂
  4. I think you are confusing the will with the way, the pressure is on (regardless of what Wilder says) United are now going punch for punch with Leeds and Norwich, It's all about who blinks first. United have enough to prevail I think but they have a 3 derbys coming up (3 levellers if you like) Wilder needs to find a bit of humility to get them home!
  5. The blades must be praying for a draw on Friday, any other result ramps up the pressure for Monday!
  6. Another victory and against a contender, It's looking good for the blades still!
  7. Excellent performance (the best of the season) 3-0 at half time (could have been more) slowed slightly the 2nd half but still looked comfortable. Lazaar, Aaron's and Palmer the stand outs!
  8. Doesn't bother me bud, just refreshing your memory as Unitedites have difficulty remembering stuff pre 2015 😂
  9. I'm sure he's on about the battle of Bramall lane game, you remember, the one that Colin ordered United to get another one sent off so the game would be abandoned!
  10. The owls got there revenge tonight, a good, promising 2-0 victory. United need to hope that suspensions/injury's don't hit them as there isn't a great deal of quality in depth.
  11. So let me get this right, your comparing Madine with Duncan Ferguson on one game and 2 goals?
  12. Ok, your comparing 2 footballer's scrapping on a field with a thug who laid out people on a night out (on 2 occasions) ?
  13. The fa charged him with violent behaviour, not racial related behaviour!
  14. Comparing charged with convicted are we?
  15. He's only one night out away from a custodial sentence, that's his most consistent trait!
  16. Stop looking at owlstalk then, that's a bit obsessional!
  17. Logan? Is that Johnny? I wondered what he did after Eurovision 😂
  18. We wont go up, we wont go down-I know he is experimenting with his line up (in a view to the summer clear out) but it's time to pick players with heart now!
  19. United have done it again, one of the reservations I had about United was strength in depth, I think that one has been answered today. It seems like only thing that can stop United getting automatics is United. A big game coming up (West Brom) and a defeat could swing it in there favour (with a game in hand) but they are inconsistent and I fully expect the blades to grab a draw at the least!
  20. The gap in the table, yes, the gap in class, no. Remember form is temporary, class is permanent 😉
  21. May I ask if you are a council tenant or private?
  22. Don't forget your 1-1 draw to the bottom club!
  23. Probably the best 20 minutes of Football I have ever witnessed (even better than Villa's effort on Friday) 2 goals from Paul Warhurst topped of a fantastic period of the game and more or less put us into the final.
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