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  1. Thanks for posting this, did you by chance notice the date of the article (even though the star published it at 12:01)?
  2. They played really well but have to score penalty's, not to disheartened and hope we can get some momentum for next season now!
  3. Not quite, one thing is missing, he may well get it this year!
  4. I'm sure Warnock fits into the sort of same category, but struggled when he went into the prem (and every team he's managed in the prem) I'm not saying Wilder will struggle (if he get's his chance) in the Premier league, but you can only judge him when he gets their.
  5. Cheers pal I did find this, I'll gather you missed it: 'While the clubs declined to comment on Friday, privately insiders insist they will not be found to have breached financial fair play rules'
  6. You got me at 'if the nationals are to be believed' 😂 Which clubs have got beef with us pal?
  7. We have already had a soft embargo that got lifted, the difference between Wednesday and Brum is that we didn't sign some one for 2million and pay them 20,000 a week whilst still under the embargo. We have a serious summer of balancing the books and will probably be under embargo at some point, only time will tell if releasing the 8-9 players and shipping out others will help!
  8. Just an opinion mate, chill.....your 2nd in the league!
  9. Would you take 100/1 on United not getting into the play offs?
  10. May I ask what this has got to do with an unbeaten run?
  11. Celebrating the better half of Sheffield's unbeaten league run!
  12. That's actually a record for me, spelled it wrong 3 times in one post, I blame it on the beer 😂
  13. Probably not at our best but enough to get 4 goals, It's a long shot but who knows?
  14. Well done the blades, not at there best today but found a way. They where very lucky to not be down 10 after Baldock's challenge and rode there look when Leeds hit the post, they showed craft and guile to get in front and defended well there after. It's now a matter of who blinks first (between United and Leeds) Wednesday could play a big part in that!
  15. For what it's worth, I think United will win the play-offs because there is no real quality in the current chasing pack, Preston, Forest or Wednesday (if we turn draws to wins) could be the biggest challengers!
  16. Excellent point but we've been robbed again!
  17. United seem to be getting the rub of the green, Rotherham are coming into the game and have a man sent off, nearly the exact same challenge on Foresteri at Rotherham the other week only merited a yellow!
  18. You've put an awful lot of work into a post that you don't give 'two hoots' about 😂
  19. No problem, Oh, will The FA be doing the same to United then as Glen Loovens had a bottle thrown at him at the lane last season! Great minds think alike, I think we posted that at the same time 😂 Selective memory dem Blades!
  20. I'm sure during some point and time scale of the game we would have had 100% possession 😂 That example is like saying that at 3 points in the Vila game United are winning so should get the 3 points regardless of what the final result was 😂😂
  21. Yes, lets not let stats get in the way, by the way, it was 59% 😂 Unfortunately, possession doesn't get you promoted or we would have been promoted 3 years ago!
  22. Well it was evident that last night the will wavered slightly. Now, I've seen United quite a few times on the box this season and they have never played like they did last night, they seemed to lump diagonal balls into the box for Madine to get on the end of and it wasn't working. Has Wilder changed tactics to justify the Madine signing? To back this up you looked much better when McGoldrick came on and showed more for the ball, this brought your midfielders into the game and Sharp got more touches in this period than he did the rest of the game, I think it's time that United got back to the 'tried and tested' or possibly wave automatics goodbye!
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