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  1. The pop man: used to come round every week with Barr(?) soft drinks in glass bottles Having to use the toilet outside in the school yard the school hamster/rabbit/fish (do they still do this?) when one lucky kid takes it home over the six week holiday and kills it reversing the charges to phone home as you'd no money having your hair highlighted by wearing a swimming cap with holes in, which had bits of hair pulled through... or doing it yourself with Sun-in on a nice day having a perm
  2. But that's not an easy option, particularly if you have to try and fund it yourself! Lets not forget HE funding has been cut, hence the rise in tuition fees.
  3. Best Before and Best Before End dates are merely for guidance, the food is safe to eat but it is best eaten before xxxx from a quality point of view. The food that is UNSAFE to eat after a certain date is the stuff marked sell by or use by. So you may see stuff for sale that has passed its Bb or BBE dates., but not its sell by/ use by. That would be illegal. But it's not that clear really to consumers and probably a fair bit of stuff gets thrown that would be edible.
  4. This information is usually reported though... the Judges summary before sentence. This is just a Cameron gimmick, along with police officers wearing their uniforms to and from work "look how many police officers are on the streets" "look at how tough our justice system is on convicted criminals". Load of tosh.
  5. It's much easier to call for a deeper understanding of why crimes are committed when you are in opposition, and it is not YOUR politics that is under scrutiny. I am not suprised Cameron is washing his hands of this, and claiming it is pure criminality. If it is more politically motivated, it is as a result of his, and his party's, politics. I believe several forummers had previously commented that the fiscal measures affecting mainly the poorest, would lead to unrest. Or, of course, it could just be a load of kids wanting new ipods.
  6. I went earlier in the day with my little ones. Perfectly suitable for a family. I wouldn't take them at night, but that is when the teenagers will congregate, being noisy and gregarious in the same manner I was, when I was a teenager. Anyone with any sense knows what is appropriate for their family with this type of event.
  7. 80%? Really? So, according to "Uncle Harry", most of the women who report a rape, who undergo degrading and intrustive testing, and questioning about their personal lives are in fact delusional? And no such rape actually happened? Does the opinion of two police officers constitute fact, then?
  8. I'm not sure if I am for an "opt out" system, however I do think, if you feel strongly enough to give your consent, then your next of kin, should the worst happpen, should not be able to block it, as they are able to do now. I understand that, at the worst possible moment, families don't want to think about organ donation, and this leads to potential donations not happening. I have told my family I want to donate, and hopefully they would respect my wishes
  9. Oh I really do try, I really do. But she still nags constantly for a pair of Lelli Kellies the cutest shoes...
  10. What sort of rubbish undercover spy would tell you he was a spy?
  11. Do you have little kids? Have you explained what Sado Masochism is to them? What about bestiality? Necrophilia? Dogging? There is a lot of difference between answering questions such as "mummy, how do babies get in your tummy?", and "mummy, why does Rhianna like being whipped?". Small children should not be exposed to things like that! And no, I am not a prude at all, what consenting adults get up to is them, but TBH I don't want to be trying to explain what those things are just yet, thanks!
  12. There's a difference between avoiding the subject, and having it thrust upon you constantly. What sort of parent wants to explain to their 5 year old what S and M is, because it comes on the kitchen radio while your in the garden hanging out the washing. The media, advertising, the music industry will all push the boundaries as far as they can... maybe it is time to legislate. It annoys the hell out of me, my kids love Lady Gaga, but they can't watch the videos. If artists knew their vids wouldn't ba shown they might tone them down a bit
  13. Whoa there, thats a bit of a sweeping generalisation! Each their own opinion, but I know plenty of people who have moved to Sheffield from other cities, and are very happy here. If you move from a small village then maybe a bit of a culture shock, the same as you would experience in any large city. To the OP, have a look around, see which areas you like the look of and do a bit of research into local facilities, crime rates etc. I'm sure you will find somewhere to suit
  14. Because, if you do it correctly, they will grow into adults? And get jobs, pay tax, purchase goods and services and generally keep things ticking along? It will be my children that work to pay your pension.
  15. Sex is a natural thing, of course. However porn is not really a true representation of this act, surely? The people are not representative of the average person, in particular the women depicted.
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