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  1. hello all can u please help me im looking for a function room for wedding reception near hillsborough and surrounding areas to hold about 250 people, any ideas welcome x
  2. thanks LowerWalkley people really annoy me wen they put others down to things like that x
  3. does anyone no if there is a childs day ticket that i cud buy! no one else had a problem!
  4. does anyone no if thatere is a child day ticket that i cud buy?
  5. hi all im wanting to no of some games for my son he is 3 in july and loves playing on his ds but i cant find any games for him he plays peppa pig but thats all he has really the other games he does r mario but he hasnt got a clue! please help me by naming some games he might like/ be abale to do thanks
  6. please join https://www.facebook.com/events/330429900324880/ and hep us spread the word x
  7. UNDERCURRENT are 6 Piece band from the land of Yorkshire, playing a variety of rock/ metal with an acoustic influence in certain tracks. They have been compared to Incubus and Staind. Undercurrent need your votes please give them your 5 star rating @ http://redbullbedroomjam.com/band/undercurrent/ Stay connected with Undercurrent @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Undercurrent/103423733035507
  8. let us no how u get on! ive had post opened im in s5 i no my postman so i no he wouldnt do it
  9. just to let u all no the HEATING IS NOW FULLY WORKING so back to school on monday
  10. a lot of them by the sounds of it, my daughter wont be going for sure x
  11. At least u do understand where im coming from. I no it wont be nice for the staff either but if its that bad then y open the school ? it is good that they are trying though and i support it but im not putting my daughter at risk. I hope its fixed quickly too!
  12. im not saying i think its wrong that they are at school im saying that my daughters health comes first as with any parent wud in my situations. Yes its all good that Beck are trying to keep it 'normal' for the kids and parents. my daughter has told me the door and windows were all closed all day, but i was told by reception that all rooms were ventilated with both windows and doors opened!
  13. i think its gud that they have opened but is it really safe to open the school wen there is a gas leak under the playground? my daughters class had all the windows closed and the door too.
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