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  1. Thank you Plain Talker and angel22. Yes, it would be lovely to find the right person to look after her sometimes, hopefully someone sees this thread!
  2. Just wondering if there's a non-dog-owning family (or person) who would like to look after a very friendly female staffy for occasional days, overnights, weekends and the odd holiday. She was a rescue when we got her, and wasn't too good with other dogs. We've had her for around five years and she now walks on or off the lead, wagging happily and greeting other dogs with friendliness. She is very tolerant of being jumped on by puppies etc but I wouldn't want to put her under the stress of being walked with other dogs (eg dog walker) or staying in a house with another dog as she's used to having human company to herself at home. She loves people and is used to small children petting and stroking her, though of course I'd never leave them alone together. She does get left for a few hours at a time if we're out for a while during the day or evening and just curls up and sleeps, ready to greet us with a delighted wag upon our return. She's used to going to family members for the occasional day or overnight and there's never a problem. Walks are as long or as short as you make them, though she's not keen on rain or walking in the dark! We're looking for someone who's around during the daytime (and evenings), who loves dogs, enjoys a bit of a (fair weather) walk and perhaps a bit of a stick throw and who would enjoy a friendly dog to curl up besides them on the sofa while you read or watch tv who just wants to be be stroked and generally loved. We're S12/S8 though quite happy to take her further for the right person
  3. Thank you Halibut.... sadly, we missed this one. Next Sat are a 70s tribute band, just wondering what the scenario is. If there are no experienced replies, guess we'll just have to go!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has been to any of the Peak Cavern band evenings? Eg Carman Ghia and the Hotrods this Saturday. There are two ticket prices - standing and sitting. I can't picture how the space is being used. Is there dancing? Or just either sitting or standing? Is the venue full? Approx how many people does it hold? Is it full on these occasions? Being undergroundish, is it warm? Cold? Your comments most welcome, thank you!
  5. Well, seeing as you asked (Google is your friend - now where have I heard that before?) .... " Hominy is a food made from kernels of corn which are soaked in an alkali solution of either lime or lye. The corrosive nature of the solution removes the hull and germ of the corn and causes the grain itself to puff up to about twice its normal size. Hominy can be made with either white or yellow corn, specifically maize, which is the type of corn used in making corn meal and other grain products — as opposed to sweet corn, which is the vegetable that can be eaten on the cob and so forth. Once soaked, hominy can be dried and then ground and simmered to make grits (also called hominy grits). Alternately, the processed hominy can be cooked until soft and then used in soups, stews and casseroles." It's American *sigh* and there doesn't seem to be a substitute. I've seen photos of it, but although it looks like roughly-chopped dried sweetcorn (I wondered about using blender-ed un-popped popcorn) it's this business of soaking it in lye that apparently changes its chemical composition.... Glad you asked? Thanks to allwednesday, I'm going to have a look on London/Abbeydale Road, thank you.
  6. *bump* ... I also would like some. Anyone noticed hominy in the 'exotic' section of a supermarket, please?
  7. Posted by Peak Vets on their facebook page...."We have a beautiful British Shorthair here at the practice that was found in the Norton area of Sheffield. We are desperately trying to find the owners so if you know of anyone who is missing their British Shorthair, please contact us on 0114 2507733. Thank you." http://www.facebook.com/peakvets.sheffield Please don't ask me for any more details as I don't have any!
  8. Anyone want these tickets? I know it's a sellout so if anyone from Sheffield wants them let me know and we can meet up. Cost (face value) £10/each. Otherwise I'll take them back to Chesterfield tomorrow.
  9. Ah, ok. I read it as 'picked up' ie you've lost your beloved and before you can find him/her someone's taken him/her to the pound!
  10. Did they come out first then have to go fetch the materials once they'd seen what was needed?
  11. Hi Strix... as in, if you can't afford to immediately pay the fees, you mean? Are there any other circumstances in which you'd be asked to sign? Geoff - can something to this effect be added to the sticky on the Dog Forum?
  12. It's bad for discipline and respect for any organisation if there can be sniggering about the conduct of senior people... anyone with a position of responsibility surely has a duty to behave in a manner that doesn't bring the organisation into disrepute. It's distracting from the main issues and casts doubts onto the individual's overall competence.
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