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  1. Bing Maps has an OS overlay (click on the menu title Road in the top right) - https://www.bing.com/maps Something like Mapmyrun or Strava will have a route planner in that will show gradients to a reasonable degree of accuracy
  2. A bit late, but this might be of interest next year as a way to give it a try http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/become-a-host-family
  3. With regards to school places for the new development, there is no chance at Oughtibridge Primary. Its over sunscribed as it is, its had two extentions in 4 years and still doesn't have enough places for every child near by. I'm not sure about Wharncliffe Side Primary but as its a small school, I cant see it been able to accommodate all the extra children.
  4. Looking for a roofer who can pop over to Oughtibridge S35 and take a look at what I hope is a small leak :-) This morning we noticed a damp patch on the ceiling and chimney breast in an upstairs bedroom. Pretty sure it's only been there a few days at most and it still feels damp.
  5. Apparently there is a major fault in Sheffield, we've been told to expect a fix by 12.
  6. I know several kids that go to this school, kids and parents love it have nothing bad to say about it. Don't know about them classing it as special measures to force it into an academy though, Oughtibridge Primary which is in a similar area went from good to outstanding in the last inspection. Why do it to grenoside but not Oughtibridge?
  7. Hi, We are wanting a central heating upgrade in the next month or so. We have an old back boiler that is on its last legs and very old radiators. We are wanting a new boiler fitting and probably some new radiators. Any reccommendations or companies wanting the job?
  8. Young male black lab turned up in our back garden at about half one today. We're on a busy road (Haggstones road, top of Church Street) so not keen to leave him roaming. We've rung the council who will try and get someone out later today/tomorrow.
  9. Hi, I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been getting heart palpitations for the last few days. I had them around 10 weeks but they stopped, but now they are back and are happening maybe every hour or 2. It feels like my heart is beating really irregular, and happens all the time, even if I am just laid down doing nothing. I mentioned it to my midwife the last time i saw her, but she didn't seem worried at all. I know its quite common to get them in pregnancy but should they be happening this often? I go light headed and nearly fainted yesterday with one. I have made a Dr's appointment but cant be seen till late next week. Any ideas if I should be worried or does this all sound normal? I really wish they would stop, they're really getting me down now. Any tips or info, most welcome! Thanks
  10. You probably don't want to hear this but... The link in your sig, is it meant to say cleaning or cleanig? http://www.mrbitcarpetcleanigsheffield.co.uk cleanig works but is a bit confusing, cleaning doesn't work.
  11. Thanks Jon, I think I spoke to you this morning, but did a bit more ringing around as I'm not very popular in our house after declaring the boiler must not be used and next week wouldn't have made me any more popular! I've arranged for Corgigasman to come out tomorrow morning.
  12. Our back boiler has gone from a nice blue flame on both outlets (not sure what the technical term is!) to being all yellow down one side overnight it seems. Turned it off last night and won't be turning it on again until we've had it checked out. Seems that from the two outlets the right hand side is mostly burning OK, yet the left is curling back and following the right hand flame. Anyone able to come out and look at it fairly quick? We're also due a service (think it's probably 13 months since the last one). We're in S35, Oughtibridge and can obviously take time of work to best accomodate anyone who can come out. ---------- Post added 14-02-2013 at 10:15 ---------- Corgigasman is coming to the rescue. :-)
  13. Hi, Thanks for all the helpful advice. I have been told to contact the sheffield RSPCA and ask for their advice, maybe they will pick it up or something. Thanks again.
  14. The driver did stop, only young bless him. I told him I'd take the cat in and try and get her to the vets, it died minutes later though. I saw it happen and there was nothing he could have done, it just ran out. I will put a card in the shop window if they let me. ---------- Post added 03-01-2013 at 16:52 ---------- He did stop and he was very upset, as most people would be.
  15. I have just seen a cat get run over on Haggstones Road in Oughtibridge. I've got the cat at home with the intentions of taking it to the vet but unfortunately it has died. I am not sure what to do with it now, it has a collar but no tag. Anyone on here know who it may belong to? I think its female, all black and long haired, wearing a red collar with do not feed me on it. If I cannot find out who it belongs to, anyone know what I should do? Cheers,
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