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  1. i was thinking of mostly asking for vouchers as they will prob be more useful but havnt been in house that long so everything new and weve got just about everything!
  2. i'm starting to make wedding gift list but havnt got a clue what to ask for!! we already live together so it makes it harder!!!
  3. yea thanks sandie, i hope it does too!
  4. thanks everyone for your opinions!
  5. my boyfriend doesnt't come on here if he did i wouldnt be postin what i did!!!
  6. i've been with my boyfriend 2 years now, were getting married next june i do trust him but there are sometimes doubts as he never lets me anywhere near his phone, its always off when its not on him, and everytime he gets a message he reads it basically with his back to me. i went on his phone a couple of weeks ago when it was left on an he was asleep, he sent a message to his ex asking how she was and never said that hed been in touch with her so now its just annoying me!
  7. i used to go to hotpants at city hall before it closed. i loved it, im planning on goin again soon!
  8. yes lol star! corsa does seem like one of the best to get.
  9. there doesnt seem to be any whenever i look. so wot u into then?
  10. whats happened to the yound lads on here? there never seems to be any on. is there any out there? between 20 to 24
  11. if a guys got nice eyes and a gorgeous smile! thats very sexy.
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