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  1. There is not a post master on the shops i was on about.
  2. Agree with what your saying about shops late at night but there are people who take pride in their homes and gardens.Not everyone lets there kids out at night and a lot of the youths are good kids its the minority that give the rest a bad name.I didnt say it was perfect we know its gone down hill but so have a lot of places in sheffield.
  3. Its not that bad.Its no worse than any others.
  4. Yes thats right pedro1 but there was also some cottages where the sicey pub car park now is.
  5. My partner knew the young girl who lived above the butchers years ago.
  6. The bookies was co op butchers and next door was queenies chippy then next door was davies grocers.Across the road where the chemist is was pillings chemist and next to that goughs newsagents/post office.Next to the post office was fletchers bakery.Across the rd was buywise general store what is now the carpet shop and diy shop.The bakery was rogers bakery and the hairdressers was co op drapery.Shillitoes was gilletts general store and sunnys was two shops the middle one was bates wine shop and the end the co op.This is as far back as the person who told me can remember.
  7. I went to steeleys and then roxys.Remember everyone getting on dance floor and doing that dance though cant quite think of the song.I think it was aint no mountain crossed with some thing else but dont know what cos my memory is terrible.I saw abc on stage there.
  8. I use these toilets for my child to change him.You cant change a teenager on a baby changing mat.He does not need the toilet as he does not use one but he needs the space and the privacy as the able bodied ones are not big enough.If i saw some one coming out of these toilets able bodied i would not think any think of it as some conditions you can see and some you cant.
  9. Just seen the picture.What a lovely baby and what lovely eyes.Well done to all the family.
  10. I bought a record player at the weekend and dug out my old records . After a dust down they were as good as new.Does anyone else get their old records out now and again.I really enjoyed playing them and looking through the different years.There were the beatles and cliff along with fats domino and others dated from the early 60s all my mums old ones.Couldnt believe they were 40 years old.My child hood records of bay city rollers and the osmonds and what about those tartan clothes complete with scarf and flat cap.Did anyone else wear them.My soft cell and human league records and does anyone remember visage and the associates.I must have looked a right sight getting on the bus in full new romantic gear to meet my mates at the nightclub.There was mari wilson and kelly marie onto kylie.Anyone remember dancing to aint no mountain high at steeleys or was it roxys then i cant remember but everyone used to form a line on the floor.One thing did baffle me though why were some records mainly the older ones like fats domino dusty springfield dated different years on a and b side.Did any one have those different colour records id forgotten i had them.Play your old records and enjoy .
  11. I live near firth park .I care a great deal about my kids and so do most people who live round here and yes we do buy toothpaste.We dont all shop at netto or take drugs.A lot of people round here work hard and have nice homes.
  12. Worked for one of mine too.Even now hes a teenager he still falls asleep with in ten minutes of being in car.
  13. If people didnt study media we would all be quite bored.What about tv and the cinema these are media.Everyone likes music either to listen to or to watch.The papers we read and the theatres we go to all parts of media.
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