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  1. Not Posted for a while on here ...Although i'm an O.A.P Owl ( first Game was 1960/61 ) , I have lots of Family & Friends who are 'Owls and 'Blades ' ... Bumped into a Blade Friend recently in Wombwell , had our usual Chat , then when i asked him ...' Who would he like to be Bramall Lane's owner ? ...His reply was 'Neither of 'em " ! ...
  2. Eighup Gang ....Many thanks for your Birthday Wishes .... Been busy the last few hours ... Just returned home and am playing catch up x
  3. Eighup love ...many thanks ...gonna collect my Granddaughter from School later then we're having a quiet night in ..
  4. Todd Rundgren entertains every time .... Every
  5. Stout and Lager every Saturday .. ........ Lager Eighup Francy and Jane x
  6. Some of us prefer Spirits .. ........ Bikes
  7. I'm a true Owls Supporter and would love to be there ..( first match in 1960/61 ) but ,sadly i'm unable to attend matches nowadays due to health problems So i'll be cheering Wednesday on from my front room ..
  8. Eighup Mate ...i live at Hoyland Common ( originally from Ecclesfied ) .. Not been in any as yet , but i often pass Tap and Brew and intend to try it .. One of my Mates is allus in t'Oyle in Wall and it seems to get Good Reviews . Don't know owt about Knave and kestrel . Hoyland used to have some Great pubs ...Turf , Gardeners , Ball ( Olivers Alehouse ) but they've been replaced by Shops , Dental Surgery ,Houses etc ..
  9. Bridlington South Beach gets my vote ...( follow Park 'n' ride signs ..) .Love that part o' t'Yorkshire Coast .. Had many holidays there over t'years ..so much that i bought a Static Caravan there 4 Years ago .. Spend around 100 nights there between March -Dec :
  10. Eighup Pete ....Usually when i go t'tarn , it's bloody chocca from t' Jet Garage reight back to Allots Corner .. Tank / Pilley = very little traffic ,might be slightly further but it does save time ..Guzzi:thumbsup:
  11. How do I get from Hoyland traffic lights (by the garage)e to the other side of Birdwell on the back roads..does anyone know? .................. Eighup Huxley I often go through Allotts Corner to Barnsley and i avoid Sheffield Road and all the roadworks by going on Tankersley Lane and then through Tankersley and Pilley .. Turn right at the top of the hill , then 1st left and it brings you out at Birdwell Travellers Pub ..Guzzi.
  12. Just been listening to P.O.D and Badly Drawn Boy
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