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  1. Hi there... Do you have repair cafe dates for 2016 yet? You mentioned forums, is there one.. a kind of virtual repair cafe? I'm hoping to find a good material for a dodgy connection in a handheld, battery powered milk frother.... I don't think the batteries make contact with the top of the case any more, so the whisk doesn't rotate. (Reason why I think this is because for ages it didn't work when used normally, but worked if you squeezed the top down to make contact with the batteries.. I guess the top has just come too far up for that to work any more). It just needs to be something I can pop in there, just smaller than a 20p piece, that is an electrical conductor. I thought of a blob of solder but a) I don't have a soldering iron and b) keen to see if that is the problem before making any irreversible changes. Cheers!
  2. Bit of an odd question but does anyone know what shifts the midwives at Jessops too and how often they change shifts? Going into hospital in Feb with our first, it's a bit daunting so thought anything I could do to familiarise myself with it would make me more more relaxed about the whole thing. I've already had a look at the virtual tour at http://www.sth.nhs.uk/services/a-z-of-services?id=171
  3. is this still going? or is there anything similar near S11?
  4. Ooh thank you! Good to know for sure, and that does put it out of our budget. Even if it didn't, it's a bit rubbish that they don't allow or encourage outdoor activities!?
  5. jessycar, I would love to get married in a nice country church but looking at some websites they seem to ask that you live in the parish - do you live locally, or how did you get around that? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I posted a few weeks ago about some venues, am no nearer to finding the venue though! Been to a few weddings recently and although it's stopped me from looking at venues for my own wedding, it's also helped me get a clearer idea of what I am looking for, I think a farm/barn type wedding will be good for us and our guests. There will be people coming from abroad so it would be great if it was in a nice location with some good views to give them a good impression of the Peak District! I have a few on the shortlist out in Derbyshire (Stoop Farm, Masson Farm) but am worried if none of them are suitable I will be left with no options on the table! An alternative would be to have a church ceremony and a separate reception afterwards, this would increase the choice somewhat as the reception venue wouldn't have to be licensed for weddings. Ideally it would be a marquee in a field, there would probably need to be buildings nearby for water, power etc., and would need to be near Sheffield so we can get from the ceremony to the reception in a reasonable time. Happy to arrange catering etc myself. Does anyone know of anyone near Sheffield that has suitable land to rent out? All ideas are welcome, thanks for reading!
  7. thank you! I understand Whirlow Brook Hall is back up and running as a wedding venue (even though they're not really advertising the fact much), a friend went to go and see it, apparently it's quite pricy nowadays, so will take it off the list. thank you all!
  8. Nooo! After a bit more research, I found this article: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/comeback-for-hall-and-cafe-in-sheffield-1-5410004 Looks like it's going to be reopened as a sister venue to Mosborough Hall but I guess with new ownership the staff (and price tag) will be changing... that's if it ever opens, this article said it would be opening in May but the website hasn't been updated at all. Thanks Queenswood!
  9. ---We already have a wedding venue thread, but I know things change over time and there have been a few threads recently about wedding venues. So the threads have been combined. Love2print.--- Hi there, Title says it all really! We are at the very early stages of planning our wedding, we haven't really decided our budget but if we want to get married sooner rather than later we need to keep it low! I have seen some lovely photos at Whirlowbrook Hall and am thinking it must be out of our price range (sub-5k total budget) but just wondered if anyone knew actual prices! I would rather get the gossip on Sheff Forum before contacting them direct, already read loads of great advice on here! Plus I don't want them to see my sad face when I hear it's way over budget! Also, does anyone have experience of Endcliffe Hall army premises? http://www.alternativevenues.org/yh/Results/tabid/333/Default.aspx Thanks
  10. Broomhill/Crookes area, budget is 200-225k. (The closer to Broomhill the better.
  11. Hi, wondering if anyone has an opinion on the below? Our current tenancy is up on October, and we plan to buy a house. Is it wise to try and get an offer accepted now or will a lot more properties come on the market in spring? I would love to get it all sorted ahead of time so I am confident I won't have to move somewhere else for a month or two whilst our purchase goes through. But am I shooting myself in terms of choice of properties? So far I have only seen one property in the right price bracket in our target area and it's not ideal (think we can get it for the right price but there's no shower/odd-shaped garden/tired interior, and ideally we want somewhere that feels like a home right away). Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. I think Saxton Mee are terrible, for some reason they seem to get good properties because they are seen as an established name, but for my money Blundells are much better. We are with Saxton Mee and the landlady signed up for a 12 month contract and then tried to get out of it after six months, and the way they approached the situation was terrible. I find the staff to be brusque and almost rude for what is supposed to be a letting agent at the 'better' end of the scale - they never show any understanding for any issues and were totally unapologetic in the aforementioned situation. By all means rent from them if they have the property you want, but don't expect a decent service for your money.
  13. just found a menu by googling bilash sheffield menu, first link. going to phone them and give it a go! thanks for the posts here and elsewhere on sf, good to find an alternative to the fine rajput which unfortunately doesnt do delivery.
  14. hello can I drag this thread up again? I chanced on this thread looking for something called EVA plastic, it's a plasticky cloth that I need to replace the bag of my laundry basket. (should just get a new one but I hate chucking stuff) Failing that something like tent material in a light colour would fit the bill. Which of the above shops would be most likely have something like that? Castle Markets is nearest to me but it's a bit obscure so not sure she will have it. If noone knows guess I will just have to ring round some of the above! Thanks
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