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  1. Thanks for your response, Yes I've asked everywhere possible in that area..
  2. Anyone interested in finding out more about Heeley there's a Facebook Group called Heeley Past and Present . worth a look.
  3. Hi, If anyone has found a Memory card in the last few days,or know of someone has please contact me on site..It was lost in sheffield city Centre on the 26th Jul 2015.. Kind regards:)
  4. Heeley Past & present via Facebook....
  5. Heeley Past & Present access Via Facebook...
  6. HI the correct spelling is Kubiack...She lived on Grimesthorpe rd and was marreid to Ludwig Kubiak who died in 1969...they had a daughter. Anne
  7. :help:trying to find Anne Kubiak sheffield
  8. Yes the very same do you have any further info...would be greatfully accepted....Kind regards:)
  9. Hi I'm trying to find information about Doreen. I know she passed away some years ago but would also like to find as much info as possible...She owned a fruit & Veg shop on well rd Heeley which also did flower arranging..Her mother was called Mrs Morrison (Flo) please check Heeley past & Present via facebook...
  10. Sorry it has to be via Facebook as it's Facebook group...
  11. Check out Heeley Past & Present via Facebook....Great sight
  12. Check Heeley Past and Present via facebook.....
  13. Heeley Past and Present a froup on Facebook worth a look:hihi:
  14. hi there I knew Jane Naretti & Andrew Moffat they went to the same schol as me (Herries) back in the 80's
  15. Don't really have any info but if you go on the site facebook there's a group called RAF Gibraltar they have some good photos on there hope this helps a little
  16. you may have a point but lookig back loved it... for you guys passing through it's a holiday for us it was everyday life. still a great posting though
  17. Hi there Just got back from Canada and spent most my time in Toronto there's a street there called Yonge Street. That's the longest one in the world
  18. Hi there I was on a YOP (Youth opportunities scheme) at Doncasters on Penistone Rd back I 1981. And still work for them now:loopy:
  19. hey julie I went to Herries 76-81 and know you to find out more send me a private e-mail
  20. I remember when I was at Ellesmere Primary we had a bell to signal the the start and end of play time and the end of school. It was a great pleasure and honour to ring it:gag: ...What happened to all them school Bells:huh:
  21. Nice one bit of salacious gossip I went to Herries between 76- 81 so we were there at the same time don't really remember the cleaners apart from one never even crossed my mind at that age that people would be having affairs... LOL:hihi:
  22. I was in in the BB for a short space of time early 70's. can't remember its name/number but it was based at the top of Sutherland Road and Petre street. We Marched from there (it was a real big dealwith loads turning out to watch) to Firth park which seemed like miles but very enjoyable and on the way we would meet and join up with other bands and churches or organisations I thought it was great. It wasn't until years later that found out kids/people where doing the same on the same day marching to Meersbrook Hillsborugh and Western park never knew that's pretty awesome. This would never happen in this day and age NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Did my hands just get bigger or have Cadbury Cream Eggs got smaller:hihi:
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