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  1. Food, prezzies, food, drink, food, drink, sick, food and drink, bed, A&E!
  2. Ugh, i feel unclean. Anyone got the number for Blundells?
  3. Most of you lot would be singing a different tune if it were Mr mohammed and his brood of 10 kids that were denied benefits!
  4. I agree. Im lucky enough to be in a job i like but the amount of people ive know whove lost their jobs then suddenly being replaced with immigrants who can barely string 2 english words together is unreal. Most of my black, asian, chinese mates agree is happening to fast and in too large numbers for us to cope and the unrest will only get worse.
  5. I think Lord Basher of Bible means it wasnt something that happened so often it had to be given a name. I can see their point about it though. I mean, id like nothing better than to slaughter a member of my family in the name of honour:rolleyes:
  6. Guilty as charged Still it goes to show the doubters who think im a master troll that when i do try a bit of trolling i get busted faster than a black man walking through Dore.
  7. C'mon BF. You cant put your spin on this one.
  8. Or liar. These muppets always call you either a racist or a liar. Or both.
  9. Just 1 a month? Well i think thats a conservative estimate if ever there was one. Probably more like now they cant deny stuff like this goes on they are heavily playing down the stats to make it look like its a smaller minority than it actualy is.
  10. Try a metal shiny flying thing. Planes i thinhk they are called.
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