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  1. definition of 'art'- http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=define%3A+art&meta=cr%3DcountryUK%7CcountryGB so yes graffiti is art. off topic but, think of the millions spent on huge sculptures in towns and cities, the council don't ask our opinion on whether it should be spent in that way, it's just put up. controvercial?? (sp?)
  2. yawn........ (not at you nick) this topic comes up all the time! i have directed my artistic talents towards doing graphics for posters that are displayed around town legally..... devonshire jam (it's on THIS saturday!) being the latest. anyone seen it? feedback?
  3. http://www.devonshirejam.com has all the info you need i think i co-designed the posters around town and flyers btw!
  4. thanks for the help so far everyone. been down to Whiteheads Craft shop, i can confirm it's still there, the man was very helpful. but anyways, now i'm specifically looking for wax sheet. i have some natural bees wax but it isn't big enough. so options are larger sheets of bees wax (have found supplier online but would rather get it sooner) or something called applique wax sheet but i'm unsure of how thick this is. anyone know? have emailed suppliers. anyways, if anyone knows of places that specifically sell this please let me know asap! cheers tom
  5. just found a 'candle time' that's in meadowhall too in the yellow pages. where is this cole brothers you speak of nick? anyone know of any in town? T
  6. hi just wondering if anyone knows of places that sell candle making kits and that sort of related stuff as my new project is going to be based around it and i haven't really seen any places that sell it before. many thanks for your help Tom
  7. admittely i had the same fears about dead pixels but u can always buy from someone who has checked the system before it is sent and guarantees it is dead pixel free. dead pixels are either there or they ain't, they don't come over time, you'll have them from the start.
  8. well if u want one now at a price cheaper than you'll be paying in 6 months time when it finally comes out, you take your chances!.... dead pixels- It's a manufacturing defect - all TFT screens are prone to it. Most manafactures dont do replacements on dead pixels unless the % of dead pixels is of a certain level. i have about 5 pixels that do not show black, but all other colours. and they are literally so small that you do not notice them. so as a percentage on mine that's something like 0.005% of the screen that does not function 100%, i doubt sony would take it back. seriously the internet will always bring to light problems out of nothing....... you only hear of the bad stories and not the 1million or something units that have been sold and actually work properly. so yeah! T
  9. i think sony are saying when they will be released on May 22nd.. either way it's gonna be ages away and the same price as you'll pay for an import one now or probably more. get one off a trusted ebay seller in the uk if u want one! there are a few sellers on there in the sheffield area for both psps and games surprisingly. T
  10. Don't think Gamestation or Game do any independents out there with ok prices? Cheers T
  11. park square has got some nasty bumps and adverse camber on it......... could easily have helped the 4x4 flip over
  12. i'll ask my gf what she thought of it after we've been on the 14th.......
  13. surely the cost of cutting down trees, making paper, printing thousands of leafets, distributing them, binning them, dumping them in a big hole in the ground or recycling if people bother, which is still expensive, costs more than the repainting of walls to sheffield? i don't know. but thinking about it we get tonnes of junk mail each day....... of it we might use something like 1% of it. but that's how it works. the 1% counts for the company selling or doing what they do. they get the message into your home. you don't want it. it is highly wasteful of materials. think i might start a thread about legal sites to post junk mail. anyways i don't know what i'm getting at (don't quote me on this) in fact i've lost interest..... zzzz nobody is going to change their opinion as far as i can see. anyways if it is costing the council to 'clear' it up, we pay taxes etc. blah blah
  14. hi again just wanted to add that miniminch's post in the other graffiti thread really sums up how i feel too, so cheers miniminch! i understand your point fully, the others just accuse you of having 'issues'. so narrow-minded aren't they. tut tut
  15. markham, you don't understand graffiti at all. the quicker something is painted over, the more successful it has been. good graffiti gets cleared up quickest or painted over by another graffiti artist who tries something better. FACT even if you did go round and actually do something to 'tidy' it up, rather than just rant about it, it would give graffiti artists a nice new blank 'canvas' to work on
  16. no, we are clearly too dumb to understand your higher intellect. better get back to mcdonalds to serve them fries hadn't i. luckily though i'm a student nearing the end of my degree...... wow how easy is it being a student? get up when you want to do work when you want to go out and socialise with the young attractive women and have it all paid for by the tax payer! cheers guys. anyways this is off-topic, i apologise, let's continue on the subject of graffiti and its merits to modern society
  17. art- 1. Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature. 2. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium. 3. The study of these activities. 4. The product of these activities; human works of beauty considered as a group. 5. High quality of conception or execution, as found in works of beauty; aesthetic value. 6. A system of principles and methods employed in the performance of a set of activities: the art of building. 7. A trade or craft that applies such a system of principles and methods: the art of the lexicographer. 8. Skill that is attained by study, practice, or observation: the art of the baker; the blacksmith's art. walls are the canvas, do you not understand? that's how it works. i understand it's illegal, nobody here denies that. you clearly do not understand graffiti though. again, please break down my post into little quotes, analyse it, and if i feel like annoying you even more i'll retort and carry on with this 'discussion'.
  18. yeah stencils are my favourite area in graffiti..... me and a few friends are producing a set of stencils to actually be sold.......... they are part of a valentines day art exhibition, yes that's an art exhibition........ the youth will love them hopefully. i think the people who don't 'get it', don't understand how big graffiti (especially stencils) is at the moment.
  19. i thought john lewis were always generally more expensive than other shops though? it's always been the case for what i've bought in the past, can't say the customer service is any better..... small independent shops are usually best in my experience if ur after real customer service
  20. well done mr mature, constructive comments as ever. it's been said this is meant to be a discussion yet the people opposed to graffiti are just as bad at name calling and stereotyping etc. why not just stick on track with the discussion, although it's going no where. i know many of you don't understand graffiti, that's ok. so i see it as being pointless to make further points in it's favour........ again here is banksy's website http://www.banksy.co.uk i think that even if you do look at it, you won't 'get it'. it won't appeal to you. i await my post to be broken down into neat quote sections and analysed......... go on, it makes me happy that you take the time to do it and read every word we type carefully. have fun with ur lives.
  21. i said they don't advertise clothes at two pounds. that is factually correct. you may find clothes in there at two pounds but they are the simple plain tees....... plus it does have a sale on at the moment you know. topman and burtons make crap clothes in my opinion. much worse than h&m, in terms of quality, fit, the look (they always look like really cheap versions of what other brands were doing 3 months ago), value etc....... as i said h&m is disposible fashion that you wear for 6 months, topman and burtons is full of cheap (not even) try-hard clothes
  22. seriously if ur that bothered about it......... do something about it rather than complaining on an internet forum.
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