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  1. I am familiar with Gumball Promotions. I had a call from one of their HR team, interviewing me over the phone, then telling me I've passed to the next stage to go in for an interview with one of the managers. I obliged obviously - as I was informed that the role was involving my strong sales experience, assuming in an office-like environment. I couldn't have been far from wrong. I went for the interview the same day (as I was away down south the following weekend) and was told not to worry about researching into Gumball Promotions, and that the interview would be all about getting to know me. I passed the interview phase easily, and was told they would be in touch - right after they told me that they do advertising contracts for some large high street companies such as Apple and Vodafone. After the weekend I was emailed informing me that they would like to invite me to a trial day at their Sheffield Park Square offices - to which again I obliged. I made my way to their offices on the day with all I was told to bring (a pen and a note pad). Myself and another 11-13 people were all there at 08:45 waiting for the management to swagger in at 09:10. One by one we were called out to go and shadow someone for the day, some in groups and some paired up with existing staff members. Myself and 2 other lads, and one other girl along with an employee met int he reception, and were told we were going out for the day. (No mention of this prior). We started walking to what shortly after we found out to be the Midland Train Station whilst we were listening to the guy we were shadowing about how he got to where he is now, with him asking us about ourselves on an individual basis on the short walk to the train station. We were then informed we'd be getting the train to Chesterfield!! I was getting a little bit more suspicious as the morning progressed thinking this isn't seeming like anything I was told about the job! I didn't bring money for the train, just some money for my lunch and my good old pen and paper! The guy from Gumball Promotions asked if everyone had money for the train to Chesterfield ( I popped my arm in the air like at school and said that I didn't) the other three in the group did. After collecting our tickets, we boarded the next train to Chesterfield, and that's when all became clear. We sat at a table seat for four persons, and the guy started telling us what Gumball Promotions do. They basically stop people in the high street and get them to sign up to donate to charities, Apple, Vodafone, Sky, whatever the campaign maybe. Of course we're all on the train now so we've got nowhere to go, so I though to myself, hear the guy out, after all, he's paid for my return ticket to Chesterfield! He asked plenty of open questions to keep us distracted from thinking negatively, such as how many people out of 100 do you think you need to sign up to have a successful day? 10%?... 15%?... it's 10... so that means 90 no thank you's/f**k off's etc for only ten yes's to hit your target. So we arrived in Chesterfield Town Centre, and saw some other staff setting up their stall, and watched them as they began to speak/pitch to the passing general public. The guy told the four of us to get our pen and pads ready and to write this down; Ten things you like about yourself Ten things you'd change about yourself Ten things you think it takes to become a manager and another then things about something And for us to go away separately (Gregs/McDonalds/Costa Coffee etc) and take an hour to think of the answers on our own. I made a beeline straightaway for the McDonnalds 8ft away, grabbed a cup of tea, and had a moment of reflection whilst watching the Gumball Staff pitch to the general public. I gave it around 40 minutes, called my girlfriend for a moan, finished my tea and went outside with a blank note pad. There was another girl from our group stood there waiting to talk to the guy (who was pitching to someone and appeared to be signing someone up) so we waited together and eventually broke the silence with "not exactly what I thought the role would be, what about you love?!" to which she laughed and agreed. I jumped the que as soon as he was finished talking to his potential sale, and went straight over to the guy, shaked his hand and said "listen thank you for the opportunity, but this isn't really for me at all. If I'd have known that this is what the job was, I wouldn't have wasted your time or money, but good luck and all the best" and walked away back towards Chesterfield Train Station to get back home to Sheffield. Anyway as I'm sure you can tell, it's not necessarily what it may seem to be, not for me in a long shot!
  2. Fireworks Night @ Laycocks Sports Club!! This Saturday night, one of the biggest and best fireworks displays in the Sheffield 8/Millhouses/Woodseats areas of Sheffield! <> £2 entry on the door for non-members - ALL KIDS GO FREE* <> Disco <> Raffle <> Food on sale <> One of Sheffield's biggest beer gardens! <> Starts from 18:30 - Get here early to get the best seats and outdoor benches! <> New members always welcome <> Children's play area <> Free WiFi <> Pool & air hockey tables We're located on the corner of Archer Road & Fraser Road, have off road parking, and on the 97/98 First buses to Abbeydale Road and a short walk around the corner, or the 85/86 Stagecoach bus stops outside the club (opposite McDonald's & Pure Gym). Any queries?.... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Laycocks-Sports-Social-Club-500498836659703/?fref=ts Phone: 0114 2369104 *Parents/guardians are responsible for all children on the premises, thank you!
  3. Hello, Laycocks Sports Club the corner of Archer Road & Fraser Road - S8, and has a large function room that accommodates most parties and functions, as well as boasting one of the biggest beer gardens in Sheffield. Feel free to pop in and see one of the staff, you can find us on Facebook too...
  4. Good point Andy C, It's something we're working on at the moment, hopefully within the next 10 days we'll have had some talks and be close to announcing what we are going to have on the bar. ---------- Post added 21-02-2015 at 14:15 ---------- GeorgyGirl, a couple of good points there! We're always looking to make the Club better for the members, and to attract new members... I do think we have one of, if not the biggest beer garden in Sheffield, which is perfect for everyone in the summer! ---------- Post added 22-02-2015 at 12:20 ---------- Pork butties from 13:30 today! With all trimmings AND roast potatoes only £3! When they're gone, they're gone!
  5. Cheers jsmith2009! Our pitches are on hire currently, and we've got a couple of local teams training in the week too - pop in and see the staff, or give us a call most weekdays between 17:00 & 23:00 on 0114 2369104...
  6. Not to my knowledge, & I work here. We're all working hard at the moment to bring the club forward and a step stronger... Real Ale is one of those ideas, with us being freehold and one of the largest premises in Sheffield 8, we'll have no problem having a lovely hand pull at a very very good price! There's loads of other new things coming soon, so keep an eye out on the club noticeboard, our facebook page, and on here for all the latest information and new ideas!!... Part 1; Real Ale! What real ale would you like to see on our bar? Pale ale? Stout or porter? Strong or weak percentage? Fruity? Bradfield? Abbeydale? Wychwood? 3 Rivers? Let us know what you think... You'll be drinking it!
  7. Well let me elaborate... the thread is to spread news on us, changes, new additions to the club, bar, the possible introduction of Real Ale, and ideas on how to make the club better all round, opening with information about Laycocks Sports Club too. ---------- Post added 29-01-2015 at 15:52 ---------- :hihi:Be careful on Fraser Road with the snow, and feel free top pop in for a Winter warmer! We're open from 17:00 today, after all, it's only snow!
  8. Nah, just making the most of some free advertising!
  9. No problem we're open for suggestions and new additions too, possibly Real Ale for one, but we take all comments and suggestions on board!
  10. Hi Sibon, Yeah we had some trolls a over the last couple of years bickering on here, but touch wood, we're working hard to bring the reputation back to what it was before said trolls started posting! Many new things happening this year if all goes according to plan, so will be worth nipping in!
  11. So youre telling me if you have a football event on and there are loads of kids there you wouldnt think to turn them on of your own accord? rather than leave them all to go outside in the dark to play on the football pitches? or is the truth that they never work anyway? What I'm saying is, if nobody has turned them on/noticed kids playing on the pitches, and nobody asks the staff to turn them on, then they won't get turned on will they?! ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 23:43 ---------- Hi Baggers, yes there are a male & female darts team. To my knowledge the male team plays every Thursday from 19:30... I think this Thursday they are away, but next Thursday they are at home/Laycocks.... Hope this helps
  12. Hi Tess, most of that was over-exaggerated on here by the odd troll or two, and isn't like that at all. There are loads of new things happening this year, it will be worth popping in. ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 22:27 ---------- I'm sure if someone would have asked, and if they was working at the time, the flood lights would of been turned on!!
  13. Laycocks Sports Club (the corner of Fraser/Archer Road S8 ) has a fresh stack of membership forms for our 2015/16 members. Laycocks is set in clean, safe, & child friendly grounds in between Woodseats & Millhouses at the bottom of Fraser Road. Facilities include; Club house, floodlit football pitches & bowling greens, showers & changing facilities, as well as Sky Sports on over 4 screens. The bar is always fully stocked with everything from draught lagers, beers & ciders through to a good selection of soft drinks & snacks. Our function room comfortably holds over 175/200 people and is ideal for birthdays, christenings, wakes, reunions, meetings, social groups, anniversaries, many more memorable events & private functions. For some functions or parties we can discuss arranging a late licensed bar if required. We're open; Mon: 17:00–23:00 Tues: 14:00–23:00 Wed: 16:00–23:00 Thurs: 17:00–23:00 Fri/Sat: 13:00–23:00 Sun: 12:00–23:00 Pop in and see one of the staff about joining, membership is only £15 per year - which is a per household membership suitable for one, or more persons residing in the same property. You contact us by; Facebook: Laycocks Sports Club Web Site: http://www.laycockssportsclub.co.uk Email: Laycocksoffice@gmail.com Phone: 0114 2369104 Address: Archer Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S8 0JZ See you soon!
  14. ****LAST FEW TICKETS REMAINING**** WELCOME IN 2015 WITH US AT LAYCOCKS SPORTS CLUB! Everyone is welcome to join us in celebrating the New Year at one of Sheffield 8's few remaining family venues. A night for all the family! On the night: - Music quiz - Live singer 'Janine' - Raffle - Disco - For all the family - Open from 7pm until late - Bring your own food & snacks! - Entry is free for members - None members £2 per adult*, kids enter for free! - Arrive on the dot to get a seat! - Carlsberg only £2.55 a pint! - Jager Bombs only £2.60 - Plenty of kids drinks from only 99p *£3 per adult if not booked by 30th December, kids still go free! Find us on Facebook: Laycocks Sports & Social Club Website: http://www.laycockssportsclub.co.uk E-mail: info@laycockssportsclub.co.uk Phone: 0114 2369104 Laycocks Sports Club Archer Road Sheffield S8 0JZ See you there!
  15. B O N F I R E N I G H T @ L A Y C O C K S ! Fri 7th November Doors open at 18:30 Huge fireworks display Hot food Family friendly Raffle draw Disco Carlsberg & Tetleys from only £2.50! £2 entry to none members Members free entry New members always welcome! See you all there for an excellent night for all the family!! Laycocks Sports Club Archer Road Millhouses/Woodseats Sheffield S8 0JZ 0114 2369104 info@laycockssportsclub.co.uk http://www.laycockssportsclub.co.uk
  16. Hi everyone, I popped in the Waggon & Horses a few days after opening with one of my mates and thought it was lovely. Very nice inside - (I used to go regularly in the last 8 years or so) and a nice comfortable look to the pub. I went last night for a large family meal (my niece's 2nd birthday) a table of 14/15 of us. We all had starters to share (Two portions of 24 hot wings selection & a couple of Ciabatta garlic breads), and for mains most of us had the 10oz Rib Eye Steaks, Chicken New Yorkers, kids meals etc. The food was fantastic! Some of the family are fussy eaters, and even they enjoyed all of their food. Clean plates, hot, sizzling, cooked to perfection steaks, fantastic! Service was excellent from the waiting and bar staff (maybe just an extra set of hands or two as they looked quite rushed off their feet), but still, I'd give it a 10/10 as the food was that good! Keep up the good work!! Side note: Maybe if you could have a local real ale rotated that would be grate, Green King IPA and the other two are okay, but maybe something from Bradfield or Abbeydale breweries would go down a treat and be sold out in no time
  17. I also completely agree!! It's amazing!! I'm talking the missus Tomorrow night!... Think its wise to reserve a table though?
  18. Couldn't agree more with you Pundsworth! Someone definitely has a Bee in there bonnet haha ---------- Post added 24-01-2014 at 16:21 ---------- Exactly! Well said Poundsworth! ---------- Post added 24-01-2014 at 16:23 ---------- Dipstick. ---------- Post added 24-01-2014 at 16:34 ---------- I think it's going to be a cracking place when it's open. Some people on here just want to throw there infinite knowledge & pessimism, with a cliche of "it's gonna be just another chain/Wetherspoons/attraction to chavs" type-pub. All I can say to you people, is GIVE IT A REST! Let's see how it turns out, give some CONSTRUCTIVE support to Stefan, instead of harping on about calories & irrelevant negative issues. I know everyone wishes the W&H all the best for the future, and I'm sure everyone will be popping in to check it out - (I will for sure!!). Good luck to Stefan & Flaming Grill Pubs!
  19. Walked past it yesterday, looks lovely inside!
  20. Are you sure about that or just been a pessimist? ---------- Post added 15-01-2014 at 17:37 ---------- Couldn't agree more! I hope we're saying the same about the W&H in a few months
  21. I'm not posting about a general debate on getting to work etc, just a solution for people like me, not currently employed to maybe contribute, that is all I work seasonally overseas so now I'm on holiday! lol... Links to threads welcome of course
  22. "Britain now facing worst winter in SIXTY YEARS warn forecasters"... (According to the Express web site link: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/443462/Winter-2013-expected-to-be-worst-since-1947-with-heavy-and-persistent-snow-forecast-for-UK ) I was just reading through my various social media pages, to find a particularly curious impending issue that happens most years: Snow. As how & where Sheffield is built, when there is bad weather, we normally get our fair share, but apparently this year is going to be exceptionally bad. The point of this Thread, is I'm wondering if anyone knows of any snow clearing services throughout the winter? - as to be honest, most of it sucks throughout our region and the country. I do remember hearing of a volunteer program of snow... removal? clearing, you get the drift... (excuse the punt) I'm mainly inquiring as to if this program still exists, and/or could the Sheffield Forum be a hub for us to start our own? Suggestions and advice welcome... Discuss
  23. Just wondered if anyone remembers the place?... According to Google it's still there, but I'm sure it is long gone...
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