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  1. Yep, also on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-53312068
  2. Yeah more detail would be nice. While the interface changes it's still working as before. You don't need to sign in.
  3. Depends on what you're doing with your git repository. Many sites like Netlify will hook into Github for example and as soon as you do a commit to Master/Main then it'll do a push to your website on Netlify. So yes you can use a command line Git command to publish your site. For example, a merge into Main will trigger a build on CircleCI which could build a Docker image and push it into your Kubernetes environment....all depends what you want to do.
  4. Lots of things can affect wifi signals, my router is on the other side of the wall to the bedroom but there's also two electric heaters and various wiring and mains sockets which doesn't help.
  5. Don't click the links in the first place! You can do lots of fun stuff with JavaScript just with you visiting a malicious page. Never click a link in an email unless you know where it's going to take you. Better still if the link doesn't pass any data for an offer etc, just go to the browser and go to the site manually.
  6. It's software, software has bugs. Exactly the same on OS X, the last major OS update was awful and caused a lot of issues and wasn't worth doing until at least two minor versions in. I've not had any issues myself but they have a very good feedback system if you're on the Insider Programme. Testing the number of combinations of software and hardware out there and expecting all of it to be 100% perfect on the first attempt is beyond ridiculous.
  7. Out of a lot of deliveries I've made, only one had to be refunded (which it was) as the item arrived damaged.
  8. I use the same as @apelike for my PC which is connected to the TV, touchpad isn't as responsive as a decent laptop though. However for £25 I'm not complaining
  9. If it's superior there should be lots of logging telling you what it's having problems with. My Asus router outputs a lot of logs if I tell it to. Should be able to debug it from there.
  10. I use mobile banking all the time, to be honest I don't know how I managed without it Before I used Internet Banking. The only reason I speak to my bank on the phone are if they've decided to reject a transaction and 90% of the time that's automated checking.
  11. That still doesn't help, Ghozer asked the right questions which you'd need to answer for someone to help.
  12. I've never killed anyone and I'm a motorist. Perhaps stop making such ridiculous generalisations. Wasps and bees kill people, so do spiders and fungi, shall we rid the world of them too?
  13. So leave and get another job! Stop whinging. My partner is furloughed, she works for a department store, which isn't allowed to open. What do you and suggest her and her colleagues do? The government offers aid to companies that would otherwise have to make staff redundant. What do you want those employees to do? They are offered 80% full pay and are told not to volunteer or do any work at their employers as it will break the furlough agreement. It's up to those people how they chose to spend their time while furloughed. If you or your colleagues cannot deal with this then mute their updates on social media if it's important to you to remain on social media. Get on with YOUR life and stopped bemoaning how others are spending theirs. I'm lucky, my job has always been possible working from home and I'm glad of that. If you want to blame anyone then blame the government, they created the scheme, not your colleagues, not your employers but the government. So stop being so bitter and twisted and grow up.
  14. Decide a budget, look at what connections you need, what screen resolution you want and go from there.
  15. You don't need special characters for a secure password. It's about entropy and how long it will take to crack. If you make sure you mix in upper/lowercase and numbers in those 3 words it's much better. One of my passwords has 112 bit entropy without a single special character for example. Better to have a longer password. You sometimes find bugs, like amazon would allow any length passwords but was only storing the first 8 characters. There should be no real limit on a password field. It's amazing how many people still use password or their username as their password. Use a password manager or do what a friend does and never remembers any, just requests a reset every time While writing down passwords may sound insecure, if the person who finds it has no context about it then there's nothing wrong with it.
  16. I just use RDP, I have a Windows 10 box which is my PC but no monitor and I RDP in from my work (Mac) maptop. Apart from the occasional forgetful key mess up I have no issues and can use it as if I was sat at the machine.
  17. A lot of places just aren't geared up. It's more about secure access to internal files/networks than the actual being at home bit. Thankfully our place is very good with WFH anyway so it didn't cause any issues at all.
  18. Amazon Marketplace sellers can be just as bad, especially when they don't understand the UK rules with regards to returning and cancelling orders. Returning a defective item and the seller tried to charge a restocking fee as well as taking the postage it cost to send me out of the refund as well. As soon as you start mentioning legal action they magically change their mind and agree with you that they'd misunderstood.
  19. You don't technically get fibre to the house unless you pay a lot more money, fibre goes to the cabinet on your street and it's just your existing phone cable for FTTC. Sounds like the box is either not sorted for fibre or not enabled at the exchange. Woodseats was bad for this, exchange was enabled but they never enabled half the cabinets. Probably something to do with Virgin since Woodseats was a Virgin BB area. Entering an address on BT's website will tell you their plans.
  20. I'd be chatting the the store manager. The Police have been reprimanded for doing this. It's been cleared up, the shop can sell what it sells if it's allowed to open and you are allowed to buy it.
  21. The fact that people believe 5G is causing Covid-19 shows just how stupid people can get.
  22. Samsung has an app called My FIles for just that, but the Galleries app on the latest Samsung phones pulls everything to a top level afaik.
  23. Not 100% sure what you mean. Are you taking about viewing images through the Photos app? You mention setting the backdrop, is this what you mean? You'll want Center or Fill to stop the aspect ration being changed I believe?
  24. Sorry but HDDs are cheap these days, recently some prices have gone up but I remember when 80MB was over £300, yep 80MB. But depends how much you need. 10TB is around £250+ per drive so RAID 6ing that becomes expensive, however that's just redundancy and not a backup. RAID is not a backup it's redundancy. If you can have 2 backups. Personally I have a weekly backup, at home kept in a secure, fire proof safe. I then have a monthly backup, offsite at my parents again in a fireproof cabinet. Photos are backed up on Google Photos just because it's easy to do.
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