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  1. You might need a viewing card from Sky, used to be a one off £20 or something like that.
  2. I'm using a Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO. Excellent quality day and night.Also have the rear add-on which I need to wire in.
  3. All depends as others have said. Winter (and all season) tyres do make a difference when it's cold. I had an RX7 for 10 years, lots of power, RWD and no traction control. Always had winter tyres in the winter and never had an issue. Always made sure to have a shovel and some carpet in the boot. The only thing that caught me out was black ice. But never be afraid to drive in the snow, I think a lot of the issues these days are people never drive in the snow so have little experience and these days place too much reliance on their car than their own driving skills.
  4. It'll depend. My mobo is old and only supports PCIe x2 2.0 on the M2 socket, but I have a PCIe card in the gfx slot, so it's running at PCIe 3.0 x16, still not as fast as it can go but a damn site better than the onboard slot. Using onboard gfx as it's only a server.
  5. I'm in the same boat, older hatchbacks just aren't high enough 😂 As for streetlights, it depends on the area, some are much better, whereas some do seem dim. Hated the horrible orange lights, at least you can see colour with LEDs.
  6. Gaming I'd recommend 16GB memory, you're going to want a separate graphics card unless you don't mind playing at lower resolutions and lower settings. You might find something second hand for £400 that could be classed as a gaming PC but unlikely anything new, especially if you want a monitor with it. You can definitely plugin to the TV with HDMI but you'd have to see how well it copes with ghosting, lag etc.
  7. All retail is the same, staff are cut and expected to do the same amount of work, it's not just Boots. Re flu jabs, just book it on their website.
  8. It doesn't like the certificate. What browser is it using?
  9. It's not just at night, they're out whenever needed, they were out quite a bit yesterday.
  10. Just get one that has the outputs you need, they should all be PCIe these days. Your other solution would have been to buy a Ryzen 'G' CPU then you'd not need a separate card.
  11. You plug the USB hub into one of your USB ports. If it's genuinely a power problem then it should sort it because your PC is no longer having to power the drives, it's the powered hub that will be supplying the power to them. Amazon etc are pretty good with returns so you could always buy one and return it if it turns out not to be the problem.
  12. If they're all doing it then it's the laptop. You can buy a powered USB hub and plug that into the laptop and the drive into the hub.
  13. They restarted collections this week and are adding an extra date on at the end of the current calendar. It's on their website and if you subscribe to email updates it came through that as well.
  14. Google. No, seriously just do a bit of googling, a lot of 'home' remedies are better than shop bought cleaners, baking soda plus white vinegar etc for example.
  15. Make sure it works off sensors first. I have a tyre pressure warning light for over or under, but no sensors, it uses the ABS sensors (I think) over all 4 wheels to work out if the overall pressure is out of spec.
  16. Indeed. SCC took my DD then credited it back the same day. Budget-wise I just treat it as gone out.
  17. I don't understand what point you're trying to make here? There are jobs that can be done at home and as long as the person is doing there job why doesn't it matter so much to you if they're on a sun lounger, wearing socks on their hands or hanging upside down from the roof? As long as they're being paid to do what they are contracted to do why does it matter?
  18. You haven't changed any privacy settings in your browser? It's just a cookie so if you've told it to clear cookies when you close the browser that would do it.
  19. Maybe give it time next time? Things break.
  20. What router is it? If it's decent it should have logging available in the admin panel. Plus what computers? Mac, Windows, Linux? Is there anything shown in the logs there? Are wifi drivers up-to-date etc? Just listing the usual suspects
  21. From a site that has videos by David Icke and "Lucifer and the United Nations"......
  22. Also if it's a problem with the password then just reset it, it'll send the reset link to your email address, then you can be sure.
  23. Go have a nosey at the source if you're so bothered. https://faq.covid19.nhs.uk/article/KA-01157/en-us
  24. Depends what you mean by popups, most browsers won't allow them by default. Have you installed something like malwarebytes? Make sure you don't have some lovely malware serving you up adverts constantly.
  25. The orientation is a flag in the meta data and sometimes media players get it wrong, either that or they just ignore it which is why sometimes it's wrong. Is there anything common about the incorrect ones? Is it playing the portrait ones in landscape for example?
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