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  1. probedb

    Google Maps

    I mean one search took me all of a few seconds.... https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/usage-and-billing
  2. probedb

    Inheriting a tax dodging company

    In what way is that even vaguely related? Legal advice vs physical/mental injury requiring medical treatment at a hospital, hmmm let me think. In what way do you think speaking to a solicitor in person vs speaking to a solicitor online is different? Do you think they give different advice depending on the communication method?
  3. probedb

    Altering a will

    Think mine is £95 + VAT to make alterations.
  4. probedb

    Inheriting a tax dodging company

    You're assuming quite a lot there. It's almost as if you think the only people that post on forums have no skills or a profession and are incapable of doing anything or being able to offer perfectly valid advice that is often based on experience.
  5. probedb

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Likewise, the one in Chesterfield is also on a retail park.
  6. probedb

    Waiting for cache

    It's amusing that the powers that be have added a certain method of blocking ads as a filtered word. It is possible to turn it off on whichever sites you want to. Anyways, as zach said, could be a general hdd issue. What drive are you using? What size? If you can afford to, might be worth replacing or swapping for an SSD, they are really cheap these days.
  7. probedb

    Speed Limits

    Nope, I just gave you the definition of geek. It's from a dictionary. Stop reading stuff that isn't there.
  8. probedb

    Waiting for cache

    It's not this old chestnut is it? https://restoreprivacy.com/chrome-scanning-files/
  9. probedb

    Speed Limits

    Geek: someone who is intelligent but not fashionable or popular: He's such a geek. someone who is very interested in a particular subject and knows a lot about it: a self-confessed movie geek You don't understand what geek means. A car geek is someone is is interested in cars. What they think about speed limits and whether or not they adhere to them is irrelevant.
  10. probedb

    Speed Limits

    The debate is not about saving time or being rushed about anything, it's debating what speed is appropriate for a particular road.
  11. probedb

    Free VPNs and are they worth it?

    Indeed, email is not what you want to be using as a secure method of communication or sending anything. Unless you use PGP or something similar. You may login securely to your mail servers but the protocol is not secure afaik.
  12. probedb

    Science Fiction

    Depends what you mean by supernatural. Let's face it, 500 years ago you'd be burned alive for your smartphone. As time moves on so does our understanding of the universe and what was once magic becomes understood.
  13. probedb

    Zorin 15 Beta is now out!

    I am so unbelievably happy by this post. I cannot express my joy and general happiness by being informed that a beta version of an OS that I don't use has been released. I am sure many other Sheffield Forum members will also be unable to contain their amazement at this news.
  14. probedb

    Tyre sizes.

    Thank you
  15. probedb

    Speed Limits

    Yes, but I was making the point about the junctions rather than the speed limit.

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