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  1. Will see how much of a difference demolishing those shops just up from the bingo hall makes as well. Guess it's being done as part of the same thing.
  2. It is, the poster didn't make any reference to specific setups. Had they said it's slower in certain situations that's fair enough, they didn't they dismissed it in it's entirety.
  3. You can create an account on the gov.uk tax site and it'll tell you all about your tax, how much you owe, what you've been paid etc etc.
  4. Utter hogwash. Windows 10 is noticeably faster on my fileserver and is 5+ yeas old and was originally Win 7 Pro. Just stop trolling.
  5. I've never had a single external drive fail....Seagate usually or Western Digital. In fact I've never actually had a single HDD failure in the past 20 years. My dad has had one in this time.
  6. It's amusing that the 'How to run Windows 7 beyond 2020' post comes from someone who just doesn't seem to be able to cope with anything that isn't Zorin OS or whatever Linux system he likes. As already sad, basically upgrade to Windows 10, it's noticeably faster, although some of that rewrite came in Windows 8.1, but having used Windows 10 since it came out I'd never go back. And if you want to do linux stuff without dual booting you can do a lot with WSL (WSL 2 is much faster if you're on the Fast Ring for Insider Preview) as it's basically Linux (actual Linux) on Windows.
  7. Definitely not ASAP, see if there are bugs reported and fixed first. Catalina on OS X has not been a great release. Can be the same for iOS.
  8. I assume you mean this approach? https://goo.gl/maps/EmZ15hJEiYxiZugz9 I understand what you mean about the left turn only towards Dronfield. As it passes the entrance to JCT600, all signage, road and standing shows all 4 lanes as straight ahead, it's only at the end on the ground that it shows it's left turn only. However it's misleading in that, it does say A61 Chesterfield, it would just make more sense to use a left turn sign rather than a straight ahead which I believe is the issue.
  9. It's Sheffield Forum....over-exaggeration is the key to posts/replies
  10. So you don't think space travel is a solution to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources? You're incredibly small-minded. I guess you wouldn't encourage kids to bother to get into learning about the universe because after all what's the point? Nothing wrong with extinction, currently it's what the human race deserves as far as I'm concerned the way it's going but that's an entirely different discussion.
  11. It's like anything, you could buy cars costing over £100k, or one costing less than £10k, they both get you from A to B. I could buy a drill costing £20 by some cheap Chinese brand or pay a lot more for Dewalt etc. I have some £15 bluetooth headphones which are OK but I also own some wired IEMs costing £300 which are awesome 🤷‍♂️ Coffee is the same. Just came back from Ukraine, was paying 75p for an awesome Americano which would cost 3 times as much here on average. I'm not a fan of instant coffee after drinking ground coffee, also I got spoiled as my last employer had a proper bean to cup machine which made me want one, however I can't yet justify £300 for one
  12. I can send an email and put the reply email as anything I want. This does not make it from ebay. If you bought through ebay you will have an ebay transaction number, presumably a Paypal transaction ID and also it will be listed in your ebay account as a purchase. If it isn't then you didn't buy it through ebay. Sorry for returning to it but I've been away.
  13. The seller on that item is shown as: DEJIN LIU 202, Block A, Yang Xiecheng Electronic Creative Park, No. 288 Chigang Road, Haizhu District 510220 Guangzhou, it quite clearly says this on the page. If it was bought through ebay it would be in your purchase history.
  14. You may want to do some research about what it has given us before making such bold, ill-informed statements. Living on a planet with finite resources and an ever-expanding population, sure let's not try and explore other planets with those resources, let's follow your views and instead allow the human race to die out due to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources.
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