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  1. The seller on that item is shown as: DEJIN LIU 202, Block A, Yang Xiecheng Electronic Creative Park, No. 288 Chigang Road, Haizhu District 510220 Guangzhou, it quite clearly says this on the page. If it was bought through ebay it would be in your purchase history.
  2. You may want to do some research about what it has given us before making such bold, ill-informed statements. Living on a planet with finite resources and an ever-expanding population, sure let's not try and explore other planets with those resources, let's follow your views and instead allow the human race to die out due to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources.
  3. No reason you can't use jQuery or similar on the front-end to display it alphabetically. Doesn't matter what the backend is stored as.
  4. Right click on the two actual partitions on that drive, it'll leave you with one big empty block, right click, create new partition and you can create one the full size Off the top of my head...
  5. Cars are allowed on the bit where the National Express coaches stop, that's where access is for the car park is for Electric Works etc. There are also pull-ins for delivery drivers etc. I worked in EW for 4 years and never had any issues with having to pull in there to pick-up a friend or take something into the office.
  6. I thought electrical equipment had to meet certain guidelines these days for creating interference?
  7. I guess I still don't understand why you continually harp on about this particular OS? It's like a religion to you, even Jehovah's Witnesses don't go on this much, they at least just stand there and will talk to you if you're interested these days. I use OS X Mojave and Windows 10 on a daily basis. Both have their positives and negatives. Currently dual booting the Win 10 laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but not getting along with it, mainly due to the GUI, I realise there are others but I have no time to mess. I'll stick to using the Windows Bash Shell as it does everything I need. Git, Docker, VS Code, I can do it all on both OSes, beyond that I'm not much bothered.
  8. Of course Yep, agreed, people have stopped relying on common sense and seem to expect there's some health and safety legislation that will magically protect them.
  9. Forget harbours! What about cliff edges?! Why are there no fences with handrails running the entire length of the country? Someone could slip and fall!?
  10. Screenshot doesn't work, why don't you just link to the restaurant's website?
  11. I had this a year or two back. It was down to stress. The tablets are not cheaper from the chemist. It's been a while but I seem to remember you got at least ten tablets in a prescription....which is £9 at the moment. The doctor should be starting with the lowest/standard dose to see if they work first. Maybe see a different doctor.
  12. Use what you like . Safari is now the IE of the web browser world as far as being crap at supporting various HTML/CSS standards. I've found you're more likely to run into a problem when testing against Safari than Edge, let alone Chrome and Firefox. I use Chrome/Chromium at the moment, decent dev tools.
  13. I still don't understand why this was allowed to happen. The report should just have started with "there is no capacity at Sheffield Midland, put it somewhere else". Moving local services away from the station is mind-bogglingly stupid. Anyone that has to sit on a train getting annoyed waiting for a platform to become free is surely going to be overjoyed by this...honest Hey let's cram even more services in so we can be even later than we were before or maybe force us to walk to a tram stop which somehow would have to cope with a whole load of new tram services? Or am I getting that wrong?
  14. Is this actually a discussion? Or just a I've been a bit of a numpty but want to blame someone else post?
  15. Yes. Up to 6 users across devices.
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