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  1. Why would you register on a forum to ask this? You bought it from Asda, can you not figure out where you should go to complain and get the issue resolved? If you're ill go to the doctors.
  2. NOW TV is simply a streaming service, you can't record TV. Use broadband checker to see what's available. Because in Sheffield it really does depend on the area. I'm pretty sure a lot of Woodseats is still in the dark ages as despite the exchange being cabled for fibre to the cabinet years ago they've never updated the cabinets. Check what you want to record, if you want it fairly quickly it might be fine with a smart TV so you can get iPlayer, ITV Hub etc etc.
  3. Maybe you can explain to them where they can get the money to do this. I'm sure with infinite resources and money it'd be cleared up as quick as you'd like it to be.
  4. Give it a proper clean, very carefully with a pin, you'd be amazed at how compacted dirt gets in there.
  5. Just follow Google's instructions. If you have 2FA enabled you need to generate a OTP (I think?) for that app.
  6. Entirely up to you. Depends on size etc. It's still all down to response times etc. Monitors don't have a TV tuner built-in either. Usually these days both with have HDMI. TVs won't have anything like DisplayPort or USB-C so it also depends how it's to be connected.
  7. If they were breaking the speed limit and flashing those cars then what is the issue? I always assume they're on, just because they don't display a speed limit you shouldn't assume they're not on. If there's no speed limit shown then you can assume it's the national speed limit. It's not difficult to understand to be fair.
  8. Ditto, I just used that form and the lights have always been fixed quickly.
  9. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/form/roads-pavements/report-street-light-problems What are you unable to complete? Have used several times.
  10. I've never seen this either and I'm a driver, whether at peak time, early mornings (6am early), late evenings, I've never seen this. Cyclists I've seen always have had hi-vis, even the one that went through 3 sets of red lights going through Woodseats down into Heeley at 6:30am. Although that's just a particular idiot and not a general having a go at cyclists because as with drivers there are good and bad
  11. Just do it anyway, later versions usually fix bugs and sometimes provide more features
  12. Download the latest drivers from the website, the CD will be old versions.
  13. I don't know how you deal with the general public, I'd probably have lost my job within my first journey as a driver due to shouting at someone
  14. Look, this is Sheffield Forum where people don't like to get bogged down in actual facts
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