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  1. I had this a year or two back. It was down to stress. The tablets are not cheaper from the chemist. It's been a while but I seem to remember you got at least ten tablets in a prescription....which is £9 at the moment. The doctor should be starting with the lowest/standard dose to see if they work first. Maybe see a different doctor.
  2. Use what you like . Safari is now the IE of the web browser world as far as being crap at supporting various HTML/CSS standards. I've found you're more likely to run into a problem when testing against Safari than Edge, let alone Chrome and Firefox. I use Chrome/Chromium at the moment, decent dev tools.
  3. I still don't understand why this was allowed to happen. The report should just have started with "there is no capacity at Sheffield Midland, put it somewhere else". Moving local services away from the station is mind-bogglingly stupid. Anyone that has to sit on a train getting annoyed waiting for a platform to become free is surely going to be overjoyed by this...honest Hey let's cram even more services in so we can be even later than we were before or maybe force us to walk to a tram stop which somehow would have to cope with a whole load of new tram services? Or am I getting that wrong?
  4. Is this actually a discussion? Or just a I've been a bit of a numpty but want to blame someone else post?
  5. Yes. Up to 6 users across devices.
  6. Hurtling along at 30 in a 30? You are the true definition of a troll. The examiner would have no issue at all.
  7. If the speed limit is 30mph and the learner is doing 30mph what do you see as the problem here exactly? Whilst not to be seen as a target, there is nothing wrong with driving at 30mph in a 30mph zone.
  8. I said IF Annie, IF, it is theoretically possible. The reaction time doesn't change, you just travel further in the time it takes to react.
  9. That's a really odd thing to say. If everyone on the motorway was driving at exactly the same speed there would be no congestion what-so-ever. Distances between vehicles would remain constant. Never say never and all that. Fingers crossed for you.
  10. It'll be fine. Just make sure there's enough padding in the box to stop stuff moving about. Put some bubblewrap around the outside and cover in parcel tape. That's what I usually do, never had anything damaged.
  11. I think ECCOnoob just gave a very good reason why that's complete rubbish.
  12. Shouldn't need any special programs. Just a USB-C to whatever USB you have on your Mac. Then it should just be drag and drop through Finder.
  13. You're still assuming that the system requires no maintenance and runs perfectly 100% of the time.
  14. This isn't specific to Sheffield either, surely this should be in General Discussion?
  15. Well there we have it folks, absolute scientific proof!
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