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  1. That's the best form ever, a drop down with one option so you can move to the next page 😆
  2. That's just a bad backup strategy and user error, nothing to do with One Drive itself. With regards to syncing if you delete something from one device it'll remove it from the others. Any cloud provider is the same.
  3. It's not just Sheffield Council, various cloud providers are struggling. Even youtube have reduced their default streaming bandwidth setting. We're allowed to WFH and thankfully we haven't experienced even a slight blip with everyone moving remotely but some places have never bothered to invest and are now unfortunately feeling the pain of that.
  4. You mean the fact we're actively allowed to go out and exercise? Do you suffer from depression or the like? Do you know the mental and physical effects of just being outside and exercising have on people? I guess not. We go for a walk from our small, one bedroom flat so we can get some fresh air and some exercise. We make sure we're 2m+ from anyone we pass and if need be popped into the local One Stop for supplies to minimise the number of times we go out. My partner suffers from depression, getting out of the house and going for a walk helps more than I can possibly describe to you. So yeah, we'll carry on going out for our allowed exercise and doing the social distancing we're advised to do. If you want to stay inside that's fine, but don't tell others that they can't take their allowed exercise however they choose to do it as long as it's within the guidelines.
  5. I mean there are lifts on all platforms but if you like carrying heavy suitcases up staircases you can't really complain about carrying heavy suitcases up staircases. What's this to do with Sheffield? Are you blaming Sheffield for everything EMR does now? Sheffield's fault the trains late, Sheffield's fault the buffet car is closed. Poor you and your lack of coffee. There are coffee shops on every platform but I guess that's a bit too much to ask to actually think about where you can get coffee.
  6. Still need to share it, you normally have a shared folder on OneDrive for the organisation or you can choose who to share it with.
  7. You can subscribe to their network updates, either by text or email so you get updates when they do work and when it finishes. You can do this for work/home etc. https://status.o2.co.uk/
  8. You should probably stop driving altogether if you find driving in Sheffield difficult, try places like Leeds and Birmingham before complaining about Sheffield.
  9. Yep, it's also quite large. Google Maps is also helpful.
  10. Also you mean JavaScript I assume since you're talking about Wordpress? Java is not JavaScript.
  11. Lots of parking. Sometimes better to park further away to avoid traffic right by the arena. Good venue and purpose built for concerts. Not Nick Cave by chance?
  12. You can turn it off. Control Panel, Personalisation, Lock Screen. Change it to what you want
  13. Not necessarily, later ones are a bit more sophisticated where they'd check for two different regions, if they both came back as OK they wouldn't play. Can't remember what the protection type is called.
  14. Why would you register on a forum to ask this? You bought it from Asda, can you not figure out where you should go to complain and get the issue resolved? If you're ill go to the doctors.
  15. NOW TV is simply a streaming service, you can't record TV. Use broadband checker to see what's available. Because in Sheffield it really does depend on the area. I'm pretty sure a lot of Woodseats is still in the dark ages as despite the exchange being cabled for fibre to the cabinet years ago they've never updated the cabinets. Check what you want to record, if you want it fairly quickly it might be fine with a smart TV so you can get iPlayer, ITV Hub etc etc.
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