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  1. probedb


    I had that when I started getting spammed....but when I use <sitedomain>@<mydomain> I think the chances of it randomly generating that email address for some entirely unrelated spam are rather slim
  2. Argos etc? You can usually get a full refund.
  3. probedb


    Great minds and all that It's amazing how little spam you get on your own domains as well.
  4. probedb

    How do I fit a reversing camera

    Search youtube as someone has probably made a video doing the install. Failing that search on Google/Yahoo/Bing, you have an audience of millions there rather than a few 100 who regularly look here who have a slim chance of having installed a reversing camera.
  5. Ghozer, I believe they were meaning IE6 is required to run Works Suite but I don't see why. I'd be looking at ways to get away from Works tbh. IE6 is ancient and you're not going to be running it on Win 10.
  6. probedb

    TrackOff Elite...anybody?

    Context? Links? What is it?
  7. probedb

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    I hadn't realised this. I did wonder about the 40mph since the A43 near Silverstone is national speed limit and has pedestrian crossings so I figured it wasn't that.
  8. probedb

    Why cheaper from other side of world?

    A lot of fake car parts floating about on ebay, particularly NGK spark plugs so beware. I am amazed as well with some of the stuff, even simple goods like stick-on letters that cost me less than the envelope and postage would cost here in the UK.
  9. probedb

    Northern Rail strikes

    That's not really an argument for ignoring facts and truths. Also Annie is not trolling, she's quoting facts back at you.
  10. probedb

    Protest outside Casa Hotel Chesterfield yesterday.

    Casa is a chain hotel, one protest by a few people about some people who were there for one meal on one day will not affect their business. They weren't protesting about the hotel. Also are you against people protesting? Halibut was spot on with that.
  11. probedb

    Northern Rail strikes

    What trains in India are the same as those in the UK? Or do you just like arguing without acknowledging facts and continually saying the same thing again and again?
  12. probedb

    Northern Rail strikes

    Don't be silly, we'd have to have sensible discussions then
  13. probedb

    Fooling the people for nearly 40 years

    You might want to look up the definition of eugenics. "the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics."
  14. probedb

    Protest outside Casa Hotel Chesterfield yesterday.

    It must matter a lot to you to post on a forum about it. Why does it matter so much to you?
  15. probedb

    HDD Question

    Fair enough

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