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  1. You should be able to find the manual on the manufacturers website then you'll see what comes with it. As L00b says, failing that you'll need a signal convertor, plenty on amazon/ebay etc.
  2. My car doesn't use sensors for tyre pressure, it uses an average of the road difference (or something) over the 4 wheels. There are no actual sensors in the wheels etc. If they it falls below a threshold the warning light comes on. Also wondering how this turned into a Buy British now rant? Many new main dealer parts like an entire bumper can quite easily cost several hundred pounds, it depends on the model and age usually.
  3. You get some very light ultrabooks but you're looking at more money. A budget would help with recommendations.
  4. https://status.o2.co.uk/ usually pretty good, you can also subscribe to alerts so you get texted/emailed when there's a problem.
  5. Maybe a bad shutdown? After all, it's just a computer running an operating system, still possible for these things to happen.
  6. Mostly due to people being unable to sell in lockdown for one thing, With the new regulations in place it seems estate agents have a backlog of houses to sell/value so the housing market is rather busy right now.
  7. I seem to remember you get the choice when you install from the ISO which version it is. An ISO is just a disc image which you burn to DVD or USB (FWIW using a USB stick will be much faster than installing from a DVD), it has nothing to do with Pro, Home etc.
  8. Went about a month ago, maybe 11am, can't remember which car park letter it was but the car park machines were out of action and it was free. Can't complain.
  9. Whereas I've never had a problem with Plusnet so I'd try and get that diagnosed. If it's an issue with the line, the exchange, the box at the end of the road, switching provider is not going to help. Or even try another router.
  10. At one point it was 60mph pretty much all along the whole smart motorway section, further down than J29.
  11. Always intrigues me why people care so much about what others spend their money on enough to make irrelevant comments in a thread? Seem to be online but if they're genuine then just send your docs registered post and ensure they do the same to send them back. At one point the plate size itself wasn't actually specified as a requirement, only that their had to be 2cm (?) between the lettering and the edge of the plate, needless to say when your plate has 5 letters/numbers it made for a tiny plate They changed the rules after that though.
  12. If you have wireless you don't need this. Assuming your phone does it just set it to be a wireless hotspot and connect to that.
  13. It's £45 now Ghozer Was £30 and upped a few months back. I keep forgetting
  14. Most bank apps let you freeze your card.
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