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  1. They have to run to a schedule and be at certain stops at certain times. When few people request to get on and there is little traffic they have to pause, they're not taxis to get you there as quick as possible. You'd be pretty annoyed if you went to a bus stop for your bus and discovered it went past 15 minutes ago because the roads were empty.
  2. ..and when you flash them, they look at you gone out People just don't understand or do car maintenance any more. It's like people driving with no lights at all in fog. My car has automatic lights but the manual specifically states the need to use them manually in such conditions since the sensor only registers light, which can be plenty even in fog. Don't get me started on people that indicate right on a roundabout when they're not going right, but that's unrelated.
  3. Also letters have been taking ages to be delivered. I've just moved and some letters have taken 3 weeks to arrive. It's possible the original bill is stuck or very late and the notice arrived first.
  4. You can blame sat navs for some of it. Coming from Chesterfield, LH lane is left and straight over, middle lane is straight over and right and RH lane is right only. However, I have Google Maps navigation on sometimes and it showed the middle lane as left and straight over. I always use the LH lane to go straight over, almost ended up in the side of a Merc that went left from the middle lane. I swear people pay no attention to any signage or road markings at times.
  5. You can resize partitions from within Disk Management in Windows usually.
  6. VPNs still have a set of IPs so Netflix can block a particular VPN if they choose to.
  7. What's the message it comes back with in the browser when you try to get to it?
  8. I guess it depends, it is just wax at the end of the day, you'll probably find making it that bit warmer and soaking for longer eventually works.
  9. I do hope this is a lesson learned for the OP not to believe everything they read on the internet.
  10. Every time I've been to get my ears syringed their recommendations are once a month, or more often is use warm olive oil to allow the wax to soften and come out of it's own accord over night. They've all dismissed Otex and other such products as unnecessary expense. You can get olive oil drops but it's cheaper just to buy your own dropper and heat up the oil. Just be careful not to put hot oil in your ear. Boots charge £50.
  11. It will have done, the restart and shut down options always change to restart and update etc. Plus you get the little notification icon saying your computer needs to restart. You can go into Settings->Windows Update->Update History to see what it installed
  12. Your solution is to cease the scaremongering by scaremongering? I live across the road from a busy shop and there has been zero panic buying. Or actually any change in behaviour at all.
  13. There is no travel ban. You are advised against it that's all.
  14. I'll be doing option 1, with a switch in the loft and then wiring several rooms up.
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