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  1. Indeed. SCC took my DD then credited it back the same day. Budget-wise I just treat it as gone out.
  2. I don't understand what point you're trying to make here? There are jobs that can be done at home and as long as the person is doing there job why doesn't it matter so much to you if they're on a sun lounger, wearing socks on their hands or hanging upside down from the roof? As long as they're being paid to do what they are contracted to do why does it matter?
  3. You haven't changed any privacy settings in your browser? It's just a cookie so if you've told it to clear cookies when you close the browser that would do it.
  4. Maybe give it time next time? Things break.
  5. What router is it? If it's decent it should have logging available in the admin panel. Plus what computers? Mac, Windows, Linux? Is there anything shown in the logs there? Are wifi drivers up-to-date etc? Just listing the usual suspects
  6. From a site that has videos by David Icke and "Lucifer and the United Nations"......
  7. Also if it's a problem with the password then just reset it, it'll send the reset link to your email address, then you can be sure.
  8. Go have a nosey at the source if you're so bothered. https://faq.covid19.nhs.uk/article/KA-01157/en-us
  9. Depends what you mean by popups, most browsers won't allow them by default. Have you installed something like malwarebytes? Make sure you don't have some lovely malware serving you up adverts constantly.
  10. The orientation is a flag in the meta data and sometimes media players get it wrong, either that or they just ignore it which is why sometimes it's wrong. Is there anything common about the incorrect ones? Is it playing the portrait ones in landscape for example?
  11. It'll no doubt be something to do with the meta data in the files. What format are they? mkv, mp4? As for media players, I have two Vero 4K+ for watching all my local stuff, never missed a beat.
  12. They'll be entirely different departments.
  13. I don't understand why using a Windows PC costs you any money?
  14. Outlook is part of Office 365 so that's probably why. Just redownload and reinstall.
  15. It's not even the prices for me but totally agree. Fill and go is far easier, no queuing.
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