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  1. Have a look at this successful format by the webbies from scoobynet, where you can see how successful a "non x related" forum works; link removed as hosts non family friendly material They also have post ratings and an infraction system that works really well.
  2. The 100k was suggested along with a drop in the tax to 30%, this will then stamp out tax evasion (especially by prem league footballers) as the tax man won't be robbing as much off them.. You have to ask why the higher earners should be punished for being successful.?
  3. Allstar Petrol / Diesel Card for filling your motor up with.
  4. Sorry, Local Stealer = Dealer Barryboys = http://www.barryboys.co.uk/mx/ take a look
  5. The other problem is that not many people goto "im bored" etc.
  6. Thanks.... But non sheffield related should encapsulate jokes, funnies, moans groans etc.
  7. Why can't we have a sub forum for "non sheffield related" where you can post about any non sheffield related issues without some jumped up little hitler moving it into another secion (ie i'm bored), this format works well on most forum, but this one does not have one!!!!!
  8. yes, just walk into the benefits office and ask them for form ru4real.
  9. maybe you have a few late payments / defualts ???
  10. Just the top bit from the local stealer, don't buy any "barryboy" aftermarket style aerial.
  11. If she was not using perfume, and smelled of BO, then that would be cause for complaint
  12. My scenario was based on a fuel card, the fuel card would be taxed at 40% if you crept £1 above the 40% bracket in the prev year.
  13. Try Sofa King, they also do Beds and there Sofa King Cheap.
  14. At least I am accommodating; you want everybody to turn their tv's and music off at 6pm to suit you!!!
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