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  1. Anyone have any experience of using Purple Bricks estate agent for rental?
  2. They own my lease too - they never respond. Let me know if you have any luck-
  3. err. Just got a bill for council tax from a house that I rent out! When did it change from being the responsibly of the tenant to the responsibly of the Landlord for it to be paid? How do I deal with this? I've told the girls that live their that they must apply for their student discount and register for council tax. But in the future if I rent to non student, or they don't actually pull their fingers out and do it, what then? I ask for a deposit of a months rent. That deposit would not cover council tax for a year. And I wouldn't get a bill until long after they have left. Do I next time take a deposit of a months rent, AND a full council tax for the rental period? That seems like a huge amount. Am I just being naive and this is the new way. Help!
  4. I'm an Art Student and I am looking for a map of the telegraph poles and wires in sheffield in post code area S2 5hb. I've tried to contact BT and no joy so far. Any sugestion?
  5. Mine two only like peeing on newspaper. No woodchip. No granuels. Just proper Newspaper. If its not the proper stuff (like a advert paper free throught the letter box type) then they pee next to it!
  6. Today I found an old grey cat sitting in the middle of the road off South Road S6 in Sheffield. I've taken him in. He's feed and dry. He is old and grey. A bit skinny with back toe claws that click on the floor and big purr. He has missing fur around his neck where a collar has been, but no collar. He is also blind and happy enough to sit next too me. I hope he already has a really nice home that he has somehow managed to escape from. Please contact me. I already have two old girls. They, my cats have never had to share with a stranger and I think they will have much to say quite soon. He really is a lovely old boy. (or old girl -I haven't asked and it seems rude to ask!)
  7. FYI. The Artist George Fuller lived at 23 Desmond Crescent.
  8. Hi, What's the best way to kill woodwoom/beasties in an old piece of inherited furniture, before I bring it into the house, other than throw it? As my Dad suggested!
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