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  1. ERM.....you are assuming here that people hate their friends? If you hate them, why are they friends?:loopy:
  2. ERM.....there is no fool like an old fool. You did not need to prove that to me with your comment. I already knew!
  3. There are many areas of Sheffield now where I would not feel safe on the streets at night. They are to me " NO GO AREAS". I am white, the areas that I am talking about are predominantly non white. It was not that way 20 years ago. If you say that I am racist for saying that....FINE!
  4. You are entitled to an opinion , of course, misguided though it may be.:loopy:
  5. That has been happening for MANY years in downtown Sheffield, in the ghettos.
  6. The BBC like any other television station is there to attract viewers. If it does not attract viewers then it cannot justify its own existence. The BBC although funded by the licence payer is no different in this regard.
  7. ERM....you can show me where I said that presumably?:loopy:
  8. Oh blimey. Here we go again. What a novel way to introduce yet another thread about alleged racism. PHEW!:roll:
  9. Timing belts are nothing more than an intricate rubber band. It is not the replacement of the belt that is expensive it is the other associated damage that may occur. This can vary widely depending upon whether you "got lucky" or not.
  10. This year there is a petition not to put THE SHEFFIELD CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on until DEC 1st to save money. EXCELLENT IDEA!
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