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  1. I think I've seen one or both as guest beers in the Fat Cat's sister pub the Devonshire Cat on Devonshire Street. Also well worth a vist anyway as the beer is always excellent!
  2. There's one in Brampton which is near the M1/M18 junction just to the east of sheffield - it's a listed building I believe! See http://www.j31.co.uk/brampst.htm for a photo.
  3. I've been told that 3600dpi on a 35mm neg = about 400dpi when scaled up to A4 - which is obviously why neg scanners have much higher optical resolutions that flatbed scanners. Thanks for the link Tony, I'll give the reviews a read. I don't just have a box of slides btw - I have a box full of negs and slides; hundreds of sets of negs etc. I think I may buy a 2nd user scanner from eBay and then flog it back on eBay when I've done with it. Thereafter I'm going digital!
  4. I need to scan a box full of negs and slides so that I can get them onto cd, use them online, publish them etc. and I need a film scanner. Jessops do one for £300 with 3600dpi, and one for £200 with 2700 dpi, and there are scanners with dpi's from 1800 to 3600 on eBay. What dpi res do I need to scan negs so that their quality is at least good enough for A4 with faithful colour rendition etc? And are there any other factors to consider? Are there any hardware review sites that cover film scanners that I could visit? thanks
  5. and don't forget the dog & partridge on trippet lane for the trad pub feel. There's a good pint in the rutland. shame about the washington.
  6. Thanks for all the info from all that posted - very useful.
  7. I'm probably going to sell my current house and its been nearly 8 years since my last move - can anyone give me a first hand idea of what moving costs are currently? I.e. * how much is stamp duty on buying a house at, say, 120k * what are estate agents costs in selling a 90k house (I've only had one valuer so far and they charge 1% plus vat) * what's a ball park figure for solicitors fees when selling, and buying? Any info appreciated before I step into the estate agents and solicitors offices!
  8. I once let a house in heeley for a while to a spanish student who did a runner back to spain leaving a host of unpaid bills. I had a mass of haggling to do with the council, gas, water etc. to get out of having to pay them myself!
  9. I know an extremely good guitar/sax teacher in the Nether Edge area, used to be in a sucessful band (e.g. it paid for his house) and plays live still, and is in demand. He is available for private tuition I believe.
  10. I've worked for an international co based in Sheffield and Swedish and German footie fans who've been to the Lane and Hillsboro have told me that the Lane has the better atmosphere, all in all. Plus the 'Chip Buttie' song (gawd bless 'n RIP Jon Denver) must be one of the best songs ever to be sung by a 4,000 strong kop choir. Also 'Are you wednesday in disguise?' and 'Worst support we've ever seen!' against fuming Leeds fans in the cup, or 'Can we play you every week?' vs Weds in the 3-1er. Comic classics!
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