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  1. Hi, If you've thought about studying for a Masters or a PhD, you'll be pleased to hear there's a free event at Sheffield Town Hall this coming Wednesday (14th Feb) from 12pm-3pm. They'll be over 40 universities attending and a great talks programme on how to fund your PhD/Masters etc. As it's Valentine's Day, there's also free love hearts! Register here for your free ticket: https://www.findamasters.com/events/signups/?eventId=46
  2. Can't recommend this place in Hillsborogh enough. You will certainly get what you need. http://covingwarehouse.co.uk
  3. We've just got our tree from Broadfield Mowers for the second year running. Their pricing is spot on, and the trees are great IMO. Free delivery too - soooo much easier! Pic here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyrmpoqWQAAjk_L?format=jpg&name=large
  4. Can't recommend Vanarama enough... Great rates! Try Rob at the Sheffield office on 07971 228056
  5. I bought a whole fillet of beef from there at Christmas. It was a bargain (£40 I think), but when I opened the vacuum pack it stank of rotten eggs. I know there are normally initial gases released when you open a pack like this, but they are meant to disappear quite quickly. I went back to Crawshaws to ask them about it, and the assured me it was 'normal'. The smell was so strong that even when I froze the steaks it was still apparent every time I opened the freezer! I asked my local butcher about it (without mentioning names), and he said this happens whenever meat has been left sitting in it's own juices. He said the juices end up tainting the meat, and it's so strong the steak can never pick up any flavours, and will always taste tainted. I cooked a couple, and he was spot on. It's my own fault - no wonder they were selling them cheap! Also, I thought they were the respectable John Crawshaw too - didn't know they were different. Lesson learnt.
  6. Do you want to know what position you came? We've uploaded the data here: http://www.findauniversity.com/sheffieldmarathon Well done everybody!
  7. I found a piece of jewellery on the pavement at the Ranmoor end of Riverdale road (S10) this morning (16th Feb). If you lost it, describe it in detail by PM and I would love to reunite you with it. No jokers please.
  8. Thanks for your replies everyone. I used paul12345678's recommendation - E4 Environmental. Thanks Paul. They were excellent - came to take a look within a few hours and removal team came the next day. Very reasonable too. They're sending me the certificates to prove it's a licensed removal too. Highly recommend.
  9. Hi, I've just discovered what could be a damaged old asbestos flue pipe in our cellar. It's about the size of a soil pipe, but quite thin (5mm). The inside is dimpled, like its been cast. I'd like to get it checked out professionally, and removed if it is asbestos. Can anyone recommend a licensed firm in Sheffield to come and take a look. Cheers
  10. BRILLIANT idea about a gold tram for Jess. Would be great to occasionally see it pass by to remind us of her superb achievement. Perhaps we can get HallamFM on the case?#goldtram4jess
  11. Check out the Fulbright Commission: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/ Good luck!
  12. We've had a few Burritos from this 'street food' outlet at work, and the general consensus is 'disappointing'. The taste & flavour are definitely there, but they are REALLY tight on the amount of meat. For a fiver you expect a decent helping, but instead it's mainly rice. It's a shame, because it's a great idea & Sheffield really needs more of these type of lunch options. They're just about to open a second shop (with seating) on Arundel Street.
  13. We have a solid-walled house, and one large wall is causing us a few problems. On the inside the downstairs on this side has been tanked with a stud wall installed. The upstairs however is very very cold to touch, and forms mould due to condensation (despite us keeping a window slightly open all year). I think the only option we really have is external solid wall insulation (SWI), but I've heard this can be very pricey. The wall is already rendered. Apart from stud-walling the whole of the upstairs (which would include re-positioning a bathroom suite!), does anyone have any other good ideas? Has anyone had SWI done in the Sheffield area? Was it expensive? HELP!
  14. Tony is back... Just get yourself over to Commonside (next to the Dram shop). Awesome food - better than ever!
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