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  1. neighbours in our row of 5 terraced houses have just annouced a plan for a 2 storey extension to the rear of the house. we are in the middle. our neighbours on left have a single storey extension and that blocks light out. our near neighbours, two on the right, have a single storey extension. the right of way round we all have to access our properties round the back has already been diverted once. i have no real problem with creating more space but can 'lack of light' be cited as an objection to planning? our garden and back of house will be really very dark if this goes ahead. no one else on street has a 2 storey extension. also, we are thinking of moving soon. will their planning application be noted on all the searches of possible buyers/ and /or on the new documents you now have to provide when selling a house? SCC planning section wil not advise until plannng application is in...!! cheers for any advice / help
  2. Members of the union Unite at First South Yorkshire are planning to stage a series of strikes across Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield during October 2009, in a row over work conditions, pay and disciplines. If the strike action goes ahead there will be no First bus services operating in South Yorkshire on strike days. The days that have been planned for strike action are the following,  Monday 12th October  Monday 19th October  Monday 26th October In addition to the above 3 strikes, the union Unite has also mentioned that there will be another 3, 24 hour strikes during October for staff at the Olive Grove depot in Sheffield only. These days are the following,  Thursday 15th October  Friday 16th October  Saturday 17th October The planned strikes by Olive Grove will mean that all services within Sheffield and parts of Rotherham that are currently served by Olive Grove services will not run on the 3 days listed above. Services within Sheffield which are operated out of the Midland Road depot in Rotherham will be unaffected by this strike, and for clarification, Midland Road depot operate the following services within Sheffield, Line Destination 14 Herringthorpe to Meadowhall via Rotherham 17 Sheffield to Meadowhall via Fox Hill and Parson Cross 21 Rotherham to Sheffield via Kiveton Park and Killamarsh 23/23A/23C Rotherham to Sheffield via Dinnington and Handsworth 24 Rotherham to Sheffield via Dinnington and Handsworth 28 Meadowhall to Killamarsh via Woodhouse and Waterthorpe 30 Dore to Waterthorpe via City Centre (daytimes only) 31 Rotherham to Meadowhall via Canklow and Brinsworth 32 Rotherham to Sheffield via Brinsworth and Manor Top 43 Rotherham to Meadowhall via Kimberworth Park 43A Rotherham to Meadowhall via Kimberworth Park 66 Rotherham to Sheffield via Chapeltown and High Green 69 Rotherham to Sheffield via Tinsley and Attercliffe 206 Rotherham to Sheffield via Dinnington and Darnall X78 Doncaster to Sheffield via Rotherham and Meadowhall In July Unite rejected an offer by First South Yorkshire of a 2.95% pay increase based on productivity improvements. Brandon Jones, Deputy MD for First South Yorkshire, said: "I urge the Unite Union to suspend strike action and join us in talks to settle this dispute. We remain open to negotiation but this has to be subject to productivity improvements as First South Yorkshire has no available money to fund a stand alone pay increase, let alone the 28% pay increase claim asked for by the Union. The trade union need to open their eyes, with unemployment in the Yorkshire region increasing by 21% in the last three months and many companies asking for staff to take pay cuts. Further strike action will only inconvenience customers and further increase the risk to our business and staff in South Yorkshire as well as costing drivers in lost pay." South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is advising the public to make use of its Traveline service in advance of industrial action by drivers at First South Yorkshire. David Brown, SYPTE Director General, said: “It is disappointing that the travelling public have to face another few days of widespread disruption. We would urge both sides in the dispute to come to the table and attempt to resolve their differences." Anyone wanting advice on their travel options this coming Saturday, or indeed any other day, can call Traveline on 01709 51 51 51 or they should visit travelsouthyorkshire website where they will be able to find information on all aspects of public transport.
  3. avoid eccelsfield and grenoside then - no cable whatsoever, amazed we even have gas.... xgx
  4. the staff are very aware of who visits and who doesnt and its noted on a childs med record. xgx
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