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  1. ey oop tezza86 - they are being rolled out for everyone via GPs - letter in a blue and white envelope, A5 size. being rolled out slowly across the city for everyone. i guess you will get one, your mrs/partner will and one of them will mention about the 'children under 16' but it wont be clear. i think the summary care record will be well handy for people as it'll list medications etc but its just the fact the opt out bit and the kids bit is so bloody buried in the letter. if you dont read it properly in depth kinda thing, it doesnt sink in whats actually happening. i had to ring the pct and care line for the records to find out that BT were involvedin handling all the records!! have a good evening mate xgx
  2. hi y'all. has anyone else received from the pct /their GP the pack about the electronic medical records being created for everyone? summary care records? if you read the letter and actually read it it states that summary care records are being done for children under 16 and its up to us as parents to 'opt out' for them if they object. except its so well hidden and paraphrased, and the letters are not addressed to the kids either - anyone under 16 will automatically have an electronic summary care record made for them. this will be turned into a full medical record in time - with all kinds of sensitive data added without your say so or choice. is anyone else bothered by this - that the nhs are doing a massive electronic summary care record and not really telling parents/carers about this as its so well hidden in all the jargon? what gauls me is at the mo my kids records, and mine, are not at risk, they are in the surgery and/or hosp and thats it, some risks do already exist re saftey or data breaches, but now they introduce a huge electronic version of some of your medical records on a massive database (run by, held by and accessed by and owned by BT and BT staff not the NHS!!! most of BTs data is kept abroad and accessed by staff outsiode the UK) and this could lead to all kind of breaches - left on a data stick or CD, hacked into, copied etc. Once your record is on the spine of summary care records thats it - it can never be deleted, even when you die!! ring the pct and get an opt out form if you object to your and your kids records being automatically added to a summary care record. thought you'd like to know - so many friends hadn't read the letter properly and were gobsmacked when they re-read it. Bt can hardly manage your phone bill - why trust em with your personal medical data? its personal individual choice but surely the letter should be much much clearer? xgx
  3. you may notice that in this area and surrounding roads that the majority of people who park there and are causing the problems the OP states, are parking there then walking to the 51 stop and getting the bus to/from work at uni/hospitals/town..wherever. go up there at 6pm on a weeknight or 10am on a sat and you'll find the area is back to a commuter car free oasis of s10 lovely-ness. Ryegate is open and works 24-7, whereas the cars are there 'office hours'. you''ll also find that at school drop off/pick up times that the parking gets worse as so many mums/dads/carers/grandparents/nannies are doing the school run for 3 schools on the nearby roads. its not simple as just the parents/carers/staff who use ryegate as causing the problem, its a huge combination of stuff. if you can pinpoint that any car causing a problem/blocking a driveway is one of the parents cars using Ryegate, then nip into reception and ask for it to be moved. or complain to Sheffield Childrens hospital who own and run Ryegate. or be nice like one lady who lives next to ryegate is - she offered a friend use of her drive when they visit Ryegate with their little'un. now that is just lovely. xgx
  4. mate in monk bretton, who owns a discovery ,had attempted break in - made a right mess of trying to get into garage and front bay window, went through bins for paperwork (as disco' was new - were theives they looking for a receipt for the disco'??!! ). police actually came round and took some interest and said yup, attempted break in will have been for keys and any kind of paperwork for car. and my mates 4 year old was in the house at the time. not good.
  5. """""however the story for a woman with a young child in braces is a whole different kettle of fish....dont you think??? """ completely off thread but don't presume xgrifterx is a woman! and yes, pavlik harness etc with said bambino in them are a swine to get out of any vehicle in any space - be you an ex-powerlifter or a little lady!! ask any physiotherapist/ OT or ortho-plaster practitioner as well. i doubt you'd get said harness and child combo out off a Hummer given the current weather you are lucky to be able to get to the car, in it or even into the car park, let alone a space. merry xmas everyone, happy parking!
  6. you ever tried getting a child in a pavlik hip brace / harness (look it up if you dont know what it is) or on oxygen out of any door let alone a car door in a normal space? you need to do your shopping, your child needs to get out the house so you got to the shops like every other family does in this country. yet if you park across two spaces to ensure you can get your child out without braking their legs or scraping another car, you come back and find your car scratched in revenge for simply parking oin normal sized spaces or two its a no win situation. attitudes to disability and that only visible disabilities connected to walking are valid for a disabled car badge are realy outdated. look at direct.gov and read the criteria for blue badges. yes blue badge spaces are a total priviledge and rules differ on private land / some care parks and not everyone is entitled to them try learning about the social model of disability and how society creates the problems for getting out and about when you or your child has a disability. its an eye opener, learn about it
  7. asda chapeltown back at the start of the summer - 3 members of staff and a few other people in their car park waited for the owners of the SCAFFOLD LORRY to come back to the THREE disabled/parent child bays it had parked on /over/across. they went home with more than a flea in their ear. good on that asda. i beleive you can look at the baywatch campaign about bay misuse.blue badge misuse. xgx
  8. crisis loan is what your friend needs - look on the direct.gov website family fund is where a parent applies on behalf of their disabled child for equipment and household items etc. it takes weeks/months to be assessed but you will get what the children /household needs eg fridge for medication etc google family fund and it will bring you the right search results/website may be worth looking on the sheffield help yourself database or popping into sheffield library info section and asking about local charities who could help get them sorted before xmas. good luck. is their anyone on sheff forum who could ask round at their place of work and see if anyones selling one/refurbishing their kitchen??? xgx
  9. its your child, you take a photo if you like as their parent/guardian. it is your absolute right. stop letting schools/councils/LEAs/unapplicable governemnt acts and ridiculous PC ness dictate what you as parents can and cant do. schools and teacher are not gods and they are not in control of you or your family - stand up to this, take a photo, stop letting 'them' act like they are in charge of you. they are 'in loco parentis' after all (sorry poor latin, i only know enough to buy a newspaper). you are still the parent. stand up to it before this country goes to rack and ruin. have respect and take photos before and after the show thus not disturbing anyone. your houses are on street view, google earth etc for everyone to see. and i tell you what - this does not happen in private schools, its phototastic at private schools events. an interesting comparison. have a happy christmas and dont let the schools/teachers/lea spoil it for you and your family and your future memories xgx
  10. anyone can ring the NHS Sheffield Dental Hotline and be told which dentist is taking NHS patientsin whatever area in the city you are - just tell em your postcode and they will tell you where you can go. simples! 0114 271 1050 is the number i myself will be having wisdom teeth out a week before xmas... xgx
  11. try the carers centre for advice - number will be on google/phonebook, they have a helpline and can help . pacesetters info at ILS may be able to advise or any CAB xgx
  12. what's your issue with cockneys? hang on a minute, i'll just put my jellied eels, pie. mash and liquor down.... xgx
  13. oh my bloody good god..wildnorthlands, take your head out your bum and listen to the truth. the building they were in until today was owned and used by Sheffield Childrens Hospital. the power they used and the legal costs, cleaning up after them etc has to be paid for out of the hospital budgets - thus taking money away from budgets used to care for sick children - like the lad on look north now with a brain tumour, who is himself raising money for a new CT scanner that the hospital cant afford in any case, without having to pay for the fees etc around the eviction, power bills etc there are plenty of creative people and groups in this city, plenty of them who do not steal and freeload. The group has been evicted. To see their view of how hard done by they are and how WRONGLY they have assumed that the building was owned by the university see sheffield indymedia website.
  14. ooh, ooh and thrice ooh. sheff star has yet more comment by the squatters on the situation (search sheff star squatters and it will bring it up and oh yes, they have whacked in a G8/G20, Police Brutality 'link') and apparently we are meant to be grateful for their actions against this as we will suffer from it!!) apparently according to one of the said squatters they 'intend' to pay for the power they are stealing. Well, then...your subs are due. Pay up. ***rattles tin *** i have also had a 'Eureka Moment' myself...Matilda. the matilda co-op, cafe and squat that Yorkshire Forward turfed out. from few years ago, near the Moor end of town. same people ad new friends are now squatting at SCH. Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Punk DIY record label scene running plus some new critical mass green friends. bingo. gotcha.
  15. if you fancy a trip out, try the scooby clinic in chesterfield (out in the middle of nowhere towards wingerworth i think) google it. the last bit of the drive there is worth it alone, you'll understand if you go. saved family xgrifterx a fortune in scooby bits, particularly wing mirrors. they do a quote for stuff too. best thing car related i ever saw there was a racing scooby with the car sticker http://www.foo-kin.nippy.com
  16. evening, me again and ta v much for those who have thanked me for my post. SCH are going to Court over this tomorrow, so we shall see what occurs. i am suprised at the lack of media interest over this, so i may prostitute my morals to the local redtop equivalent /wireless service and whip up some interest/coverage. its nice to see the squatters are still using (stealing) the paid for by SCH eleccy etc to join the forum and send messages over the internet (unless of course they are in a bio-fuelled internet cafe off site, then please have my apols)- how considerate of their co-operative ideals. xgx
  17. thank you worth having a look at the squatters website - anyone can go to these workshops btw -today we had 'critical mass props and flag making', but we have missed the workshop on 'hunt sabbing' and next week we could go to 'surviving unemployment' workshop and then do vegan cake making and see a punk gig... ..so why dont we all go along en-masse? a reverse critical mass? our mass could be so big, and everyones entitled to vote on how its run......so lets vote the centre moves out SCH property. i might wander down and have a reccy.... i'l keep my ears/eyes open about the court action and we can go from there..... xgx
  18. evenin' all - our 'inside the squat' poster has turned their charms to the stars coverage.....using the same name as on here, quote as follows (inc their own americanised spellings): Sadly this is some of the worst journalism I have ever seen. The article seems to center around the idea that;The move has prevented medical workers from accessing physiotherapy equipment stored inside the building in Northumberland Road, Broomhill." When in actual fact workers from the NHS turned up the day after the building was squatted and removed all the equipment stored inside. The squatters were fully cooperative with this and did not once attempt to hold on to any of said equipment. The Sheffield Star must surely apologise for these blatant lies. ritchieritchieritchiehawkin - bless you, the equipment is still in there, i have it from the mouth of a member of staff. those NHS workers you mentioned are local people employed by the SCH not this giant magical NHS fund you seem to think there is floating about. and what about the power you are stealing from the trust as well? Court action is on weds about this, and yes, its costing the SCH direct to do this, they dont have a 'action against squatters/ unnecessary court cases' budegt so it WILL have to be found from cost saving from another budget ie away from the treatment of kids. Did you know that staff care so much, most of them dont bother to claim for their own VDU / Screen users eye sight test fees , as they know that cash can go towards a little lad with tumours in his legs having a blue walking frame instead of a plain NHS standard one???? how unselfish is that? they are entitled to claim the sight test fee, but they dont take this entitlement. You aren't entitled to occupy the building so get the chuff out. so i say we forumers go down there after the result of the court is heard and have a peaceful protest of our own as per a previous post. And do a collection for the SCH charity whilst we are there - or ask the squatters to provide a donation themselves to cover the expenses of the trust/power used?!! given the squatters believe in 'community cohesion', why dont you get your backsides down to SCH and volunteer to work there for free and see for your own eyes how the SCH NHS Trust cares for some very ill children and how staff and volunteers go the extra mile? go on, get yourself up onto the oncology ward or into the morgue, why not be part of your community instead of taking from it?? xgx
  19. here's what i've heard from a very reliable SCH member of staff....."the building the squatters are on is as previous posts state just in the ownership of SCH. currently being used to store wheelchairs, walking frames and larger bits of mobility / physio equipment, that are used intermittantly by some kids on some wards, depending on what they need. porters need to access and get equipment every day, as kids needs change daily - its never out of use. it will be used as work space/ offices etc by departments at SCH when they try to start shuffling round and building/refurbishing new bits to the main hospital." what mind-set do these squatters have to take over space for things for disabled / ill / too poorly to walk children? i'm sure this isnt in any direct/non violent action manual/lefty paper (cant say i've read 'squat childrens hospital' as a must in the guardian?). if the NHS is too capitalist for you, then you won't want treating at A+E after a road accident, or seeing an NHS dentist, or your child treated when they are too poorly to keep water down at the brilliant SCH then will you???
  20. mid manouvere side swiping by other road users (changing lanes without looking, or undertaking the queue of traffic/deciding they don't want to go right after all near the dog track and pulling out to the left) into the sides of other vehicles who are already making a clean over take of a cyclist is indeed dangerous. well, when the bus strikes are on, there will be less buses to hit us all. like i said, keep safe. anyone know if SCC / big companies / cycle group are handing out hi-vi vests etc again for cyclists like they did last winter? xgx
  21. i just want other cyclists to realise how dangerous it is and common sense should prevail, there's an empty cycle lane or two chocca-block lanes of fumey dangerous traffic. which one to choose?? its a no brainer. i usually walk, and have cycled it a few times. i'm by no means a fast cyclist like the ones you mention. but somedays i have to use the car. i've never had a problem with debris/pedestrians on pen rd, just need to look out for drop kerbs. when you are in the car, when you have a lorry up your ass, a bus wedging you in on the right and a cyclist on your left and another van infront you can't stop/wait, you are penned in so you have to manouvere out or cause a rear end shunt a / or side swipe accident with the bus if you stop. its just such a risk for the cyclist, cyclists are so vulnerable compared to other road users. i use cycle lanes for my own safety. i once witnessed a female cyclist being crushed to death under the back wheel of a cement lorry (in another town) - she was on the road, with a cycle lane to her left. what a waste of life. and it is something i will have in my mind for the rest of my life. call me a smelly car driver and quote the highway code but yes, we have to share the road space, but if something's provided to get you there safer and quicker - i'd use the traffic free cycle lane anyday. none of us own the road. keep safe xgx
  22. cheers everyone for the above suggestions. i am going to look into things and will check out the buildings regs thing about the 3m rule. no one else on the street has a 2 storey extn so that will help. i already have to put the lights on in the kitchen now and thats before another bloomin exten is built. i will certainly talk to my neighbour / their family. they want to get the planning in before we move as they told me to my face ' that i wont object will i?' hahahaha!! if Plan permish is granted it will stay on the house searches for 2 years apaprently. ta people, much obliged. xgx
  23. this is a direct plea to ALL the cyclists who cycle along Penistone Road through Hillsborough into/towards the city centre. You cycle on the road, NEXT to your specifically marked out and nicely surfaced CYCLE LANES. Yet you don't use the cycle lanes.... *WHY ?* PLEASE USE THE CYCLE LANES. Especially the Paramedics and Police who cycle this route and don't use the cycle lanes.... You have the luxury of your own cycle lane, away from all of us smelly car drivers. Please use it. For your own safety. The number of near misses i see every day due to cars having to manouvere around cyclists who are not using the cycle lanes is ridiculous - the cars/traffic often swerve back towards you cyclists as no-one will let them pull over to avoid you. thanks - with love, hugs and hoping not to hit you cyclists on your ass with my wing mirror as i attempt to move round you xgrifterx
  24. how about the poppy appeal ? they run a schem to help anyone connected to any armed force and if this lady qualifies, i'm sure they'd help - search google for it. my neighbour qualifies - he's 80 and his national service was good enough for them to help. good luck xgx
  25. go for it. fly your flag. st georges cross or union jack, or flag from whatever country, be proud. there's one union jack flying in a garden off greenland road, makes me feel proud when i see it. my friends from sweden and they fly her swedish flag and his union jack in their garden in north sheff and often receive nice comments on their 'dual' approach, two people, two countries, one family and proud.
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