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  1. ask for rob at martin woodward. he installed the belief and confidence in a nervous driver who hadn't driven for 18 years to get back on the road. and now that driver loves the car, driving and done 10,000miles in 18 months, gone for better jobs (and got them)as they can now drive - all cos of robs teaching. without him, half of the grifter household would be confined to barracks. top bloke, top teacher. xgx
  2. yeah go to ace domestics at wadsley bridge - they have fixed our oven (with the longest screw driver i have ever seen in all my years!), our washer dryer and hoover!! it says alot when they are capable tradesmen who do repairs. eldery neighbour swears by Ace Domestics and just bought a new dryer from there. if only all tradesmen/repairs. retailers were like them. xgx
  3. rtc - am with you on that one. lets void this one and start again
  4. Astro kath - be a love and check and see if my 'unprocessed by SCC' proxy vote form came in the same envelope as yours...!!! ta
  5. i'm back can't turn tv off its got me gripped. bbc are now slating john mothersoles response stating he has got it totally wrong and polls should be kept open and sheffield has been denied. uuuwhh, nick griffins just kissed some poor woman on the tv too..i'll never sleep now with that in my mind...
  6. direct action in ranmoor -fab. power to the people. i am off for some shut eye now. we will see what happens/ has happened in the morning. it'll all come out in the wash so to speak. i am still very annoyed about the muck up over my proxy, it'll summat to tell the grandkids thagt SCC stoped me voting! night all - happy posting.
  7. dimbledore on the beeb is calling it a disgrace, and there must be an in/enquiry (apols its late and i cant type or spell), he called it third world politics. OH took their card and it still needed checking 3 times before the seemingly dim women with pencils at the desk found name on list, got papers out, wrote down the numbers on the paper linking your vote to your name and address.....
  8. is that off the scc website wy deano? well mr mothersole might want to eat his words when a legal challenge is called or the loosing party claims some law from 1800 odd to get it all re-run. lewisham kept their polls open for 45mins so why not sheff??!! i said i'd leave the country if the tories ever got in again....if they do, combined with my vote being mucked up by SCC i'll be the one making the legal challenge....on the way to the ferry at Hull!
  9. despite me having a receipt for delivery of my proxy vote form to scc before the deadline, the elections office failed to process my form in time, only found out when OH contacted them to ask if we should have received a confirmation, more papers etc. scc refused to grant me special circumstances as i wasnt on my death bed in hospital but working away. so no vote for me due to their total incompetance
  10. Well it looks like alot of people have missed out on their vote due to the queues. legal challenege mentioned on bbc - they extended in south africa so why not here? imagine the press in the next few days...the star will love this
  11. when you are working , your partner working away (me!), getting kids up , to and from nursery, school, after school stuff, getting them sorted, sorting out your in laws and trying to squeeze in something to eat etc .. going to vote 8pm-10pm is some peoples only choice. imagine what it'd been like before the hours were extended if this many has voted back then after my experience i wouldn't trust the postal vote or proxy system ever again so turning up and queuing seems the only way.
  12. father in law texted me stating he had to state his name and address 3 times at ecclesfield before he was given the papers. woman i nfront of him came back and kept asking which paper was which (local v national) causing all kinds of queuing issues. goes to show that when this country does gerrup off its backside and turn up our local council can't cope. quelle surprise!
  13. mods - please merge this thread with the one before me - fastest typer wins!!
  14. BBC 1 just reported that in Nick Cleggs consituency in Sheff that people were still queuing at 10pm to vote. Poll closed and lots of people left unable to vote. xgrifterxs other half reported pensioners voting at 7.45am (complete with hair do's, coats on and handbags ready at half seven) and people queuing 12-15 deep in north sheff to vote at 8pm. So SCC couldnt sort out my proxy vote and now can't sort out enough staff/papers/ stations to cope with a mass turnout. not like they knew a gen election was coming eh?? Was anyone here queuing at 10pm and couldnt vote?? Can we substantiate the bbebs reports? xgx
  15. I will be putting in a complaint to SCC Returns Officer. Sent SCC back the completed Proxy Vote form weeks ago well ahead of deadline - sent by recorded, and it arrived, signed for, all ok. Wait, wait some more and wait yet more. Nothing arrives to confirm this is ok, going ahead etc. Still nothing so ring Elections. They 1st state 'we havent received your form' then they stated 'we havent processed your form' - ooh quick change of story there SCC - but both times state that there is now nothing they can do as its past the april 27th and i've lost my vote as i'm away on business at the mo. Thanks SCC - you b l oo dy idiots. short of getting our young un to dress up as me and get my vote in there is nothing i can do. democracy? my a r s e
  16. it didnt land - just flew, did u-turns,dropped low over s5 and then flew low to town, where i lost it as i was driving! -
  17. they did several straight lines towards grenoside then threw a U turn over the top of jaw bone and back to S5 and over into town. i drove to the RHH at 7pm and you could see it manouvering over s5, city centre and such. the birds up here flew down out the trees, the ones flying over penistone road were virtually rooftop level with the cars/vans -causing alot of drivers to slow down as 5-10 of the little spuggies came over windscreen level as the copters passed pop an FOI requent into the MOD and we'll know in 40 days why the chinnooks were out. xgx
  18. the last one i spoke with was indeed on minimum wage - might not be every employee, but that checkout lass was.
  19. my part of grenoside post tends to be delivered anytime between 17:45 and 19:00!! :rant:been like that for months - and in 2-3 days batches of post, delivered once /twice a week. for 4.3 miles outside of a major city centre its just bobbins. customer service at royal mail states that all non rural addresses (ie isle of man and north of north toppy top top of scotland) should receive one delivery before 2pm every weekday:hihi::hihi:
  20. google aldi and union or minimum wage and you'll see why they are like they are. Checkout assistants are on minimum wage and get money/wages deducted if they dont scan items through the till at a ceratin rate. there are some big press articles/investigations published on it and unions attempt to support for the poor sods who work there and are victim to the system employed in that chain of shops. Workers arent allowed to open all the checkouts, not allowed to have gaps between scanning (hence the 'chuck it in your trolley and pack it elsewhere' trolley throw they do) as it lowers their average rate. alot of people who work in these stores havent been able to or cant get employment in other supermarkets (sickness records, been sacked before etc) so hence why you tend to get demotivated grumpy 'thick' staff. lot of 'graduate managers' leave after only a few months as its utterly horrible they way they are told to treat staff. up to you if you shop there . why not take your own basket??!!
  21. hey up, my post arrived at 18.39 in grenoside today.....i seem to get it in 3-4 days bundles - nowt for 3 days then 7 or 8 items all at once and all with the last 3-4 days postmarks/dates on....Delivery office/cust service just shrug their shoulders and say at least i'm getting it delivered at all!!! charming! xgx
  22. its being run by a mangement team and young lady from ecclesfield/hoyland/birdwell - food is towards expensive for what you get, very gastro and everythings made on premises, drinks are £2.80-£3 upwards minimum, complete ban on hoodies and caps, cctv everywhere, its an enterpise inn 'buy in' pub - rumours of a £48,000 buy in to secure the pub before refurb. fingers crossed the place stays clean and looked after, and successful without any trouble. average age of drinkers on saturday night last week was circa 48-55. totally confused on how they can have 2 mega steps into pub at front, a disabled entrance at back with 3 giant steps and no ramp down to the level where the disabled loo is on - part m regs anyone??!!
  23. just had word from main helpline that the medical recorda dn data on the Summary care record will be owned and managed by BT and Oracle for definate. I for one do not fancy BT loosing or accessing my personal medical records.....given they have trouble working a direct debit... There has been coverage on radio 4 today programme stating how insecure the whole system is and how people dont understand the security risks/implications of their GPs medical records being available outside that GP practice. A doctor in Scotland accessed the prime minister and loads of celebs records on their new system - my how secure is that! they had to drop the case against him as all these peoples medical records would be public eveidence in court!! so breaches are going 'unpunished'... anyhow, tek it easy xgx
  24. no problems - i think everyone has a right to know in plain english about this. hope your little un is fast asleep and behaving. one of ours has just issued a request for an 'emergency drink of water' - best go find what the emergency is!! bless em all eh.
  25. baby tiger 67 (cracking name btw!) - we are being given the choice but the fact its so buried, you need a spade to find it. its so darn cjheeky - how they expect anyone with a learning disability/learning problem/ english not so good to understand the letter i dont know. its being rolled out in certain parts of the city then others will follow. and if you ring the pct watch out for the comparison of the risks of the electronic data being held by BT to being safer than internet banking/ getting on a plane - my bottom it is!!! xgx's partner said something ruder than that. have good evening xgx
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