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  1. evening asda depot at morley leeds does north sheff deliveries on a friday night. asda depot on M62 also delivers to north sheff. never had ny problems with deliveries from these 2 - don't know if its better timed as they are depots not asda shops? mind you, the guilt for the extra road miles though gives me trouble!! xgx
  2. morning two support groups in sheffield exist for anyone who has Diabetes : Diabetes UK - monthly meetings, drop in, questions and answer sessions, ideal for newly diagnosed etc -contact details on diabetes uk website DVIS - Diabetes Voices in Sheffield - volunteer run diabetes action group, contact Sheffield PCT for details (google their details) also if type 1 ask to do a DAPHNE course if type 2 , do a DESMOND course both courses are for pateints to learn to control/live with the their diabetes and covers every aspect of diabetes. ask your GP/nurse/consultant for deatils or contact PALS at RHH/NGH/PCT etc. remember - you HAVE diabetes, diabetes doesnt have you you control it, not do you SUFFER from it - think positive and social model of disability. xgx
  3. weazel - glad to hear it was detected and sorted. we have also had bad experiences with BG - they damaged our boiler beyond repair, cut the gas off and left the house. this was 5 months ago. we are still waiting for an explanation, a letter, a phonecall, a simple 'sorry' or 'what happens next when its our fault you and your family are left without gas or hot water''. only by my and the OHs intervention did we get them to pay for the damage. oh yeah, the other year the BG engineer turned up without his tools and asked to borrow mine.......... xgx
  4. naughty elf my post is merely to let people know that there are door knocking collectors about. some people don't like disturbing at this time of night, when its dark outside and just before halloween and the northern festival of mischief night. 1- the kids in this house are just going to bed and the younger ones on this street are already in bed. 2- yes they were charity collectors, i saw their id. what charity they are from is not really relevant, my post was to let people know some /two sets of charity collectors in the area may be knocking on their door and so people could avoid /refrain from answering/ switch the bell off if they want to. 3 - yes they can stand in the cold and knock, quite right, yes they can. but when they block my neighbours from getting out their car on their property, that's not on. Nor ringing the bell repeatedly/ knocking 6 times when you just have got your baby down 4 - so one day i may need help from a charity, yeah, we all may, who is to say I already haven't needed help from a charity?. But i don't think you know anything about me -aside of my ful ltime job, I volunteer for a charity, help parents set up charities and support groups and yeah, i give to charity too. the way i want, when i want. not at 6-7pm in the dark on a doorstep/driveway/passageway .
  5. evening incase your kids are about to go to bed /settle down, and you could do without being disturbed .....there are two sets of charity chugger muggers/ doorstep collecting teams doing the rounds of S35 tonight. One set wearing blue n ornage, another in yellow and red. oh. and further to my previous mutterings, you amy like to know that Barnsley town centre now has Charity Mugger Chuggers from national charities in attendance this week. xgx
  6. i'd like to know how much the giant weetabix structures cost that can be seen floating in the milk of the roundabout??? xgx
  7. evening lead flashong nicked off hairdressings salon roof on high st in ecco / s35, over the weekend. owners on holiday, when it happened. they cut the security lights cabling as well, presumably so they couldnt be seen. lovely 'present' to come back to. xgx
  8. evening nursing home is being built there, for our olds. xgx
  9. evening all freeview gone in north sheff too.....and normal signal too. been like this for a few evenings this week - is there 'work' going on on the normal transmitters? xgx
  10. Sincere sympathies to the family of the deceased. I and t'other half drive this road twice a day. From Sheff to the M1 and then from the M1 into Sheff. The whole stretch of road needs sorting, there is no easy cheap answer - but what price life? A joint council approach is needed betwn Barnsely and Sheff to making some changes. Every day you see idiots overtaking, on the hazard lines, trying to force their way back in, the signage is not brillaintly placed either. I darenot even think about turning out of either junction where the accident was this morning, its so dangerous. Have you noticed how drivers heading from M1 into Sheff on the dual stretch at Tankersley in the inside lane are now moving out to 'block' other drivers forcing their way back into the queue (they move out into outside lane, cars in front and behind keep their space free, then they move back in at the hazard hatchings)? Someone did this yesterday then 2 drivers he had 'blocked' from pushing in /merging drove over the grass and over the hatchings up to Tankersley Manor before literally forcing in front of a van. Mouth droppingly dangerous, yet never a police car/traffic officer about there ever - driven this route 4 years and never seen one. Drivers , please, take care. I want to arrive alive. and I rather you did too. xgx
  11. hendo's turns a normal spag bol into the best - during cooking add it and then a touch on the slightly melty cheese on top...mmmmmm xgx
  12. google WAV - wheelchair adapted vehicle - insurance and see what it brings up. direct line do a policy that covers WAVs. theres also en route insurance. i know your young man has a disability but do look in the general adult disability magazines in the classified sections for companies offering such policies. look at able magazine for example, the disabled rrivers association may be able to help or give ideas, even though you dont have the disability. motability may be worth looking into again and actually save you buckets of cash if a sep insurance policy proves stupidly pricey - motability now includes rescue, tyres, maintenance, insurance, road tax and more. good luck xgx
  13. a swift south london 'F off' works a treat what also works if you are female is a very loud, shouted, in an aggravated accent is 'leave me alone! go away' xgrifterxs partner says there is a difference betwn sheff n barnsley - no chuggers there and the town centre is heaving most days, a real noticable difference in what is called 'footfall' for the shops. it has a real busy atmosphere, wheres fargate has an air of 'annoyed shopper' about it. barnsley may not be the most perfect town centreor have better choice of shops, but there aint no chuggers there at all. xgx
  14. there is a foundation in singapore / thailand area called the Prothesis Foundation that recycles ONE particular type of metal jar lid from a product called Brand and either uses the metal skimmed off after melting down, or uses the finance from reccycling the metal for replacement limbs. But not in the UK. the rinternational red cross did do somehting in afghanistan for local amputees though, using any material they could get their hands on. the melted down for limbs is a worldwide continuation myth /hoax of this. there are even rumours that the whole hoax stems from Cambodia, or from even before the Great Depression (think war time meltdown of railings etc for planes) again, why not recycle toners cartridges or mobile phones and get money for the charities that way? quicker faster and higher grossing in monetary terms. or even organise a clothing collection and uses the profits from recycling /sellinjg on the clothes - am sure we all get the bags through the door!! BLESMA - british limbless ex servicemen assoc is the UK forces amputee charity and they would like money donations from any kind of fund raising just google it all - the hoaxes are plain to see, numerous and worldwide. its like chinese whispers of charity and recycling. xgx
  15. £50 per TON of plastic bottle tops = 100 black bin liners of bottle tops. Wheelchairs cost £250 for a self propelled one, hundreds more for an electronic one. You'd need 5 TONS of plastic bottle tops .... someone may get 5p per top, but he wont be getting the tops 'swapped' for a wheelcahir though. he gets to use the 5p as he wishes. as do any of the charities or playgroups etc who collect the tops - and then spend the money as they wish. just goes he's a wheelcahir user doesn't mean he has to spend this 5p on a wheelchair. apparently you can have bottle tops melted down to form dog/cat bowls too. google 'plastic bottle tops wheelchair' and its quite an interesting read XGX
  16. hi Sorry to let you know this is an absolute scam / urban myth, brought over from the USA. Basically anyone anywhere can collect anything recyclable and cash the weight in at a plastics/metal/paper recycling place - then use the money to buy what they like. Nowhere on this earth swaps plastic bottle tops for wheelchairs - there is just one company on the south coast that will pay you a scrap plastic value/cash for plastic bottle tops. You can then use this cash as you wish - ie to fund the payment for a wheelcahir/clothes/holiday/gas bill, or whatever you fancy. you need to collect a minimum TONNAGE to do this....a ton of bottletops is going to fill shefield arena never mind a playgroups cupboard/someones recycling bin! if you think about it logically, why collect bottle tops? They are tiny and weigh little, with a minimal value. therefore it will take a very very long time to collect the amount needed to 'cash in' with the recycling company at the value of a paediatric wheelchair (££££s). Why not collect aluminium drinking cans, plastic bottles rather than just the tops, or even scrap metal? You'd collect the amount needed for the equivalent value of a wheelchair or whatever faster and get better value. The myth has come from the USA - where its substantially easier to get cash payments for anything scrap/recyclable and a community group once used the CASH FROM RECYCLING to buy a childs wheelchair. Myth then came over to the Uk and has been doing the rounds for years collect something anything recyclable - cash it in - use money as you wish. Sorry to bring bad news XGX
  17. ring yorkshire water and ask - they do a discount for people who have a disability/medical related condition that requires use of more water AND receive certain benefits AND are on a meter - incontinence issues, Crohns disease, EB, severe skin conditions etc You may have to ask a few YW employees - hardly any of them know about it! I cannot remember what the scheme is called tho...hang on - its Water Sure EBICO -Ethical billing Company - EVERYONE who gets gas/elec from them, whether on pre pay meter, quarterly bills etc pays the same low low rate and no standing charges - gas is currently 3.5p per unit. yes, gas at 3.5p. google EBICO. they have saved me hundreds and i highly rate them. never been one to switch before but eye-carumba they have saved us shed loads. you'll find them cheaper than social tariffs in most cases. you have to ring british gas for exmaple to even ask what price per unit the Essentials tarif is and even then they wont tell you = ebico are far far cheaper for anyone who prepays or on low income/benefits good luck xgx
  18. to the OP Pook - seriously hope the bruising goes down and your nettle rash clears (ouch,)- but bloody hell there are some idiot drivers around. i have biker mates and i fear for their safety some days. Do you know what keeps me slower/safe and not stupid and speeding when out? I imagine my kids, my friends kids etc running out onto the road or if the bike in my mirror was Jim or Dave - that keeps me from acting like a tit in the car. i had a black bmw try to o/t me three times on A61 on double lines betwn tankersley and grenoside last monday, i was doing just under the limit. cos he couldnt get past do you know what he did? as i pulled right to turn up norfolk hill, he stopped his car mid A61 and screamed, f'd and jeffed at me out the car window. then drove off. what a ****. keep safe everyone - we all drive killing machines xgx
  19. evening try companies such as Portaramp - they do all kinds of temporary ramps, some of which you can use semi permanently. Have bought from them before for me Dad. A mate used a sheet metal factory to make some indoor outdoor ramps, which is another good idea. Portaramp do all types - including ones you can pack up and take with you or ones to get over the darn uPVC door threshold issue. well worth a look. google portaramp and have a squizz. good luck xgx
  20. sheffield clinical trials is just a front/domain name for biotrax - bit like an agency for clinical trials, except you register with them, and still have to apply for clinical trials on top of this. biotrax then attempt to sell you all kinds of healthy living aids. if you choose to take part in clinical trials, apply to main drug companies, data management companies linked to trials/units or trial units themselves and not a third party such as biotrax. i've a fair few years of experience in the drug industry and in all honesty I would avoid 99.9% of trials where you are paid. just my opinion. xgx
  21. try the parent carer run not for profit special needs organisation and shop called Fledglings - based online and by catalogue - they have some fab toys and bits and bobs you can order - under a fiver for some stuff too. google feldglings and special needs and it'll bring up the link. xgx
  22. cheers gents for the advice and time searching for the part. much appreciated. xgx
  23. cheers gas people for your help. you'll be pleased to hear that it was a gas safe reg engineer from a very large well known national british type gas company that suggested the fire cement. or even fire proof mastick will look for a heat exchanger and grommet together- if not, its boiler heaven for this little stalwart - who was working fine and not leaking until this compnay engineeer touched it. may be in touch with you guys again re your quotes/business etc. cheers xgx
  24. Evening all you gas people out there - please help shed some light on this Need a NLA Grommet / Diaphragm Grommet for a Myson Economist WM 30/40BF gC app number 4183882 GC part number 323 982. manufacturer code 68003108. its tiny rubber seal. Where can I get one of these from - have tried all the recommended online suppliers and main local heat parts places. Would fire cement suffice instead? i aint scrspaping a very good old but good boiler for the sake of a b~~~~y rubber bung costing mere pence. cheers Xgrifterx
  25. Evening all you gas people out there - please help shed some light on this Need a NLA Grommet / Diaphragm Grommet for a Myson Economist WM 30/40BF gC app number 4183882 GC part number 323 982. manufacturer code 68003108. its tiny rubber seal. Where can I get one of these from - have tried all the recommended online suppliers and main local heat parts places. Would fire cement suffice instead? i aint scrspaping a very good old but good boiler for the sake of a b~~~~y rubber bung costing mere pence. cheers Xgrifterx
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