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  1. Heard from a trustworthy source that in Ecclesfield, the land at junction of Nether Lane and Mill Road ( opposite bank and sausage shop) up to Church Street (?)(opposite Jinnahs). This area of land has been sold to /in process of final arrangements to a holding company (bit like how tesco buy up land) for Aldi and a national Fast Food chain. Rollem business - sold land to Aldi and moving to Dearne Valley area Grenoside car wash has moved onto the corner section of the land with just a 2 year lease. Neighbouring Land at rear- Ecclesfield discount bed/furniture warehouse - land sold to a national fast food chain. PP about to be applied for once ink is dry on land deal. Anyone else heard about this?
  2. many memories of this chap from gigs, protests etc. a unique man. i remember chatting about vegan flapjacks with him for some reason!! RIP Moses. xgx
  3. hey, hope everyones ok. yew lane corner? wherebaouts - corner of creswick lane? if so, i'd get back there and take pictures of the large amount of gravel thats laid on the road there for ages. have reported it to streetforce but ist still there. take care jx
  4. hey everyone roadworks all gone at this location as of 5.45pm 13jan11. will keep an eye out for any return of the cones/lights. xgx
  5. hello everyone the traffic lights are back at this roadwork location and theres about 35-40mins delay at the mo. (mon 10th jan - 6pm) take another route and save yourself the delay. cheers xgx
  6. try Norking, Doncaster. They do some Bowmer and Kirkland work. google it and will bring head office details up. xgx
  7. still there this morning 6th jan came home the very long way so can't advise. xgx
  8. brunette - that's a top answer! can you drop in on my sister whilst you are going past on the m42 and give her the xmas present we forgot?!! its gonna take so long to get anywhere in/out of S35 soon, and with petrol sky high those longer routes and queuing traffic are going to be expensive and tiresome. somehow we must keep our sanity - all we need is some football traffic and thats it, north sheff chaos. off for a fried egg on toast now, am starvin xgx
  9. evening ask PALS about putting in an Individual Funding request for the op. they will explain. good luck xgx
  10. just had a dig about and found this on SCC website roadworks section Penistone Road Temporary traffic signals opposite number 12 for water main works Promoter: Balfour Beatty Contact: 08001214444 5th to 18th January 2011 so its there until 18th jan - joy of joys :rolleyes its a 8 mile detour via wortley or the 'long way' round via chap and ecclesfield and up wheel lane/salt box for me then! i nearly lost the will to live in the traffic - backed up to tankersley at one point.... the works in ecclesfield have an article online in the sheff star and it details which way the diversions will be - i hope the traffic police will do something about all the parking/40million buses that clog up ecclesfield village normally , as the diversion is right down high street and church st - lorries are not gonna make it and given it snarls up with a mini vs bus most days, its gonna be fun! take care xgx
  11. major delays on a61 near junction of norfolk hill /norfolk arms pub in s35 grenoside - adding at least 45mins to an HOUR onto journeys, to get round 6ft of roadworks, traffic controlled /lights operating on both sides of road. 78, 66 and 77 buses caught up in it as well. avoid if at all possible. not emergency works, plastic fencing has been at side of road for some time now and today they have obviously started work. take care everyone and avoid the area xgx
  12. evening look at the wrappings and packaging - you will find alot of meat, especially from asda now comes with some written blurb that the meat is packed in some 'air'/'gas' that stinks when you open it and this smell will disappear after a bit, so check the packaging to see if this was what you could smell, not the actual meat. nice eh? if it aint got the blurb on, get it taken back! xgx
  13. the police helicopter was over grenoside at 3pm ish on xmas day it did an air show style fly by /fly past, circled, hovered above the main part of the village and whisked itself off to the side Airwolf style having done a 'take a bow' type drop manouvere. i think it wasn't on official business flying like that. xgx
  14. evening, and a chilly one at that roads back from barnsley ok, a61 snow flurries but greno village is 2-3 inch deep in solid ice. took me 20 minutes of walking like a tw*t to get from end of drive to front door. then realised have left walking boots and alcohol in the pigging car...!! may get a kitchen tray out and slide on me ass down to car if we get desp! be careful everyone xgx
  15. morning having seen the botch job they did on a colleagues cottage i'd avoid like the plague. you'd be better off with vision windows of hillsboro - better product, infact superior product. google vision windows good luck xgx
  16. i have always wondered is on / off/ controlled/timed was cheaper but EBICO is more 'fuel efficient' ie cheaper for anyone who pays any gas bill their gas is 3.9p per unit! for anyone, normal meter or prepayment, no mattter how you pay. ethical billing company -they do elec too, but its a more comparable price to other suppliers google 'ebico' - they dont have shareholders, its a not for profit company and they have saved me a fortune. Our 3 bed semi costs £5 a week for elec and £5 a week for gas - perhaps £7 in winter - and we dont skimp on having heating on either. its been 'on' and controlled by thermostat for 15 days now - wish their was a smiles/emoticon for 'toasty warm'!!! i dont work for them, i am just suprised more people dont know about them. pass it on. and save yourselves some pennies - we could all do with that xgx
  17. OP - has your dad got his dialysis yet? If not, come on SF 4x4 drivers - step up and get this chap to his dialysis. Plenty of drivers are offering to help pregnant ladies etc on other threads. OP - where does your Dad live? If its anywhere near us, we'll gladly go round and clear a path/ensure he can get to a road to some sort of transport. take care and look after one another xgx
  18. evening big ta to the doctors surgery and chemists in s35 who sorted a prescription out to be sent to one nearer home and only a snowy walk away instead of leaving someone in the family without meds. ta v much ladies and gents. xgx
  19. evening s35 -ecco/greno - it hasnt stoped snowing up here since 5-6pm. ecco is not too bad but greno, well its like bleeding narnia up here - 'Grenarnia' anyone? Don't think about attempting to drive anywhere off Greno Main Street or up past the Old /Top Red Lion towards Woodhead. think its high time to shovel our way out and sign up as a snow warden. the free ton of rock salt i could cope with right now. gonna get our end of lane and main street cleared in the morn, don't care how long it takes. take care everyone. xgx
  20. evening no flashing as such, no aerials. appreciate your time for replying. anyone recommend a chimney expert/roofer that has experience with chimneys? xgx
  21. evening vision windows hillsboro - superb Kommerling standard product, used on 2 properties now after a mate recommending them. they are on cuthbert bank road in s6 and number will be on google/ yellow pages. xgx
  22. evening no, no fire at all, boarded up.noise was there 2 years ago when there was an old open fire there and its still there now its boarded up. i am beginning to think its something to do with roof construction, its like a very deep booming bouncing flap noise (sounds like whatever is causing the noise bounces no more than 3-4 times per gust of wind)from top of chimney - sound gets worse as wind gusts get stronger guess i need a chimney expert to do some work, and if that doesnt solve it, the roof relaid cheers xgx
  23. evening now then, am taking suggestions on what the devil the dull bang / dull flapping noise is coming from the roof /chimney only when its windy. its a dull deep noise. not a whistle and not just air in the chimney. the chimney and pot is sound, there is not a flap/air vent or anything like a flap to cause the flapping/dull bang noise, chimney is empty/clean and clear of obstructions can be heard in roof when up through the hatch, so its not a noise being caused by wind in there/actic space (as creating a hole by opening loft hatch would alter the noise/cause wind to escape) have heard of roof 'drum roll'? have tried everything short of rebuilding entire chimney. any ideas ? cheers xgx
  24. mmm, so the product is from Denmark/USA and has been around for a while, to buy on the open market, suitable for children who may have ADHD and others who may have Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy etc, so it's not solely for children with ADHD? its also availble from many other suppliers and companies. the phrasing of your post kingkraft gives rise to the inference that the product is new and untried by the public, and going through an official trial, which it obviously isn't, given the product history. Is What you are offering actually TRY BEFORE YOU BUY from us? If it's not TRY BEFORE YOU BUY from us, please let the public know what research etc this trial will be contributing to and its GCP /SOPs/ ethics approval for use with a child. If it's just 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY from us' or 'try before you seek funding for this equipment', please let SForummers know this and change the post so other parents are aware of this. Sorry to sound negative, but parents need to know what trial research, if any, they and their child would be invovled with - if its not actually TRY BEFORE YOU BUT from us that's the real deal being advertised here. xgx
  25. evening DESMOND and DAPHNE courses - ask your GP, practice nurse, Consultant at RHH anfd NGH to refer you. If this doesn't work contact PALS at the PCT and they can help put you in touch with right people. 0800 085 7539 Email: pals.manager@sheffieldpct.nhs.uk NGH diabetes centre - 0114 271 4445 and ask about the DESMOND / DAPHNE Diabetes Group Education Centre /courses good luck - i think you can do a course on line try the EXPERT PATIENT PROGRAMME too - run by the PCT, gives anyone with any long term condition skills and help on how to manage - contact 0114 305 1122 xgx
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