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  1. Grenoside Post Office - armed robbery there just after 5pm today. No further details at mo but gun and slegehammer involved as weapons. Hope everyone is ok. xgx
  2. crikey, 6 pages in! as the OP I can state that the wording i used is verbatim from the Lib Dem leaflet for Alan Hooper for the Ecco/Greno area. There is very little knowledge of this scheme locally. Yes it may have been discussed at council meetings but without knowing whats on the agenda of these meetings in advance (some agendas are published but the Ecclesfield Parish Council agenda is rarely on the website in advance) and checking monthly on websites for updates and who has the time or inclination to do this just on the off chance something 'local' may be being discussed, these types of schemes/street furniture/road calming and others will continually get agreed upon at council level, then put in place without thorough and proper public consultation. back to my original query - who, if anyone, is going to inform me and other local householders if one of the average speed cameras is going up outside our houses, or will they just appear? are the plans available for public viewing given there is so very little on the SCC website? I have made a few phonecalls to scc/road planning/engineering and the south yorks speed partnership but no-one seems to know. an FOI request may elude some info but will take too long. xgx
  3. found this on SCC website but thats all, its about the speed limit reduction ... Engineering Projects Speed Limit Review The Department for Transport asked all Local Authorities to review the speed limits on all ‘A’ and ‘B’ classified roads. We have now completed this review for Sheffield. The roads where it is proposed to reduce speed limits are: Reduce to 50mph A57 Manchester Rd (Crosspool) from Den Bank Avenue to the City boundary (Length: approximately 8.5km). A61 Penistone Road (Grenoside) from Whitley Carr to the City boundary (Length: approximately 3.5km)
  4. Afternoon just had a leaflet stuffed in door from local councillor, noted that it had a section on local roadworks and included the statement.... " Towards the end of summer installation of 'average speed check cameras' will take place along the length of A61 from City boundary in towards Grenoside" News to us locals - does there have to be any public consultation over the installation ie exact locations, if one is going on the verge outside your house, if the speed limit will change? I'm off to search SCC website etc but has anyone heard anything further/know a bit more about this? Cheers xgx
  5. well, i did mention the one at top of norfolk hill being rather too small (3 tables tops) and its not open very long 10ish to 3ish only 4-5 days a week - so you can't get in or its not open, Munro's isn't open regularly all week and isn't actually in greno village, its bang slap on penistone road and dangerous to turn in/out of if you're in a car, the Crem is for funeral teas only Busters at the Grange - well, they wouldn't let us in once as we weren't visiting anyone who stays there and when my colleague went whose mother lives there went, they had run out of coffee....and the comm centre has never opened as a coffee/tea shop. ok, the methodists may do the odd cake and coffee event but thats once in a blue moon so yeah, greno is rammed with tea/coffee shops that are accessible, open 5-6 days a week aren't they?! good luck to anyone setting up a new business, if you do decide on greno, i'll be in with the family. xgx
  6. i'd second the grenoside suggestion - one actually in the heart of the village. the cafe thats already here is so small, i have been unable to get in as its only got two tables. xgx
  7. as i mentioned in the last post i did on this - you'll be pleased to hear that the second part of the water main refurb works starts at the junction of the wheel/halifax road/penistone road also further up at school lane/norfolk hill on 10th april onwards. so we have 10 daysrespite before the second part of work starts. see https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/travel/driving/roadworks/roadworks.html for more info
  8. just to add pleasure to your pain, it looks like salt box road junction will shortly be dug up AGAIN - this time its the Gas renewal programme. The markings that preceed their work are all over the junction, the wheel and salt box lane. So as the tarmac from the YW works dries, the Gas people will be in to dig it up! No further details yet but will let you know when I've spoken to a mate who lives down there and may have had a letter/notification with dates on from the gas people. stay calm XGX
  9. moomac is 100% correct. its a natwest machine, just where moomac says it is at the RHH and i used it yesterday!! xgx
  10. Mods- i have already started a thread on this - worth merging the two? updated letter arrived today for local residents in the area explaining YW have not been clear about what road will be closed when...here is what they said "From 6th feb we will start at the junction of wheel lane to outside 23 penistone rd, Salt box lane and wheel lane will be closed at the junction of the a 61 whilst we work on this section for approx 3 weeks..........Once this section is complete and roads reopned we will start on between junctions of school lane and norfolk hill. school lane will be closed from 27th feb and then norfolk hill will be made one way up hill from 5th march. the junction of whitley lane will be closed when we are on this section" I spoke to the customer services lead on this (craig jackson 0844 8481096)and he stated 'they are not sure where the diversions are going to be as yet' as they may change the diversion route regularly according to local need/traffic/any problems they encounter. they did not have any maps to send out or guides to any planned diversion routes. they did not state if local buses are on diversion, but presume they will be (particularly when norfolk hill one way i guess) so there you go, if i hear anything else or receive another YW letter about the roadworks/traffic probs, i will post it on here. xgx
  11. Hi all Local residents just received letter from yorkshire water and utility company stating that major water main replacement will be taking place in grenoside and on a61 from 6th feb 2012 onwards for a minimum of 7 weeks. the a61 will be traffic light controlled from salt box lane/wheel lane to past norfolk hill/norfolk arms pub. the majority of roads in/out of grenoside will be closed in a staggered programme starting with closure of wheel lane and salt box lane on 6th feb. the work and road closures will move in the direction of/towards norfolk hill. roads closed at any point will include salt box lane, wheel lane, school lane, norfolk hill and whitley lane. the traffic will remain two way but light controlled on a61, but traffic will only be one way on norfolk hill (up in to the village when they reach that point. i predict major delays! diversions will be in place, but they have not said where/which route worth noting for anyone who travels along the a61 at any time. after the main work is complete, they will be coming back to test/chlorinate etc so there will be more short term works after this batch. happy driving! xgx
  12. evening can anyone tell me whats happening at the top red lion in greno? the young couple who ran it appear not to be there anymore. noticed when i walk past every day that the living quarters arent being lived in /curtains closed etc but over the last few days a sheet has gone up as a curtain in another room. i know the brewery put a 'to let' sign up at the beginning of the summer and that went. are tim and emma( ?) still there or have they moved on? would like to get in touch with them if they are still local cheers xgx
  13. by midnight it was over grenoside, followed by a number of police on foot, then police on foot with some police dogs running through all the small lanes up near the top red pub. probably searching for someone given the dogs. helicopter circled / hovered over top red pub area for 20-30 mins and then went. xgx
  14. as someone who has had diabetes for 25+ years, you really do hear alot of crap about what 'diabetics' can and cant have, eat or drink. a normal healthy diet the same as anyone else is recommended by NHS dietician, Diabetes Uk and many other support groups/medical authorities. what is important is that anyone who has any type of diabetes listens to their care team and tweaks their own diet according to their care teams recommendations, based on their medications, lifestyle etc. some diabetics can eat and drink what the hell they like - i can, i have done a DAPHNE course and tweak my insulin accordingly. yet the next person along with diabetes may not have the same diet as me as it is INDIVIDUAL to them. Sugar free cakes and biscuits are not needed by any diabetic -the SORBITOL many of them contain as a sweetner is a laxative and its that which gives you the trots, sickness and wind! be warned! if on doubt on what to eat - ask your care team, get a referral via them/GP to a dietician and go for it. xgx
  15. evening, nope, its not the now ring up and wait service nor the once a month ring up and book your slot. its ending full stop for 'rural' areas. its yet another cut in service, differnt strokes for different areas, yet we all pay the council tax for the service. there is no info on this published at the mo - you are told this if you ring SCC/Veolia to state your bags are full or to book a collection. i was told by staff that the info will be in the leaflet thats being posted out to all residents at the end of this month. if i lived near fields, i'd dump it there to rot down, but we live bang slap next to the A61. i have lodged my complaint already and will be talking to local councillors about it. its not world shatteringly important if you don't have a garden in these areas, but when we have the need to improve recycling shoved down our throats by SCC then they take the service away with the other - i expect little more from SCC, they'll be emptying our black bin blue bin and blue box, yet why not green sacks? equity of service is not much to ask for. xgx
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