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  1. there was a major car crash on our rd oakand rd at 3am, took them hoursr to clean up may or may not be related?
  2. Thanks I want to come next wednsday 2nd nov but cant find you on the Hillsborough leisure center website what time is it and what shall i wear ect...
  3. Ok sounds good, is it a good form of self defense ?
  4. whats the best type for female self defense near ish to Hillsborough Must be good with a slow learner any recommendations ? Pippa
  5. Can anyone recommend a puppy training class in or around Hillsborough that does good citizen/kennel club Many thanks Pippa
  6. Hi, I am looking to rent a room to start up a nail buisness with some beauty treatments but focusing on nails. I am doing all my own promotional work ect so just need a nice base to work from, maybe in a hairdressers or somewhere. PM's only please thanks
  7. Because my mate can't go, I bought tickets on my card, its a e-ticket so if anyone wants to get in free they need to meet me outside PM me as yet no taker's lol
  8. Ok anyone want a FREE ticket to this event ? http://www.the-plug.com/events-and-tickets/details/506-plug-bank-holiday-deadmau5--lj-freeman--geoff-ticehurst--risco--lords-of-flatbush-live--the-violet-m
  9. My mate has let me down and can't make it. I now have a spare ticket going which i am happy to let go very cheap. Anyone interested? PM me please
  10. Hiya, I am thinking of a move to this area from birmingham, would you say it was an ok place to buy?
  11. Thanks for the info mate, I was thinking specifically about Shirehall road, it looked a nice road, I mean I don't expect anywhere to be trouble free, I do live in Birmingham after all
  12. Hello, I am thinking of buying in this area? Is it quiet and ok (I am moving from Birmingham) Any commnets appreciated
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