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  1. It was horrible, even worse when I realised it had ran off and I had to leave it
  2. Driving this morning at about 7am, I saw a cat run into the road and I'm pretty sure it ended up under the wheel of the oncoming car in the other lane. Wasn't their fault, it was dark and the cat decided to change direction and the driver must have thought it was safe to drive but it looked like they ran over its back right leg. I watched it run off in the direction of the fields behind Asda and it did look injured to me but having spun my car around and tried to find it it must have just bolted into the field somewhere so I couldn't find out if it was actually okay or not. Like I said it was dark, but I think it was a black and white cat. And it ran from the houses across to the field that's behind Asda. That's the only info I have but I'd like to know if it made it home, it's been on my mind all day don't often use SF but since the Sheffield online facebook page didn't put it up I thought id try here! Thanks guys!
  3. thanks for the replies =] and thanks for the story lab its a nice one =] thanks lillyland let me know =]
  4. does anybody know any more rat rescues? to see if i can get him a mate from one
  5. cheers for al your replies and that would be great lillyland, please let me know as soon as you do =]
  6. his cage isnt huuuge at the minute need to wait to get a bit more money before i can upgrade it which i was planning on doing anyway, let me know if those bucks become available, but would i need a separate cage for them while they get introduced? the reason i have been wary of adding more rats is i used to have a VERY agrresive rat well he was aggressive towards other rats but not to humans, he would try killing my other 2 mental little dude he was lol but he was great with people. and ill look on rescue sites cheers for all your help i would much prefer to keep him over get rid of him, and im allowed to move him into the dining room while i practice so his ears will be ok =]
  7. they have silence pads on them =] there still pretty loud though
  8. i would love to get him a friend if i could get one from a rescue even better there are enough homeless as it is, but dont you need 2 cages for that? and i would take him to the vet right now but i just lost my job so i have no money for a extra cage, vet bills (bought the drum kit then lost my job before anyone asks) he is a good rat rather mardy when it comes to having a cuddle though lol but loves exploring!, i used to get that shredded cardboard but the place i got it from shut down =[ so started getting shredded paper free from my moms work. i will do that with the aerosols, also i can move his cage into another room when i am practicing drums for a prolonged period of time, so he is less likely to have any damage to his ears( even though he has to put up with me listening to metal music ehe!)
  9. ps. i know you know your stuff about rats lottie so any advice you give i will certainly listen too
  10. i have only every bought rats from breeders and always had them in pairs but this guy was in a pet shop and came right on up to me and was alone so i got him,i know he should have a friend, but would leaving him alone this long affect his ability to make a ratty friend?, unfortunately the drum kit has to stay in my room but just as a test i played it and watched his reaction and he was not bothered at all i just dont want to mess his hearing up bless him, its the sneezing thats worrying me most i thought it might be because of the cold i know about syno or whatever its called, and he is only on paper but with old clothes for bedding, which i washed in the washing machine so it may be the detergent thats bothering him thinking about, im going to change this from a rehoming thread to a advice thread because i would love to keep him and if i can find the cause of the sneezing then im happy, sometimes it is rather bad and when i get him out it does stop after 20 min or so
  11. changed from a rehoming thread to a help thread
  12. my mate works there, they have extra security because trouble is always caused, the staff get abused a heck of alot, and generally its a horrible place to be on eid. he got called many things i cant repeat on here =]
  13. Reason for Rehome / Sale: need to move tanks around asap Time Scale – How Urgent? Urgent Sale Amount:free Location:s6 2as Approximate size now and full grown size:full size now Minimum fish tank size needed: he is in a 60 alone now but if you want to keep him with other fish i suggest bigger if you want to keep a pair then i would say minimum 90 liter Any Current health problems: nope COmpatibility with other fish: well Beginners, moderate or experienced levels of fishkeeping required: beginner Easy to feed: yes feeds on live/frozen and flake Live food, dried food, frozen or fresh: all herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/:carnivore Destructive Behaviour:none Temperature range:25 c Tropical,Coldwater,Marine or Brackish water required: tropical General information that you can share: i will miss this fish its great! __________________
  14. Reason for Rehome / Sale: need the tank free Time Scale – How Urgent? asap Sale Amount: free Location: s6 Approximate size now and full grown size: full size now Minimum fish tank size needed: 20 gallons Any Current health problems:no COmpatibility with other fish:did not fight with any fish when he was in my community tank Beginners, moderate or experienced levels of fishkeeping required: some knowledge required but pretty basic just keep the water top quality Easy to feed:takes anything Live food, dried food, frozen or fresh: any herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/:carn Destructive Behaviour:can be aggresive at breeding times Temperature range: i keep hiim at 25c Tropical,Coldwater,Marine or Brackish water required: tropical General information that you can share
  15. i let my adviser know and since then i got given my letters rather than them being posted, and i will do thanks for your advice! Much appreciated!
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