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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to post but im looking for someone(prefer chairty) that could offer a monthly collection of lost property from my place of work its only clothes & shoes we do not want anything in return just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere offering a service like this thanks
  2. ive got toyota previa 2.4, its been in a crash so is undrivable the car needs collecting from Hillsborough. does anyone know any scrap men who will collect? And how much they pay
  3. I'm in s5 mate and I've asked previous owner he doesnt have anything for it
  4. I bought a 2nd hand astra the other day, break pads need changing asap and the wheels have locking nuts on, does anyone have anything to get them off that i can borrow, ive tried hitting it with a socket but they wont come off Thank you
  5. hi sorry to be a pain but i can have the day off now so if youve still got any tickets left can i have one ive tried to pm you but your inbox is full
  6. s6 motors thats where we got ours from, we had to do it in mine and my partners name.
  7. i booked gatty hall in the end £15 a hour but its a really big room
  8. im wanting a hall for a kids party needs to be in s5 area id prefer not to have it in a pub thanks
  9. im making my own place setting my colour scheme is apple/lime green so im getting 50 green apples from the market their goinig to cost me £8 then im printing every ones names off cutting them out in a leaf shape and pinning them into the apples with diamante florist pins they cost me £2.99 of ebay.
  10. Property Offered Area: Stocksbridge Type of Property: Flat Number of Bedrooms: 1 Landlord: Council Any other information: ground floor flat, newly refurbished bathroom and kitchen, close to local amenaties, quiet area, close to bus route Property Wanted Area: Any area considered (excluding firth park, burngreave & pitsmoor) Type of Property: house/flat Number of Bedrooms:1/2 Landlord: Council
  11. does anybody know the phone number fo the church the only one i can find is 232 2534 but that dosen't work thankyou
  12. hi does anybody know the phone number for the hairdressers on wheata road im not even sure of the name.thankyou.
  13. Does anybody know where i can buy avatar and Et figures from I have tried ebay,amazon & space store (on wicker) They do have them on ebay and amazon but i would prefer to buy them from a shop as i need them ASAP Thank you
  14. did you find one mate, because i'm in need of one too
  15. does any one know of any good clean butchers shops in sheffield
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