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  1. Millhouses water play is up and running as are the boats on the boating lake. It usually open from Easter holidays. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi Greatest Mum, I'm afraid I don't think his ones yours as he hasn't got any tabby markings. If you want to send a picture via PM I can confirm for definite. Hope you cat comes home.
  3. That's great. Do you know which vets in particular around that way? Will try calling later.
  4. Siamese-cross found on Dobcroft Av. neutered but not chipped. Around 5 years old. PM if you have lost him or know someone who has.
  5. Well I've got my 7 year old clingingng onto me for dear life while we count the seconds between lightning flash and thunder crash. Sounds like its moving away from Millhouses now.
  6. Please reread, there were two cars but not both were undertaken.
  7. The picture shows roughly where I was under taken and the car in front overtaken on the wrong side of the road. I was not on the dual carriageway by Millhouses I was much further back near town. Here there are two lanes but not enough room in the middle of the day for two lanes and traffic to move freely due to parked cars. I was simply saying what my experience was and that yes I can drive on a road and understand the rules of a dual carriageway. As this isn't a dual carriageway I was highlighting how dangerous some drivers are.
  8. http://www.thestar.co.uk/webimage/1.6944544.1415703642!/image/2853198862.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/2853198862.jpg This is Abbeydale Road, defiantly not a dual carriageway.
  9. No, just driving with the traffic, there was only one other car in front and both driving at the road speed. They came bombing up behind us. Engine roaring, undertook us in the bus lane narrowly missing a parked car and the over took the car in front again narrowly dodging oncoming traffic. All this to turn right at the junction just before the traffic lights before mini Tesco going out of town.
  10. There were three buzzards that flew over Ecclesall woods near us just off Abbeydale road near the beauchief at about 6.45 this evening. Maybe one of them?
  11. They were driving into town and had passed the junction with Wormsley Road. About 200m up from there.
  12. Oh my...there is some awful driving on Abbeydale Road. Over the last few weeks I have been undertaken and then the car in front overtaken by young men driving at ridiculous speeds in the middle of the day, off road quad bikes driving onto pavements to undertake us at traffic lights by teens, no helmets, again driving off at speed. It's ridiculous and so dangerous. Glad his sister is ok. I'm also glad I didn't come round the corner a minute earlier. This could have been a very different end result.
  13. Sorry to hear that Amyamyamy. I hope she turns up soon. Make sure you check in as many neighbours sheds and garages as you can. X
  14. It happened just before I came round the bend. Missed it by about a minute. There were alot of people on the scene helping people out of the car, comforting children and calling emergancy services. I pulled over but wasn't any help. Couldn't see if anyone was stuck but alot of very upset people. I genuinely can't understand how they have managed to overturn the car and end up in someones front garden. Just wonder if the rain had made the road slippy. I just hope everyone involved is ok. ---------- Post added 14-06-2015 at 19:32 ---------- Just reread your post, if your sister was inside I hope she is ok. Keep us updated. ---------- Post added 14-06-2015 at 22:05 ---------- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1095653527130188&id=609632969065582 just see update on sheffield online. Disgusting if he was drunk. There were children in the house he nearly hit.
  15. Hope you are able to reunite her. Keep us posted.
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