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  1. IMHO its gotta be Andy Jay. After me of course
  2. Nice one - do you have a link to the story ?
  3. Just tried google, typed in my name & Sheffield - got over 33,220 results
  4. No worries, will do you a few more in the next day or so
  5. No, they wanted a "greatest hits" type cd so I gave them the "premier hits" one.
  6. Am I reading this right - a CAR that holds £70 worth of petrol You sure its not a challenger tank ? As above, ask to see the cctv.
  7. Oh didnt you...something about Kelly having less talent than the sh*t on your shoe. Its on the x factor audition - links are on this thread.
  8. Deleted content of this post as it would upset the pc brigade.
  9. Well rumour has it that Ronaldo has made it up to Rooney : http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d124/Shadowman273/?action=view&current=cristianoronaldo.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch2
  10. True, but you know the govt, they just love throwing our money away
  11. Well apparently Rooney has said that if Ronaldo stays, he will go - he already has a new career lined up : http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d124/Shadowman273/?action=view&current=ice_cream1.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 I also hear that the two of them are in the process of making it up : http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d124/Shadowman273/?action=view&current=cristianoronaldo.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch2
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