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  1. Could it have been called a Steak and Ale Pie?
  2. If you take the advice of someone who knows and buy the right things then there are good savings to be had. Good Luck to you if you decide to go
  3. What? I have never said anywhere that it was cheaper. Is half of my writing invisible? I have said all along that the biggest saving is on tobacco and then also a fair bit can be saved on wine, I would have thought that with you being a moderator you would be for people giving the advice to people asking for it.
  4. I would say, as I have done twice now, that beer is probably no cheaper than the supermarkets here in England. Edit..thats thrice now.
  5. I dont know about you Happy Hippy, but a saving of a thousand pounds is worth nearly a weeks wages to me so its not to be sniffed at, It might not be much money to you, but I would call it more than a minimal saving.
  6. Another educated post. Why is it that some people on here can't post without making themselves look complete idiots? Just to humour you, I would not charge myself for driving myself there and back and also, I am sure I could quite easily last 55 minutes on a ferry without having to eat crap When I do make the journey, with all my expenses taken into account and the products I buy, I save myself just over a thousand pounds on English prices. Believe that or not, that is your prerogative. I came onto this thread to offer some advice, which is what the OP was after.
  7. Do you not think this whole page should have been done in PM?
  8. How can making a saving not be worth it?
  9. There was no point in me mentioning the exchange rate as I put my prices dwn in £'s Its not about making a profit, if it was then that would mean people was selling the stuff on and that just wouldnt do would it? It is about having a good day out and saving some money, which is very easy to do.
  10. I have seen customs at the Luxembourg border before as the last time I was there, they still had a border (dont know if they still do) but as for the Belgian border, all I can say is that I personally have had no problems and have been going for years. I will be going again in a fortnights time so will post back any problems that I see, or dont see and the prices
  11. There is no limit as to how much you bring back to England from the EEC, there is however guidelines and even by sticking to the guidelines you will save well over the expense of going. I have been pulled many a time for having 120 packets of tobacco and they have always had to let me go through because it isnt classed as exceptional. One packet over there is roughly £4, over here it is roughly £12 saving me £8 per pack, that is some saving on 120 packs, not to mention the drink that I bring back. As I say, if you stick close to the guidelines then you wont be bothered too much by the customs. The ones you saw may have been going over every day getting a van full each time, they are the ones that the customs watch.
  12. Thats right, thats why I said that the main saving is on the fags and bacca in Belgium and also if you are going all that way you aint going to just get half a dozen bottles of wine, so 100 bottles at a couple of quid cheaper is a saving of £200 I have been no end of times and have never seen any customs around the border as there is no real border, when was the last time you went and saw any customs ?
  13. Well she does come across as being quite potty, when is the next meet?
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