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  1. First line of my initial post states that I'm typing 'from work', clever man. Anyways, I've tried system restore but it wouldn't have it. It said it couldn't restore to the earlier date. Still the keyboard isn't working. Is there somewhere I could take it to get it going again - London Road etc. Somewhere cheap but good?
  2. never tried that before, that's it all about?
  3. writing this from work as our keyboard at home has stopped working. A couple of days ago my g.friend was fiddling around on it and the next day they keyboard had stopped working. basically the PC operates as normal until any key on the keybaord is pressed - then it freezes, and so does the mouse. I tried to look at the properties of the keyboard thinking it was the driver for it, but all seems okay, except the 'Status' of it says somehting like: unconnected error code 10.... or words to that affect. We're on windows XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems like the driver is at fault but I've tried the 'help' steps to re-installl it and it seems not to be making any difference. If there's any kind soul out there who can help it'd be VERY appreciated.
  4. the thing that really makes me amazed/laugh is that they're just SO stupid. Obviously, they've seen '8 Mile' (which is one of the most immature/pointless movies of all time) and thought to themselves: " Wow, Slim Shady is SO cool". The problem is, it's just so pathetic that these 'rappers' just need to grow up, cos when they get a a real job they'll think: "Wow, Slim Shady was a gimp, and I was even more of a zoid for rapping on on busses". Maybe they should go on X-factor so the nation can have a good laugh - I've seen a fw of them on there already - what losers.
  5. sensible reply CBR dave. My ZX9R is precious to me, as most bikes are to their owners. the general feeling is 'why allow someone else to thrash it about?' Which is understandable. i ran a couple of ride-outs at trhe start of the year for Sheff.Forum'ers but then sacked it off becuase I realised that it's not so much fun constantly waiting for folk to catch up / make it through traffic lights as one group etc... might be interested in a smaller group of similar minded riders stioll though (when weather gets better)
  6. here' the info you need about one of the top ones in Sheffield, and the country... http://www.simx.co.uk/ PM me if you're going down... might come too (not been yet) Ta
  7. Religion is fast fading and will eventually stop. Many beliefs are so dhiluted now, that in a thousand years (or less) it'll be gone. The world is fast becoming a place driven by knwoledge, fairness and understanding - look how far we have come in such a short period. (Don't pose more questions here - just research how far we've come and see the bigger picture). Racism/discrimination stems from lack of understanding and fear. The more we understand, the less we fear.
  8. Not me guy, I've got a TTR250 enduro/crosser. Might get out for a ride this Sunday morning if not p*ssing it down. Explore trails I've seen. Interested anyone?
  9. I'm looking for a 5 / 6 a-side team to join. Pitz or anywhere near Norton etc (south Sheffield). I'm a very good player (if I do say so my self) (played semi pro a couple of years ago as a teenager) Anyone looking for another full time player
  10. BTW... still up for getting together, Gleadless / Norton Area
  11. Cheers SHarper, check out the website and it looks like I'll be going down to their next meeting. Sound great http://www.trf.org.uk/ontrail.php
  12. ha ha.. those dust caps sure make a difference. They're good a supplying parts, but yeah, somimes they're a little off with fitments. A mate had a dodgey job done on his braided hoses. nothin too serious, but a silly mistake with the fitment of the master cylinder. I've never had a problem with them and me TL1000 though.
  13. Thought I better stick my oar in... Check out The Black Deville Band if you can. Website: http://www.theblackdevilleband.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk a definate rising star
  14. Mine's road legal - which give the best of both worlds.... ride to your 'off-road destination' then get exploring. I might give SIMX a try soon, but only once I feel ready for it.
  15. Nice one mate - but yah, get some nobbly tyres first. Even on wet grass you'd be slipping all over the place. nobblies are cheap as chips and you can get intermediates which are great both on and off road. Syd Smiths is the best place in Sheffield - cheapests, knowledgable and friendly. Their number : 0114 2442 736 I think
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