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  1. I can't get my breath. Look North reporting that sheffield United players have been supplied with exercise bikes and weights so they keep fit inside their mansions. Even on furlough pay they could buy their own. This crisis is really making me think who's worth their money and I'm afraid footballers and celebs are low on the list behind NHS workers, carers and all the other services trying to keep us going. Wake up world!
  2. Trying to cycle in Sheffield is akin to swimming with sharks. If the hills don't finish you off, the mad drivers will and failing that your lungs will be clogged with diesel particulate. It really isn't a safe or practical cycling city I'm afraid. I bit more thought on the layout of roads and two lane entering the centre for left and right shops would clear Bochum parkway faster. There is room to do this.
  3. On certain nights, normally when it's wet, we can hear the electricity substation loudly on the other side of Bochum parkway through the bedroom window. In summer, worse as we have window open.
  4. I don't think this is a time for the would've, should've brigade. It's a hard call for anyone to precisely predict weather and it's pattern. Over egg it and accusations of scaremongering, get it wrong and slated. I think we should instead focus and applaud the services who had to be out there, the kind neighbours who helped families. My heart goes out to those flooded or affected. Their nightmare will be lasting a long time.
  5. On the contrary. Thus is not an easy roundabout in the terms that the speed people drive round it. This means when you enter it you have to really accelerate to avoid the cars coming round. Particularly bad at the Norton pub where you have to just go for it to get into the roundabout before cars catch up with you.
  6. I can't imagine it will be worth much. They normally stink of old people and years of nasty perfume due to being never cleaned.
  7. Agree. We just don't get them anymore. The sky used to light up on a summer night with lightening. It helped to ripen the wheat in the fields.
  8. I can't see anything on Planning application site
  9. No thank you. Leave as they are. Higher speeds equals more noise. People live nearby.
  10. I also disagree with the methods they used on this occasion. 2 years ago my husband drove me along that route to get me to hospital where I was diagnosed with Bacteria Meningitis. As I was losing consciousness on the journey, they told him later that his quick action of getting me to hospital saved my life... If we'd have been held up in this protest it's likely I would have died... Protesters please find sensible methods to put your point across.
  11. Well done to Chris Rust. I'm not a fan of his tree campaign, but this is a much more important issue. I recorded the filth and smoke and registration of a bus going up Blackstock Road. A 2002 model and was totally choking behind it. (I wasn't driving). If that was a car it would fail its MoT. I have had a brain tumour removed recently so feel aggrieved at breathing in this pollution. I don't drink or smoke but do wonder if pollution was the cause. (no proof). I posted the recording onTwitter to the council and Clean Air Group but no response.
  12. I always been told 'coffee boiled is coffee spoiled'. Therefore you should boil the kettle but wait a few seconds after it has switched off but while the water is still 'singing' in the kettle and then pour over ground or instant. Fascinating discussion.
  13. Owain is a lovely human. He is able to laugh at himself and is genuinely interested in people... And yes, I have met him. My husband heard him on the radio so rang me so I could listen. A breath of fresh air.
  14. I was told by Mountain Warehouse staff that Super drug are also opening. Can't wait for it. Much needed this end of town.
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