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  1. What I've found in life is when somebody says you can't have something the more I want it!! Crisps were banned at my kids school a few years back and even though I'd never really given them crisps or choc on a regular basis it made me want to!!
  2. It's lovely and tidy inside and for a new house it appears to have decent bedroom sizes and a garden that isn't heavily overlooked. That's the positives from me...the negative is that it's a new build/modern house with those georgian bar windows that just spoil the view for me! I think these features limit the amount of interest you'll get as the 'hot' sellers are older homes with some character and big windows! Good Luck
  3. Thanks guys, gonna try a good, strong screw ;)
  4. Bought a heavy art deco mirror from the B&M store at Drakehouse but when I've come to hang it i'm completely baffled how to safely hang it. There's no D rings/strap hangers just a weak looking cross type hole/peg system on the back?? Has anyone seen this before and what kinda fixings should be used?? Pic attached... mirror back
  5. Yes... it was....ohhh the good old days!!! :D:D:D
  6. Awwww why did it take you soooo long to share!! I was severely depressed in September last year and this would have cheered me up sooooo much!!
  7. Tankersley Manor Hotel do the packages too for around £2k
  8. Please try JA Horne had kitchen, bathroom and bedroom off them over the years and wouldn't go anywhere else.
  9. Have you never considered halogen heaters or oil filled radiators? Halogen heaters are about £17 in places like Wilko and the B&M store!!
  10. Gimmie a date that's good for you and we'll run it again...!! And Ruby the biker couple were lovely...i must add them too...maybe they'll banquet with us next time!!
  11. It was lovely too see you again and WHAT a feast....!! I can't wait to do it all again sometime!! Thanks to all those who attended and special thanks to the hardworking staff at the Bull ith Thorn who made it such a splendid evening with such attention to detail...the quantity and quality of the feast and such a beautifully presented Medieval banqueting hall!!
  12. That's a very valid point...I might have to take a couple of pegs with me!!
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