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  1. I am looking for a hall or centre or similar, sheffield'ish (criteria is hall with tables, close to curry house, pub that serves cooking lager and accommodation). Neeeds to be big enough to take 6 or so, 6ft by 4ft gaming tables and possibly more. I have found a couple of possibles, but they are all up stair cases and away from facilities, which is copable, but less than ideal and I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere. The event would be for one day and a saturday if that matters.
  2. Dang, wish I had seen this last week, Sheffield had a wargames show (Chillcon) have a look at the website with links to traders. If you want GW stuff (as many do) look around online and at Fleabay.
  3. And thankyou, he is here all week... I meant has it closed permanantly?
  4. I was on a TM bus today and it had that up on a poster by the driver, so good news indeed.
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