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  1. Brilliant, many thanks for all the input - any others ?
  2. Many thanks for the helpful comments here - it's appreciated. ok, so far, we've got, for very sexy mens scents : Old Spice Givenchy Gentleman Jazz by YSL Farenheit D&G The One Sean John - Unforgivable Out of those 6, which one would be the best ? Any others ?
  3. Really ? That ones been out for quite a while. Is it really still powerful in the aphrodisiac mens scents ?
  4. We had a thread on here a while back about which female perfumes were good and which ones weren't, and thought it would be good to get a similar perspective on mens aftershaves. For you ladies, which mens aftershave do you find a 'nice' smell, which ones awful and which ones give you nice, sexy thoughts.
  5. Just came across this while searching for something else. It's true that we'll all have different opinions on this, but for those interested in places in Spain, there's a forum that deals with everything for Torrevieja and all the other areas from Alicante to Murcia : http://www.TorreviejaForums.com
  6. The team on the link below, run by a friend, are always looking for a team to play against.
  7. Shout to the top - Paul Weller - Pure class !
  8. Dance with my father - Luther Vandross
  9. Shawshank Redemption (again) 10/10 (Hope to see Shutter Island within the next week).
  10. Was listening to the Killing of Georgie this morning - brill track.
  11. That reminds me, must get my "We've got a love thing" track out - pure class
  12. That reminds me, must get my "We've got a love thang" track out - pure class
  13. Thanks all, now got a couple of them lined up for the weekend
  14. Brilliant, Blazing saddles and Airplane are really great - any others ?
  15. Thanks to you both for the answers. It's just that a neighbour has completed 14 years of a 20 year mortgage and his monthly mortgage payments always seem to be the same as they was when they first started the mortgage, give or take slight deviations due to interest rates.
  16. If you have a straight repayment mortgage, where you pay off the capital and interest with the mortgage, assuming that the interest rates were exactly the same all the way though the mortgage term, wouldn't the mortgage payments gradually go down, as you start to owe less ?
  17. Thanks all, but just to add, selling anything is not my business, this was just someone I know from a local college. To my mind, if it's fit for purpose, then a refund isn't necessarily on the cards.
  18. Quite a reasonable price - it was the ergonomic M$ keyboard (with 2 USB ports on it as well), but he said that some of the keys didn't work, keys like the @ sign - but when I tried them all in front of him, they all did!
  19. Sold a computer keyboard to someone a few days ago for a fiver, he then says it doesn't work on xp pro, I then try it on the windows xp pro on my pc in front of him, going through all the keys and it works fine, he wanted his money back, I said, if there was something wrong with it I would, but as you can see, it works fine. He didn't get a refund and got the hump and walked away! Was I right ? Chris.
  20. Aaah, now I see what you mean by what just happened I'll keep my eye open for that film.
  21. So, top 3 Robert De Niro films, so far : 1. Heat 2. Meet The Fockers 3. Cape Fear Didn't like Men of Honour or Casino and haven't yet seen the Godfather or Raging Bull - will do within the next couple of weeks. It was a close one for 3rd place between Cape Fear and Goodfellas - both excellent films, but Cape Fear just did it.
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