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  1. Brilliant, many thanks for all the input - any others ?
  2. Many thanks for the helpful comments here - it's appreciated. ok, so far, we've got, for very sexy mens scents : Old Spice Givenchy Gentleman Jazz by YSL Farenheit D&G The One Sean John - Unforgivable Out of those 6, which one would be the best ? Any others ?
  3. Really ? That ones been out for quite a while. Is it really still powerful in the aphrodisiac mens scents ?
  4. We had a thread on here a while back about which female perfumes were good and which ones weren't, and thought it would be good to get a similar perspective on mens aftershaves. For you ladies, which mens aftershave do you find a 'nice' smell, which ones awful and which ones give you nice, sexy thoughts.
  5. Just came across this while searching for something else. It's true that we'll all have different opinions on this, but for those interested in places in Spain, there's a forum that deals with everything for Torrevieja and all the other areas from Alicante to Murcia : http://www.TorreviejaForums.com
  6. The team on the link below, run by a friend, are always looking for a team to play against.
  7. Shout to the top - Paul Weller - Pure class !
  8. Dance with my father - Luther Vandross
  9. Shawshank Redemption (again) 10/10 (Hope to see Shutter Island within the next week).
  10. Was listening to the Killing of Georgie this morning - brill track.
  11. That reminds me, must get my "We've got a love thing" track out - pure class
  12. That reminds me, must get my "We've got a love thang" track out - pure class
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