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  1. Just go online and book in at one of the public centres. Book a coronavirus vaccination - NHS (www.nhs.uk)
  2. The only cases found in the UK have been through testing programmes and all have been asymptomatic. It is being investigated, but does not yet warrant concern.
  3. The story only holds up when referring to all approved and unapproved Irish crossings. Many of which include footpaths and tracks. The comparative figures used from USA & EU are the official road crossings.
  4. They may be open, but still not doing any drilling/water picking.
  5. We are not the "best exporter". We are the best, by far, at spotting and identifying new variants.
  6. It is getting a bit much, now. A third day with no Radio 4 Extra.
  7. The 2nd Ammendment is ambiguous. Current (and previous) Supreme Court decision has interpreted in favour of the gun-owning lobby. A different minded court could see that the absence of any need to maintain a militia can remove the right to bear arms. Political appointment to the Supreme Court will always influence such decisions.
  8. The government spent a fortune on the purchase of millions of LFTs, a while ago. They have been desperate to get them used up for some time now .... despite several expert papers confirming that they are of limited use and can have a negative effect when used wrongly.
  9. Traffic has certainly increased, considerably. Onwards and upwards!👍
  10. Couple of golden rules: Complete and send off the change of owner slip to DVLA. You don't want any tickets. Don't let it go until you have pennies in your pocket. If not cash, wait until cheque has cleared or bank transfer has completed. As mentioned, prepare a receipt. 2 copies, both signed and you keep one copy.
  11. Let's get it right .... Rishi has released 2 texts that he sent to Cameron. No texts from Cameron have been released.
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