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  1. I read "4 weeks", to begin with. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/21/south-yorkshire-agrees-to-go-under-tier-3-covid-restrictions
  2. It is highly likely. Hancock stated that talks are ongoing with leaders regarding South Yorks, West Yorks, Notts and others moving into Tier 3.
  3. My app is wrong as well. Telling me "medium" when we are in "high".
  4. ... as modelled by the late, great "owdlad":
  5. It is a "weeping angel" and only moves when no one is looking at it. Don't blink!
  6. "Fair Flora" is in Stoke Wood: https://picturethepast.org.uk/image-library/image-details/poster/ptpd300254/posterid/ptpd300254.html?action=cookie https://derbyshireheritage.co.uk/curiosities/fair-flora/
  7. Existing "Smart" meters do not have the ability to selectively restrict supply. Any future plans of this sort will need a new generation of meters.
  8. The reported "2nd infections" that I have read about, have been identified through testing, not through symptoms.
  9. There is always a difference between the number of roles to be made redundant, and the number of staff that will have to be given compulsory redundancies or have to leave the company's employment. The words 'consultation' and 'possible' would suggest that there is nothing to over-react to just yet.
  10. People can be redeployed into other roles within the same location/business.
  11. You'd have to walk from Bakewell to Hassop (along the trail) before you can hire a bike. Pleasant walk if fine (about 30/40 min). Also, there are tunnel maintenance works going on at the moment, so you can't cycle the full trail.
  12. Cost of ambulance or helicopter or boat could cripple you. Basically, you are only covered (by a reciprocal agreement) for emergency treatment following an accident or newly arising illness. In short, you would be foolish to holiday Australia without medical/travel insurance.
  13. What is strange is the absence of reporting on the higher than usual violence, fights etc. going on in the area that night.
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