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  1. This brings back memories! You don't really see these now, nor cheesy criss-crosses
  2. Been past today. Doesn't look like much damage really on the grand scale of things. Hope the staff are all ok
  3. The duck's good thank you! At the moment, little chick is fast asleep with Sam (in its own little blue velvet sleeping bag!) whilst I take this quiet, opportune moment to try and reason with the feminists over the Top Totty beer!!!!
  4. Spot on lady, spot on. Your beef is the same as mine. It doesn't matter how old the mum is, it's the attitude of that mum towards bringing her child up, and the forthinking of how her child is to be supported that matters.
  5. I'll have you know, Irene is a fine woman, there'll be nothing said against her on my watch
  6. Are you implying that I'm dumb because I don't get on my high horse to save the women from this horrendous cartoon picture on a beer???!!! Of course I understand the subject. The OP was understandably embarrassed by this stupid woman's over reaction to something so trivial. I have read the article and am too hoping that the rest of the world do not think that Kate Green represents the realistic, down to earth woman of the twenty first century because she certainly does not!
  7. Do you think beer is appropriate in Parliament?
  8. Yep. Geeeez. This really is not an issue that women should loose any sleep over. Equal pay maybe but not a cartoon woman on a beer. Are you also offended by Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop?
  9. OK Are you worried that more beers with cartoon women may be brewed if this one is allowed to continue its trade???
  10. Your mum is probably just worried you might get knocked into. I went to see Kelly Clarkson when Keith Cheggers (yes, I know, wild crowd eh?!!!) and was really tired stood up. So long as you're seated and out of harms way, I see no problem. Enjoy!
  11. I'd 'denigrate' man, woman or beast if they came out with such rubbish as a beer being disturbing. She's not special. Not sure how she's making the world a better place by stirring up a storm in a tea cup about a beer???
  12. I'm calm as a cucumber. Just trying to put a bit of perspective on what is, and what is not disturbing! These women and their dramatic comments do the rest of us no favours.
  13. They should have to forfeit their home game and have to travel to the would be away team's gaff.
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