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  1. Anyone got any I could have/know where i can get any at a reasonable price?
  2. Hi, I have a lovely allotment at Meersbrook, but I no longer live in that area so I don't get over there as much as I should. Would anyone be interested in sharing it?
  3. I mean the houses 493-497. Thanks I will try the local studies library
  4. Hi, I need to know exactly where a toilet block belonging to houses on Loxley rd. Does anyone have photos of the back of houses on the lefthandside (odd house numbers) of Loxley rd or remember where they were?
  5. Hi, If you are know how to programme with Visual basic.net and you have the patience to teach to a near novice, please pm me.
  6. Hi, My cat Benji went missing off Tavistock road, Nether Edge in the early hours of Tuesday morning, during the raging storm. He is black, no collar, slight strip of white under his chin and a patch of white on his lower belly. Any information please contact Zoe on 07776372934 many thanks
  7. Hi, I have lots of panes of greenhouse glass which I will take to the tip if noone it. Im in a hurry to get rid, so please call me 07776372934 asap
  8. About two weeks ago, my entire weekend at the allotment was ruined by a group of teenagers at a nearby allotment, shouting, swearing and generally being extremely loud and annoying. I hoped it was a one off as their parents were away or something, but I have just been up tonight and I heard them before I even got to the outer gate. It was once a haven of peace, now I cant stand to be up there:mad: Is it driving anyone else mad too??
  9. Hi Henhugger, do you still have any horse and chicken manure, bagged or otherwise?
  10. Can anyone tell me what Ecclesfield is like, Johnston lane area, in particular
  11. Use Sulphate of potash ona weekly basis and they ripen within a week:)
  12. Spring Green Garden centre this side of Wakefield is excellent. They really know there stuff and give good, honest advice even if it means they miss out on a sale!
  13. Please help, I am thinking of starting a coffee shop/cafe and need to know potential earnings. It would be great if coffee shop owners could let me know what i could feasibly make per day and average customer spend. The size of the shop would be approx 25 seater.
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