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  1. Can anyone reccomend a gas man who wont rip me off,the seal on my oven door has come off and the doors not shutting properly so every time I use it I am wasting gas because it isnt keeping the heat in
  2. ely - it was the company that own it and control what they do with it? Why do people feel the need to moan about things when they couldnt be bothered to vote in the first place ,if we dont vote then we cant change ant thing not that I am a goverment fan or anything but it just makes me angry when people dont vote and then continue to moan about everthing
  3. [Hi I make bridesmaid dresses and have quite a few patterns you are welcome to come and look without obligation,also have some pictures of what I have made.
  4. Hi I know this is nothing to do with bus changes but does anyone know if the buses are running on sunday whennthe race for life is on,particularly sheffield city centre as I need to get to work
  5. Hi I have quite a few plus size clothes that I want to sell,they are mainly 24-26,I was wondering if any one knew of a shop that would buy them off me,
  6. I have heard about this company from an associate who works for them they told me about the wastage of fruit and milk that is thrown out everydat,apparantly they cant estimate how many pints of milk they need or how much fruit they need so they order big quantities and most of it gets thrown in the bin,its a disgrace thats our money going to waste,and Im not just talking about 1 four pinta I am talking about 8-10 four pintas now someones not doing there job properly are they,maybe they should give the job to one of the unemployed people I am sure they will do a lot better job.
  7. We just leave the person talking to themselves,if we pick the phone up and they are still there we just leave then to talk to themselves,eventually when they realise theres no one there they hang up,let then pay for the phone calls they will soon get the message Clare
  8. As a dress maker I wouldnt reccomend buying dresses from china ,I have had to put quite a few right in the last few months,firsty one which was only tacked together at the bodice and skirt,needless to say one sharp pull and the dress would have fallen apart,number 2 dress the sides seams on the skirt was not in line with the bodice seams (at least 6inches away) which meant I had to unpick the dress and realign it,no 3 dress lots off lovely sparkly adornments all falling off ,had to stitch most of them back on and then there was one were the lining hadnt been sewn together I could carry on but hope you brides have got the message,Most brides have to have their dresses altered mainly because of the legnth wich is acceptable but buy from china at your own risk Good luck Clare
  9. Have you tried Ernest Jones in Meadowhall,they are about the cheapest jewellers around.good luck
  10. I have 26 vouchers if any one is interested,i receved them from Best Western CUTLERS Hotel,I think it could be the same offer.Its an all inclusive wedding package for £2,500.00 and there is £75.00 off with these vouchers It includes 40 Guests for wedding breakfast +80 Guests for evening reception Dedicated wedding co-ordinator, Room Hire, Red and White wine on arrival, White table linen, A glass of wine with meal Sparkling wine for toast These are valid till spring 2012 they were given me as an incentive to benefit both businesses as I make wedding outfits ect,If any one would like one I would be happy to send them one,obviously the bookings are subject to availability but its a great offer.
  11. Hi How much is and were exactly is it I would like to take the grandkids
  12. Theres q new fancy dress shop opened downstairs in castle market I know they haad some of those masks but you would need to take a look its near the downstairs loos at the bottom of the steps to fish market,hope this helps Clare
  13. Hi Does anyone have a pattern for a knitted bride and groom,my sister is getting married in August and wanted to make one to give to her instead of the usual horseshoes ect,I dont mind either paying for the postage or collecting or if I could just borrow one I would make sure you got it back Thanks Clare
  14. Can anyone recomend someone who can take my old settee and chair to tip ,need sone one reasonable cheap please Clare
  15. Hi Just thought you should be aware anyone looking after other peoples chilldren should be police checked and have some experience such as NVQS or similar,just thought you should know ,wouldnt want anything to go wong on your big day
  16. Ideal world has some very good shape wear I bought one of the tops with an integraed bra couldnt cope with the all in one
  17. Formal affair hire suits ect ,my husband hired one for his 25 year presention at cutlers hall he only paid £25 plus a small deposit which we got back,he looked really handsome,you just need to tell them your price range and she will show you what shes got
  18. Dont forget you will need time to have hair and makeup ect done on the day,you dont want to be rushed on your big day you should be able to go at a pace that lets you enjoy every bit of it because hopefully you only doing it once and you need to remember it,best wishes Clare
  19. They sell them in castle market,you can always have them blessed ,theres also a lady in the market who makes jewellry she was making some for someone the other dayt
  20. Fitzalen sqares not far from there and theres loads of seating ,its quite nice on a nice day to sit and watch the world go by.
  21. :)Lived on here 30 years wouldnt like to live anywere else xx
  22. Does any one know were we can get silver and burgandy wedding stationery,serviettes ect Clare
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