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  1. Using the journey planning tool on the Travel South Yorkshire website, it looks like the only options from Dore on a Sunday will be the 97/98 and the 272. The bus service from the village has been worsening for years. But to withdraw the service with almost no notice is disgraceful. But on further inspection it's also possible that the SYPTE timetable is just plain wrong. The TM Travel website doesn't indicate that they are withdrawing the service and TM Travel are still down to provide evening services according to the SYPTE timetable. A distinct lack of clarity in the information provided. What's new?!
  2. Hi Lou Since you have posted to an old thread just wanted to confirm that Patriot Games is still around and has an extremely good range of boardgames and cardgames. They certainly help me part with my cash! Check their website out at http://www.patriotgames.ltd.uk/store/ to find stock availability before visiting. The staff are generally very helpful. I checked and they have the Talisman expansions. Best online resource for games is http://www.boardgamegeek.com/ and this page lists physical shops, Internet stores and games clubs in the UK http://www.boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/UK_FAQ#. So, whilst not mainstream, you can see that there is a thriving community playing these games. I will also recommend the Sheffield Board Games Club http://sheffieldboardgamers.forumotion.co.uk/ (ignore the annoying pop-up ads on the site). We currently meet every Tuesday at the Red House on Solly Street from about 7:00 until 11:00 pm. Maybe see you there one day?
  3. You could think about using the train if you plan to live in Dore and work in Rotherham. They are currently building a new Park and Ride facility at Dore station and money has been earmarked by the government for station improvements including a new platform. You can catch the 8:03 in the morning and be in Rotherham 24 minutes later. Return on the 16:50 or 17:50 and be back in Dore in 31 minutes. Dore to Sheffield city centre on the train is only 7 minutes; the problem at the moment is the infrequency of services during the day. I live in Dore and work in Rotherham and find it a pretty easy commute, despite relying on buses and trains.
  4. The Sheffield Allotment Handbook states that for council-owned sites: "Trading: You cannot use your plot to sell produce for any trade or business. Trade or business can include events/activities on an allotment. If in doubt please contact the Allotment Office. Allotment Societies may be able to sell trade goods and surplus produce provided the proceeds are reinvested into the site and for no other purpose." Seems pretty clear.
  5. A new bakery, the Sunflower Bakery, opened in Dore just before Christmas. I can't find a website at the moment but having tried many of the breads and cakes on offer there I thought other Forum members might want to know about their existence. The premises used to be the Dore Delicatessen, and the new shop, whilst focusing on freshly-baked bread, also stocks some cheeses, pickles, jams etc. It's my daughter's new favourite shop, because she's 2 and she gets to try something whenever we go in! The baker is Russian and the loaves we've tried to date have all been delicious, especially the corn bread and a 14th century Russian bread they make - I forget its name. They have a board up declaring what time the next batches of bread are due out of the oven, so you can buy it very fresh if you're local. It's about £2.80 per loaf. Nice to see a proper artisan baker in the village at last. I hope it does well alongside the other new baking initiatives in Sheffield, such as The Forge Bakehouse, Seven Hills, Saxton's and the Cat Lane Bakery.
  6. It's late news now but they had Greek drama, http://sheffest.co.uk/prometheus/ and Shakespeare http://www.gbtheatrecompany.com/sheffield.html on this summer, so I'm sure they will be repeating such events next year.
  7. You probably already know, but a Lego store recently opened at Meadowhall. http://www.meadowhall.co.uk/store_profile.aspx?retailername=LEGO Should make your life a bit easier, or is that a bit more expensive!
  8. Update: the new Lego store at Meadowhall opened yesterday - http://stores.lego.com/en-us/Sheffield/LandingPage.aspx.
  9. Yes, it's perfectly genuine. You can go to the main Lego site at http://www.lego.com/en-gb/default.aspx and click on the Jobs link. No idea why your brother's PC is crashing. Try a different browser?
  10. Browsing on the UK Lego site I noticed that they are recruiting for new positions for a retail shop at Meadowhall - http://jobsatlego.com/united-kingdom/united-kingdom-jobs. Posts are expected to start in July 2012. As an adult becoming reacquainted with Lego whilst buying Duplo for my daughter, I can't wait!
  11. The Natural Bed Company, who are based in Sheffield and make their furniture here, can be found on Devonshire Street - http://www.naturalbedcompany.co.uk/.
  12. If you are after a VW camper van you could try http://www.endlesssummercampers.co.uk/ who despite saying they are based in the Peak District are actually located near Endcliffe Park in Sheffield.
  13. You need to get hold of a copy of CAMRA's Peak District Pub Walks http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=peak. Loads of great ideas for exploring the area with three or four decent pubs on each route. As an example, there is a walk around Bradfield calling in at the Old Horns Inn, the Plough Inn and the Nag's Head. Favourites that I can also recommend include the Cheshire Cheese near Hope, the Flying Childers Inn in Stanton-in-Peak and the Red Lion in Litton.
  14. We've eaten in at East and West loads of times. And seen large groups eating there. But you're right, it can get crowded and I've seen people turn away due to the potential wait for a table.
  15. I think you mean Antics - http://www.anticsantiques.co.uk/. Lovely looking shop - the window display seems to change every week.
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