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  1. I lived in the S2 area close to Norfolk Park for a while and went to Castle College down the hill. There were always cars from college users being broken into along Norfolk Park Road. 1. There is a drug rehab place on the Norfolk Park Road side of the Park. 2. There was a police bust at the Manor Off License on City Road around two years ago after a covert police operation in which minors were sold alcohol and people used to come in with stuff stolen from cars to sell/swap for drugs. It was in The Star at the time of the event. While the management at The Manor Off License may have changed, it probably hasn't stopped people stealing from cars to help fund their drug habits nor entirely stopped the encouragement to take from cars by the dealer. The users might get a fix for the specs. They'll defo get something for the rucksack and the cash tin. I never saw any vandalism where I lived but then it was a quiet cul-de-sac with quite a few oldies around during the day; a lot of people kept their cars in their garages. As for the out and out vandalism I have no idea what people think they are achieving by doing that. Regards L.
  2. I inherited a beautiful cat when some friends of mine emigrated. They left him unneutered and unvaccinated, when I got him he was four and I insisted he was neutered as a condition of taking him on. I found out within 18 months that he had FeLV and FiV which slowly took him over the next two years. In the last few months the vet bills were £30-£40 a week and that was in the 1990's. I discovered that a cat vaccinated against leukemia subsequently exposed to a cat with the disease becomes fully resistant to it because my other cat was exposed to this cat but was vaccinated at the time. She went on to live another 9 years after he died. I always vaccinate cats against 'flu, enteritis and leukemia although some vets say they don't need the leukemia jab if they are indoors only. The first two are absolutely necessary for any cattery stays and I would hate any of my furry mates to suffer from any of these illnesses. Regards L.
  3. Ricon I support other's comments about your written communication skills. You do appear to have good skills in that department at least and a very positive attitude to work. With the cost of education being so prohibitive these days, experience and attitude are beginning to count as much as any formal qualification. You really do deserve a good job. I also agree about the lack of common courtesy in business operations these days. Since the Thatcher years drove so many people onto the dole queues, companies have used the excuse that they couldn't afford to write and send the rejection letters to the hundreds of people who applied for the work. It's not just the cost of the letter, envelope and the stamp but also the paying of a salary for someone to create the mail merge onto the standard letter and then put it in the envelope and get it out in the post. With the Thatcher way companies just decided they didn't need to do this anymore. Here's my rant in a similar vein. <rant> This inconsiderate behaviour does not limit itself to job applications. As a customer of some organisations you can expect similar treatment. This month I reclaimed some fees I had paid in advance to do something I now won't be able to do because I am moving. By sheer coinicidence the organisation sent out a cheque for a lesser amount with no letter of explanation or even so much as a compliments slip with a note on it. I'm moving and was in the process, the day I received that cheque, of temporarily rehoming my cat with my Mum 200 miles away - a fairly stressful event. I rang the organisation only to be asked to send in an email. This took up my time. The only information I had to go on was that they had sent 30% of the fees back and I could only presume they would be retaining the remaining 70% and sending two more parts of 30% out on later dates and retaining 10% for themselves. Instead of getting away as early as possible that day, I finally got away a couple of hours late with a cat that had been kept in all morning and was meowing her head off about it all the time, and me feeling very stressed with a 200 mile drive ahead of me. These fees I paid presumably contribute overall to the salaries and continued work expectations of the people who sent me that cheque and, in modern parlance, I think I would be termed a customer or client. I rang the organisation on my return to discover the rest of the refund was in the process of being sent out. That organisation caused me a lot of stress and distress by their actions and lack of consideration. No note, not a word of explanation, until I was able to contact the one person who knew what was happening. It cost me time and money to find out what was happening. I strongly resent that when a simple letter or note would have prevented that whole experience. This is how customers are treated by some organisations and I think it simply encourages the same lack of civility in youngsters today. As youngsters and young adults we all learn from and are influenced by those around us including the organisations we encounter. If they see an organisation behaving in this manner then why should they not behave similarly? If they work for an organisation that behaves this way then they will learn these behaviours too. They will simply fail to learn how to be civilised especially when dealing with people in any environment. My view on it is that lack of civility implies a lack of civilization which therefore implies savage behaviours. </rant> Good luck with your hunt for work. I am sure you will find some. Regards L.
  4. I bought my forst property in the late 80's when there was a boom. A year later prices crashed but I wasn't too worried because : - I had a repayment mortgage so would be paying capital off over time and therefore reducing the debt anyway - wasn't plannning on moving for quite a few years This was in the days when we had 15% -16% interest rates. Tips on mortgages : Always get a repayment mortgage - they are eventually much less prone to interest rate fluctuations and you are slowly but surely paying the debt off so you won't have a negative equity situation you can't get out of. (Negative equity is where you owe more than the house is worth.) Interest only mortgages all rely on the stock exchange doing well and you paying for a policy that may. I repeat may, pay off the capital sum at maturity. What happens if there is a stock market hiccup on the day you cash in that policy? Also you never pay off the lump sum so they are continuously influenced by interest rates. How much to borrow? The yardstick to borrow by used to be 3.5 x major salary or 3 x major + 1.25 x minor salary. And the repayments should never take up more than a third of your net (post tax and NI) income. Laughable in this day and age I am sure. The sub-prime market: Where people (over)declare their own income and then struggle to meet the bills or are in some other way a high risk to the lender. As interest rates rise this end of the mortgage market gets squeezed the hardest because they are already paying higher interest rates. They fail to pay for some reason and the lender is left with a debt they need to recover out of the property. If property prices also fall then the lender loses out again. Needless to say borrower is now homeless. Do I think there will be another crash? We've avoided the boom and bust of the Thatcher period for some time and the financial market has been lending outrageous amounts of money out on the housing market. I think that it might be good of there was a shake up just to stop some of the madness that goes on but I am aware that with no 'social housing' left this will create huge problems for lots of people. How to protect yourself and get on with your life? Avoid being in debt as much as possible, get a repayment mortgage and make every effort to pay it off as soon as possible. L.
  5. Highfields on London Road is excellent. Precious usually sees Nigel there. Regards L.
  6. Questions : how old is Raymond and has this ever happened before? Any idea if he may have eaten something that is/has aggravated his gut? Could he have done this without you knowing and has the vet x-rayed him? Try not to worry too much. I had a problem with my cat Precious in the early stages until I understood her problems. I now use a combination of Royal Canin Hypoallergenic and boiled chicken or turkey. I'm considering swapping to Royal Canin Sensitivity Control. Both of these are only available from the vet. You could look at what they supply for dogs. When Precious has been bad in the past I have used a strict diet of boiled chicken only for up to a week to get her tum to settle. I have noticed is that Precious can pass firm ones one day and then soft to very soft the next, without change of diet. I think sometimes this is due to stress of 'defending' her territory against other cats and squirrels. I definitely think her stress response goes to her intestines. So is there a new dog in the neighbourhood or anything new in his environment that could cause this as a stress response? Remember it's not what might stress you but what might stress him. Good luck L.
  7. I am considering getting rid of an old (Meriden) Triumph. I've had it since 1979 and it's a bit of a bitsa - T100 frame, T110 bottom end, T140 MkI top. I have turned the thing over regularly but will try and find the time to get a battery to see if it still starts up. Converted to 12V and Boyers ignition system some years ago. Was fully road-going until end 2000. It has been SORN'd for the last seven years and I am now moving somewhere where I may not be able to store it. Could be a restoration project for someone? Where would be the best place to advertise it? Regards LesleyB
  8. You couldn't go wrong with some platys or guppies imo. Guppies look fancier than platys. I started my tank off with a couple of platys and they are still doing well after nearly 5 months. I suggest you look at the Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society's forum : http://www.svas.co.uk/index.php?pid=9 You can ask loads of questions there and look at questions others have posted. I set my tank up in March : 1 week without fish just had the water and filters running then added two platys and let them cycle the tank through for about 6-8 weeks. I may have left them a bit longer. The essence of tank cycling is that the fish pee ammonia which builds up in the water. The filters help breed naturally occurring bacteria which break the ammonia down into nitrite. Both ammonia and nitrite are poisonous to fish. Eventually the naturally occurring friendly bacteria start up and they convert the nitrite to nitrate which the fish are ok with. Basically when you add fish to a tank you will get an increase in ammonia followed by an increase in nitrite as the ammonia levels drop and then this is followed eventually by an increase in nitrate levels and a drop in the nitrite levels. Obviously the amount of ammonia and nitrite produced is related to the number of fish you have in the tank. The density of ammonia and nitrite in the water is also related to how much water you have in a tank. This is why people start off with a small number of fish and wait. I've read tetras are sensitive to nitrite levels so if you buy a huge shoal of them be aware of the tank chemistry and watch out for the nitrite spike if you add loads at once. You need to get fish in the tank first and you need to do regular weekly water changes of at least 10% but not more than 25% to avoid stripping out the good bacteria. I change about 10 lites in a 54 litre tank - about 18%. I'd advise against any 'difficult' fish - ones that need highly specific environments like pH levels or hardness levels - until you've mastered the basics with some hardy fellas that can take the stick a newbie will inadvertently chuck at them. There are plenty of websites out there that detail fish. You need to stick to relatively small ones because of the size of your tank. It's no good buying some catfish, for example, because they will simply outgrow your tank and you'll have to find someone to take them on. However there are some catfish that are small and will live quite happily in your tank. Be aware of their habits - there are some algae eaters out there that will hook on to slow moving or sedentary fish - so you don't really want to mix some fish together at all. Otocinclus are good algae eaters for small tanks but they often just simply pop their clogs when introduced to a new tank. No one quite knows why. You need to know how your tank operates so that you can set the right conditions up. My tank runs hot without a heater in it - it can reach 80F on warm days so I have added extra oxygen in the shape of a Senta air pump and a Fluval 2+ to the tank. Start simple - get some platys in and let them settle the tank before you go rushing out and fill it with all sorts of exotic things that will either outgrow your tank really quickly or keel over and die at the first sign of an ammonia or nitrite spike. Regards LesleyB
  9. You might want to get this moved to Computer & Tech chat Regards LesleyB
  10. Hi Haven't been doing much crochet work but I managed to crochet up a square of the cotton mix sock wool and it feels lovely. Trying to think what I could make with it. I did try knitting with some of it but only with ordinary straight metal needles and it all felt a bit strange and wierd and the wrong thing to do. But it did get me wondering and here must be the silliest question ever ... How difficult is it to knit socks? Regards L.
  11. I'm only learning about fish keeping myself so not sure what to advise here. You could do worse than post your question on the Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society's forum at http://www.svas.co.uk/forum/index.php. I am not sure about these 40% water changes. I think that's a lot - but then these may be extreme times for you. I usually do 15-16% weekly. You need to keep the ammonia-chomping and nitrite-chomping bacteria in the tank and large water changes deplete both. They may be stressed by the temp changes and I suggest testing the water for ammonia and nitrite problems and deal with accordingly. Make sure they feed well. I feed a meal of freeze dried bloodworms once a week - it's high protein and supposed to help their colour/condition. Good luck L.
  12. Precious insisted on being out in it I went out with the brolly twice to see if she wanted to come in. But she stayed put! L.
  13. Well I had a meeting cancelled - and as I am self employed that has cost me money !!!
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